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10 Actors Who Should Play Quasimodo In Disney’s Hunchback Of Notre Dame, According To Reddit

The frenzy of animated Disney classics revived for modern live-action audiences continues, with The Hunchback of Notre Dame becoming one of the last to join the list of upcoming remakes. Although no release date has yet been confirmed, fans can expect news of this project to arrive sooner rather than later.

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Although reaction to Disney’s live-action remakes has been mixed, most of the films have been major box office successes, indicating that audiences are at the very least interested in seeing what new elements might be added to the movie. ‘story. Since the casting of these films is critical to the success of the film, a very capable actor must be cast to play Quasimodo, the titular ringer who lives in Notre Dame. According to Redditors, which artists could perfectly embody the character?


Iwan Rheon

Misfits Iwan Rheon

Redditor bxxfxxisml has their picks for the director and star of the live-action remake of The Hunchback of Notre Damewriting that they want “Tarsem Singh as director… [and] Iwan Rheon as Quasimodo.”

Iwan Rheon is most recognizable for his role as Ramsay Bolton on HBO game of thrones. He also had lead roles in misfits and The Inhumans, although the latter was criticized critically. The Welsh talent is more than just an actor, however, but he also has a passion for music, an ability that would lend itself well to the musical role of Quasimodo.

Taron Edgerton

“Taron Egerton,” writes Redditor ComicBookFan20 rather pragmatically while commenting in a thread discussing potential actors to fill the lead role in Hunchback. the Kingsman The actor is a rising star whose budding fame could very well land him such a role.

Egerton has often proven both his acting and singing talent, often both in a single film. Besides his voice work in To sing! as fan-favorite gorilla Johnny, the actor also dazzled as Elton John in one of Edgerton’s finest films, Rocketmanwhich won him a Golden Globe in 2020.

Nicolas Hoult

The Great Pugachev Nicholas Hoult

In an extremely detailed overview of their idea of ​​a true Hunchback reboot, Redditor Nice-Investigator-17 explained his choice of Nicholas Hoult to play the title character, admitting that he “isn’t a perfect cast, but he’s the best choice right now. He’s a great actor and quite a good singer… [who can] pull out the right amount of innocence needed for Quasimodo.”

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Hoult is certainly a dependable star who can inhabit a wide range of on-screen presences, from dark and brooding villainy to boundless purity. The actor has also gained enough power to bring additional notoriety to the film, which, although derived from a popular original film, still lacks the same foolproof nature as other Disney remakes, such as The beauty and the Beast Where The Lion King.

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander

Responding to a fan cast that included Eddie Redmayne as Quasimodo, Zendaya as Esmerelda, and John Lithgow as Judge Claude Frollo, Redditor Rocket_the_Raccoon noted that they “loved the idea” of seeing Redmayne take on the iconic role, noting their excitement for such a project.

Oscar-winning Eddie Redmayne seems like a great match for Quasimodo, who could bring just the right amount of charm to a character who is so often unfairly put down for his looks, even despite his heart of gold. . Redmayne has also proven his vocal abilities, appearing in musicals such as the film adaptation of Wretched, as well as a West End production of Cabaret.

Neil Patrick Harris

Barney in red dress in HIMYM

“YES!” excitedly posts a deleted Reddit account in response to the announcement of the next Hunchback remake, “I want NPH [Neil Patrick Harris] like Quasi,” though others in the same comments section pointed out that the actor would also make a great choice for the loud Clopin in the film.

Neil Patrick Harris is a bona fide showman, who often can’t help but break into a musical number (especially when he’s hosting the Oscars). His vibrant energy and fantastic singing voice is a perfect match for beloved character Quasimodo, even if he’s a bit older than other fan casting choices.

Michael Arden

Michael Arden as Quasimodo in the play The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Reddit user words_words_words sings the praises of the hunchback of Notre-Dame de Pariscomposed by Alan Menken, as well as the off-Broadway production of the classic story, leading them to suggest Michael Arden, the original Quasimodo from the stage production, to play the character in the remake, calling him “the perfect Quasimodo.”

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Casting an actor who has portrayed the character in previous media would likely be a welcome move on the part of Disney, which has drawn criticism for its series of live-action remakes despite their box office success. Arden, who is generally loved in the role, would go a long way in convincing a more skeptical audience.

Ben Platt

Serious Ethan Streiber in The Premise

Redditor pjtheman, along with several other commenters on a thread about the live-action movie, writes that they’d “like to see Ben Platt (Dear Evan Hansen) in the role [of Quasimodo].” Platt is a well-known stage and film actor, who also has a prominent career in the music industry.

Casting Platt as Quasimodo would certainly give the actor a chance to redeem himself after the box office bombshell that was Dear Evan Hansen, a film treacherously unfaithful to the Broadway musical. Not only that, but it would give audiences a chance to see what Platt is really made of, rather than remembering him for the failure of his last film.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy in Venom 2

In a post discussing the merits of casting Venom star Tom Hardy to play the live-action Quasimodo, Redditor lustynads1 defends their unusual choice, writing that the age difference between actor and character gives Hardy the propensity to be wrapped up in a role. They go on to discuss how “the whole little moment in [Hardy’s] his movements, his facial tics, his manipulations of the mouth… just sing the same hallmarks of Quasimodo’s complicated wit and character.”

Considering his story and the dark subject matter covered in the film and his source material, Hardy’s cast might be better off playing the role in a PG-13 version of the Disney film. Nevertheless, the English actor has a reputation for giving his all in every role, inhabiting it fully to the point of becoming unrecognizable on several occasions. As such, he could be the perfect actor to get lost in a character as complex as Quasimodo.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe as Fairfax in The Lost City

Reddit user Danivelle thinks ‘Daniel Radcliffe’ might be the perfect man to bring one of the The Hunchback of Notre Dame best characters to life. Subject to numerous fan castings over the past few years, including as the MCU’s Wolverine, Radcliffe could indeed make a compelling Quasimodo.

The former star of Harry Potter The series has been working to expand its movie resume over the past few years and could do well to take on another iconic role while doing so. The actor also has a history in musical theatre, having starred in a Broadway production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Tryingwhich would be useful with a role as musically oriented as Quasimodo.

Josh Gad

Beauty and the Beast LeFou Poster Josh Gad

In a personal fan cast from before The Hunchback of Notre DameThe live-action remake of was announced to be in development, Reddit user tomservo88 suggested that “we have Josh Gad as Quasimodo, Ben Mendelsohn as Frollo… [and] Chris Pratt as Phoebus.”

This Redditor was probably very surprised when the live-action remake was announced shortly after their comment, especially when it was confirmed that Josh Gad was attached to the project. Although it was later suggested that Gad hadn’t signed on to play the lead role of Quasimodo, but rather was involved in some other way, the possibility remains that fans could see the actor play another role. classic from the Disney catalog after his turn as LeFou in 2017 The beauty and the Beast.

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