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10 Animated Movies You Thought Were From Studio Ghibli But Aren’t

Studio Ghibli’s production of amazing standalone animated films is well known to anime fans. With the introduction of streaming and theater screenings around the world, more people are being exposed to these films.

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Given Ghibli’s longtime popularity, people still assume that most of the animated movies they watch were created by them. However, more and more studios are creating stunning films, and they deserve more attention.

ten The girl who crossed time: a young girl acquires supernatural powers

Makoto smiles shyly while riding a bicycle

Due to The girl who crossed time, many fans assumed that Studio Ghibli was behind its creation, probably because Studio Ghibli is one of the best-known Japanese animation studios. However, that was not the case. Although the story follows a young girl as many Ghibli stories do, the film’s interpretation of time travel makes it unique. Makoto carelessly using his limited number of jumps on little things, like getting his favorite snack or dodging a confession, is surprisingly relatable. The movie teaches a good lesson about the consequences of manipulating time.

9 Your name: this film is one of the most famous animated films

Mitsuha and Taki reunite

your name has the same problem as The girl who crossed time, in which some audiences may assume that Studio Ghibli contributed to the film’s success. The film follows Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana, who sometimes switch bodies.

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They help each other in their lives, developing a friendship, then a romance. When the movie’s major conflict is revealed, fans can’t help but want to root for the main characters to succeed. The film deserves the praise it received, and at least a watch.

8 Inverted Patema: the concept of a floating girl is reminiscent of a castle in the sky

Patema is upside down

reverse patema immediately draws people in with their box art. It features the protagonists drawn by two different gravities. After an experiment to harness Earth’s gravity went awry, many people began falling from Earth. This separated humanity and created a new class system that separated Earthbound people from “inverts” with reverse gravity. A shocking revelation challenged this system in the best possible way. The film was created by Studio Rikka and provides plenty of insightful commentary that is relevant outside of the film’s circumstances.

seven Wolf Children: The Movie Resonates With Many People

Hana reunites with Ookami

Created by Studio Chizu, Wolf children is a film to which many fans feel a strong emotional attachment. Wolf children follows a mother named Hana, who is forced to raise her two children on her own after the untimely death of their father.

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The half-werewolf identity of her children makes her job much more difficult. There are elements of maturity as well as what a mother feels when her children grow up and leave the nest. While Studio Ghibli has had its share of tears, Wolf children is particularly linked to some fans.

6 Ni No Kuni: A Movie With Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castle Art Style

Yusuke Ninomiya screams

Although Studio Ghibli created some animations for the Ni No Kuni games, they weren’t responsible for creating the movie. Longtime Studio Ghibli director Yoshiyuki Momose directed this film. The artistic style used in Ni No Kuni remember Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castle. The protagonist, Yusuke Ninomiya bears a physical resemblance to Howl. Although most fans initially thought Studio Ghibli was involved, OLM, Inc. was the animation studio behind Ni No Kunithe production.

5 Summer Wars: A Unique Vision of Isekai

Natsuki's in-game avatar

summer wars shares many similarities with Digimon Adventure: our war game!. The director, Mamoru Hosoda had more freedom to make the film he envisioned. When the story focuses on the online setting, it feels less like another take on a video game isekai. The characters are in a unique fantasy world. It breathes fresh air into the look of other worlds and balances online events as well as real-world events.

4 Metropolis: There Are Steampunk Elements Studio Ghibli Movies Have Used Before

Tima in metropolis

Like many Studio Ghibli movies, like Castle in THE sky, Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castleand Nausciaa of the Valley of the Wind, Metropolis has technology that’s both retro and futuristic, making it feel like the movie could be set in the past or the future. Metropolis is similar to Castle in THE sky, as the main villain planned to use otherwise peaceful artificial life forms to seize power. Unlike Sheeta, who refused the throne offered to her, MetropolisFemale protagonist Tima attempted to destroy humanity after discovering she was an android.

3 The Boy and the Beast: A human befriends an otherworldly beast

Ren looks shocked

A lot of Studio Ghibli films involve a protagonist meeting and befriending a magical creature. The beast in this movie, Kumatetsu, isn’t as cute or cuddly as most Ghibli animals. The human, Ren, makes the same choice that many human characters in the Ghibli movies make: they decide not to reside in a magical place in favor of returning home to live normally for the rest of their lives. However, this film was created by Studio Chizu rather than Studio Ghibli.

2 Mary and the Witch’s Flower: Most of the film’s creators worked for Studio Ghibli

Mary discovers magic

The visual and narrative elements are similar to Studio Ghibli, but that’s no accident. Most of the people who worked on this project worked for Ghibli before, including Hiromasa Yonebayashi who founded Studio Ponoc and directed Arrietty’s Secret World. This film follows a girl named Mary Smith, who stumbled upon a much sought-after flower called the night fly. Just like Chihiro Ogino from Taken away as if by magicshe concludes that some things are simply more important than living in a magical world.

1 Panda! Go Panda! : The film was created before Studio Ghibli

Mimiko walks with two pandas

This adorable movie was created by Hayao Miyazaki, but it has no connection to Studio Ghibli. The movie was actually released in 1972, Studio Ghibli was established over a decade later in 1985. The animation still holds up, with a simplistic yet cute art style. The story is very similar to My Neighbor Totoro, as both stories focus on young girls encountering fluffy magical creatures. Contrary to My Neighbor Totoro, both pandas have the ability to speak. That’s the extent of the magic that shows up in the film, though it comes as a surprise to all the human characters.

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