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10 best character designs in fighting games

Fighting game characters vary. Some of them look like generic buff guys who have mastered a martial art while others are a Frankenstein monster strapped to a bed with saw attacks. This list aims to examine the latter. It aims to find some of the most interesting characters that have been designed into video games. These characters will need to be unique in their appearance as well as the way they fight.

To make it more interesting, all the characters chosen in this list are from a different game. This will shed light on many titles that feature distinct characters from the fighting genre.


ten/ten Juri – Super Street Fighter 4

Juri first encountered the series in Super Street Fighter 4 and was an instant fan favorite. The contrast between her spider-like comforter and her baggy pants makes her stand out. Her in-game character is exemplified by her design as she is one of Seth’s underlings who only cares about power. This can be shown in his demon-like figure which is pronounced in his horn-like hair.

What makes Juri so great is that her moves tend to be some of the flashiest in the game. She’s capable of putting a lot of pressure on her opponents and dealing big damage.

9/10 BB Hood – Darkstalkers

BB Hood was one of the first human characters in the Darkstalkers series which is a monster-based fighting game. She’s a lot like what Little Red Riding Hood looks like, except beneath her facade of cuteness is a terrifying killing machine. What makes her design even more absorbing is how she uses her moves on enemies.

BB Hood is always hiding something under her dress and in her basket. It’s filled with landmines and loaded with Uzis ready to unleash a frenzy of bullets on any enemy it encounters.

8/ten Black Manta – Injustice 2

Black Manta in Injustice 2 looks like a sleek super-agent of evil. His giant mask doesn’t feel clunky like it sometimes does in other Black Manta iterations. Its entire design feels naturally placed and exactly what players expect from a deep sea villain.

Black Manta is also equipped with a jet pack that allows him to float freely across maps. He can use it to land combos on enemies from above. His glowing red eyes can fire a laser beam at enemies and he packs an arsenal of hidden weapons around his body.

seven/ten Inkling – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Inkling in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is brilliant and full of action. Each Inkling skin designed in the game is meant to look like a replica of some of the character designs from the Splatoon game series. There’s a lot to love about these designs that scream out to gamers to look at them in their color palette designs.

The moveset is what sets Inkling apart as they can unload paint on their opponent and the map. The player will run around with a giant paint roller trying to bury their opponents. They can also fire bombs that will explode in a firework of color. The design of each attack is pretty to behold, and the charging animation to regain the pain adds a level of suspense to the character’s playstyle.

6/ten Alisa Bosoconovitch – Tekken 6: Bloodline

Alisa Bosoconovitch lets players fight as a friendly android who can also transform into a death machine. In Tekken 6: Bloodline, she is meant to resemble her creator’s deceased daughter. Her porcelain white robotic limbs and angel wing-shaped jet pack give her an angelic appearance. However, against any opponent, they will not feel the same.

His combos are what fear is made of. She is able to convert her arms into chainsaws. His jetpack also gives him an extra boost of speed which allows him to run over his opponents to land devastating blows.

5/ten Kotal Khan – Mortal Kombat X

Kotal Kahn was first introduced in Mortal Kombat X. However, Kotal feels like he’s had a place in the series for quite some time. In a game as violent as Mortal Komabt, it only makes sense that they would base a character on the Aztec eagle warrior. His hairstyle resembles that of Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec god of the sun and war. It is symbolic of a powerful leader in all the aesthetic choices the art directors decided to make in its design.

He also wields powerful weapons and different totems that are used to take control of his opponent in battle. His kills are interestingly crafted, with one having him summon a Quirk which he places and then crushes his opponent’s head.

4/10 Man in Bed – Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

Bedman from Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- has a character design. He’s a mad genius who sleeps on a robot bed because he’s so smart that being awake would destroy his brain. His mechanical bed wears a small hat with a cross on it. This alludes to the character’s allegiance to the Pope.

The moves that this character exhibits are also well done. Many of them involve attacks with the saw arms of the bed. The bed also has saw-like transformations. The character is an interesting sight to behold. A sleeping man tied to a bed as a fighting game character has never been done before.

3/ten Tom and Jerry – MultiVersus

Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus are a pair of characters that function as one character. The player primarily controls Tom during battles, making it much harder to lose track of characters. Both characters are normal and feel exactly like they did on the show. That’s what makes them so smartly designed.

Throughout the time the character duo Tom and Jerry fight an opponent, the moves play out like the TV show. Tom tries to harm or catch Jerry and through this he will attack the enemies. He’ll set mousetraps or even run at Jerry with a hammer. It’s one of the most eccentric combat experiences a player can have.

2/ten Peacock – SkullGirls

SkullGirls’ Peacock is one of the wackiest characters in Skullgirls’ already fantastic arsenal of quirky characters. She looks like a character made of different wrapped pieces of fabric and stands like a cartoon character reminiscent of cartoons from late 1920s or early 1930s America. His gloves even look like a Mickey Mouse homage.

All of his attacks are also cartoonish with a gun that will sometimes fire a knife or other gun instead of a bullet. She has henchmen who will also help her in battle. She relies heavily on them to maintain the combos. When she’s in her zone, the battlefield is a sight players won’t want to look away from.

1/ten Voldo – SoulCalibur

Voldo has been around since the beginning of the SoulCalibur series. He was even in the very first game of the entire Soul Edge series. Voldo’s design is that of a killer who only seeks to do bidding on his dead master. This leads him to a full-fledged madness which is explained by his tradition.

He has a spider-like appearance and is truly one of the scariest characters in fighting games. He is bandaged where his eyes and tongue should be. Voldo’s outfits resemble those of a soldier guarding the gates of Hell. None of his movement attacks feel natural and specific to a fighting style that feels like a waking nightmare.