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10 Best Live-Action Movies And TV Shows Based On Anime, According To IMDb

fans of Fullmetal Alchemist were treated to Netflix’s live-action adaptation along with a trilogy of films, with the third and final installment only recently released on the streaming service. But despite attempts by filmmakers and stars to end the feature series with an explosive finale, it currently holds 5.3/10 on IMDb at the time of writing.

Over the years, countless movies and TV shows have attempted to bring some of the most iconic anime and manga to life, with some finding more success than others. Whether they tried to be faithful or create something new from the source material, they at least tried to deliver something exciting for fans.


Cowboy Bebop – 6.7

Considered by many to be one of the greatest anime series of all time, cowboy bebop continued to entertain fans and newcomers alike with its brilliant animation, talented voice cast, and jazzy soundtrack. In the distant future, a group of bounty hunters attempt to arrest colorful criminals across the solar system.

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Despite the criticism it received and its cancellation after the first season, Christopher Yost attempted to faithfully recreate the tone of the show while adding new ideas to the mix. It may not have been the final product fans were hoping for, but it at least tried to repackage the anime’s many highlights for those unfamiliar with.

Parasite: Part 1 – 6.9

Taking the best body horror movies in an interesting direction, Parasite saw the unlikely friendship between high school student Shinichi and an alien who failed to take control of him. With the two now stuck together, they are forced to stop the rest of the aliens from taking over the human population.

The film was split into two parts in order to deliver the story without having to cut any material, which worked in its favor as it meant more time to introduce and explore the strange human-alien partnership. Although the anime had a higher score on the website, the filmmakers were still able to deliver a film that received praise and attention.

From me to you – 6.9

fans of Komi can’t communicate and High score girl should not miss the anime that inspired the film. The series follows the blossoming relationship between Kuronuma, a shy girl who unwittingly imitates her classmates, and Kazehaya, the popular boy at school who helps break her out of her shell.

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Released in a market filled with many rom-coms, it was refreshing to see the anime adapted for audiences young and old who love a good romance. Plus, it was refreshing to see an anime that wasn’t filled with violence or heavily action-oriented get its own theatrical take.

Granny – 7

Another anime series adapted from the pages of a shojo Manga, Granny follows the journey of two young women as they try to pursue their dreams in Tokyo. Despite their different tastes and goals in life, they develop a close friendship that sees ups and downs as life gets in the way.

Another grounded anime and manga that got the cinematic treatment, it struck a chord with audiences as it reflected what it was like to be a young adult in Tokyo in the mid-2000s. might not be the flashiest movie, but it’s a great account of some of the best on-screen anime friendships ever seen.

Rurouni Kenshin: The Finale – 7.2

Released in the 90s Rurouni Kenshin tells the story of a wandering young swordsman who has turned his back on his old life as an assassin to protect those in need. Since its release, it has spawned countless video games and merchandise featuring the iconic heroes and villains that made it a major franchise at the time.

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This latest film in the series has been split into two to tell the epic story surrounding the manga’s final arc and conclude a nearly 10-year theatrical journey. The anime may not have continued past the ’90s, but fans of the classic anime series can rediscover what they loved and see how it all ends for the heroes, with explosive, clue-driven action. high octane.

Death Note: The Family Name – 7.2

Despite their attempts, Netflix couldn’t achieve the same level of success with the adaptation. Death threat as well as Shusuke Kaneko’s theatrical trilogy. The anime became a breakthrough hit by telling the story of a promising and intelligent student named Light Yagami and how he used the power of a deadly notebook to try to change the world, while avoiding being captured by L, the world’s greatest detective.

Taking on the infamous storyline where Light joins L, fans got to see how different things would unfold for one of anime’s greatest detectives. Even with the change, people still enjoyed the story told by the film and the tense mind games that Light and L play throughout to trick each other to see who’s smarter. Death threat character of all.

Bunny Fall – 7.2

Based on a josei manga series of the same name, the unique anime followed the comedic antics of a single man who suddenly finds himself caring for his grandfather’s illegitimate child after his funeral. What begins as a series of comedic situations turns into an anime that tells the story of love and responsibility.

Despite its brief television run, it proved to be an effective source material for a movie and did very well, providing enough drama and heart to keep everyone feeling warm. While the original manga continued to see Rin grow, the anime and movie made the right decision to focus on the simple yet effective story of their first year together.

Alita: Battle Angel – 7.3

Battle Angel Alita was a futuristic sci-fi action manga that followed the adventures of a cyborg who tries to rediscover his lost memories while using his unique combat skills to work as a bounty hunter. Although it didn’t create a long-running series, there was a two-part anime that attempted to recreate the look of the artwork that caught the eye of some talented Hollywood filmmakers.

Despite the lack of anime adaptations from American studios, Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron were able to create a visually stunning movie that any sci-fi fan could enjoy. There may have been a few changes from the anime, but it was based on a simpler approach to the story and there’s no denying that the talented filmmakers didn’t try to make one of the best adaptations of live manga of all time.

Rurouni Kenshin: Origins – 7.4

The first of what would become a series of blockbuster films, Rurouni Kenshin: Origins introduces a new generation to Himura Kenshin and the world of Rurouni Kenshin. With a new anime series slated for release in 2023, fans can only hope it will be better than the original ’90s series.

But until its release, those who haven’t yet discovered these films will be delighted, as director Keishi Ôtomo has crafted a historical adventure series that has exceeded the expectations of previous anime and manga adaptations. Those with fond memories of the original anime will find a lot to love about this film, which might keep them satisfied until the new show is unveiled.

Death Rating – 7.5

Since its release in 2006, both the Death threat The movie and anime series have become some of the best in their mediums and they have captivated as well as terrified their audiences. Brilliantly adapting the manga, the anime saw how corrupt Light Yagami had become with the Death Note in his possession and how far he was willing to go for justice.

Bringing the supernatural thriller to the big screen was no easy task, but Shusuke Keneko managed to pull it off and with the young and talented actors, they effectively introduced Light to a new audience. And it looks like their hard work paid off, as it still holds an impressive rating on IMDb that hopefully can be replicated one day.

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