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10 Best South Korean Zombie Shows And Movies Of The 2010s

The Korean movie industry is experiencing a zombie resurgence that has become a rising cinematic inspiration of the 21st century with world-famous works like Train to Busan. The prevalence and heat of these infectious diseases does not seem to be decreasing. The growing film industry has satiated audiences by releasing more zombie movies and series each year.

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These zombie movies and shows, ranging from those recently released by Netflix we are all dead for The Lamentations, include psychological thrillers, class allegories and even historical dramas. All have been brought together around a common theme: the undead, which will satisfy your need for a zombie apocalypse.

“Train to Busan” (2016)

A man in white turns his head while separating the living humans from the walking dead

This South Korean zombie flick is more of an action flick than a horror flick, cementing South Korea’s cinematic status in the hearts of moviegoers around the world. As a zombie outbreak progresses, the film follows a father (gong-yo) urgently trying to protect her baby girl aboard the titular overtaking train. While some characters learn that they were personally involved in the unwitting spread of the virus, there are also shades of guilt presented in the film.

Train to Busan compelling class commentary demonstrates the benefits of collective action over individual survival. Thanks to its unique characters, passionate performances, and fast-paced action, it was an instant hit with moviegoers around the world.

‘Seoul Station’ (2016)

A group of zombies is chasing

Seoul Stationdirected by Yeon Sang-ho of Train to Busan and released the same year, is an animated zombie feature that acts as a prequel to the live-action horror smash. The animated film takes place one day before the events of Train to Busan, imagine downtown Seoul invaded by armies of zombies. Before the zombie plague, Suk-Gyu (Ryu Seung Ryong), a father anxiously searching for his lost daughter, Hye-Sun (Shim Eun Kyung), is central to the plot.

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While Train to Busan revels in the spectacle of violence and the socio-economic forces that spawned it, Seoul Station examines the lives of those on the margins, those most likely to be forgotten in times of disaster. This is an intriguing chapter in Train to Busan story that fans should see, and it takes a unique approach to the setup.

“The Lamentations” (2016)

Korean horror movie The Wailing

The Lamentations follows a series of supernatural events after a mysterious man arrives in a small fishing hamlet. A viral infection spreads throughout the village, believed to be caused by an evil spirit in the area. And it’s up to local policeman Jong-goo (Do-wan Kwak) to unravel the matter.

The story’s masterful combination of powerful cultural and genre aspects creates an unforgettable concoction. The film is not only one of the most contemporary zombie films, but also one of the most modern horror films, with a brilliant performance, a heartbreaking slaughter and a deep morality story.

‘#Alive’ (2020)

A man stands on the bacolny ​​rail to take a selfie with the zombies

#Alive follows Oh Joon-Wo (Ah-In Yoo), a reclusive gamer who must remain cowering in his apartment and fight off hordes of zombies invading his home in a densely populated building besieged by a savage incursion of zombies born from an unknown infection. As the days pass and the situation continues to deteriorate until the end of the days, he contacts a neighbor and the two plan their escape together.

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Cho Il-hyungThe first feature blossoms in moments of psychological contemplation and deftly navigates the difficulties of a smartphone-era zombie horror romance with blood, guts and selfie sticks. Thanks to a strong, young cast and quite an intriguing premise, the film is undeniably compelling.

‘The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale’ (2019)

the people of the Park family are waiting for sth in their finery

The Odd Family: Zombie on Saledirected by Lee Min Jaeis one of the best zombie (zom-com) comedies to come out of South Korea, and it adds an unprecedented level of eccentricity to the mix. The strange family follows the Park family as their lives are turned upside down when a zombie bites the old patriarch. When the family finds out that the zombie was developed through an illicit pharmaceutical business experiment, the Park family tries to cash in on it.

The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale living up to the title, the park being a weird, humorous, and surprisingly close family. The original idea of ​​monetizing their misfortune is brilliant. By combining action, drama and romance, fans will receive a film that is both original and captivating.

“Crawling” (2018)

The Prince kills a zombie

crawling follows Lee Chung (Hun Bin), the prince of Joseon, whom the powerful Qing family kidnaps to name him the next crown prince. An invasion of horrific nocturnal zombies threatens to devastate the entire region as Lee Chung trains with Joseon Minister of War Kim Ja-Joon.

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crawling is another idea that aims to breathe new life into a popular genre that has fallen into oblivion. Mixing these creatures with the epic Asian action movie style and changing a few rules results in a film filled with adrenaline, stunning visuals and core characters in a compelling plot.

‘Kingdom’ (2019 – )

The prince raises his bow

It is Netflix’s first original Korean series; it is two seasons old and was adapted from the webcomic series The realm of the gods. In KingdomCrown Prince of Joseon, Lee Chang (Ju Ji-hoon), investigates a mysterious disease that is consuming his country in this historical horror drama. While defending his kingdom against the horrific plague, he finds himself caught in the middle of a political power struggle that threatens to overthrow him.

The series delves deeply and subtly into the issue of class conflict and social interests. The action sequences are also masterfully staged and will easily satisfy even the most demanding viewers. Once you’re done with the series, be sure to watch Kingdom: Northern Ashina special episode of the series that explores the backstory of the plague.

“Zombie Detectives” (2020)

The man is sitting under the tree

This Korean drama series follows Kang Min-ho (Choi Jin Hyuk), who wakes up with amnesia and realizes that he too has turned into a zombie. He learns to walk and talk like everyone else to blend in and finally assumes the persona of a private detective while working to uncover his story.

Despite being comical and sometimes eccentric, zombie detective manages to be fun while still delivering plenty of poignancy, melancholy, and seriousness. The use of comedy has been wisely employed to lighten the tone of various passages. If you want to take a break from the ravenous flesh-eating zombies, zombie detective is a good choice.

“We’re All Dead” (2022 – )

girl splits zombies wa net

The drama is based on the popular webtoon Now at our school and follows a group of high school students who are stranded in their school due to a zombie virus outbreak. The students try everything they can to avoid being turned into zombies and escaping from their school.

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What distinguishes we are all dead other zombie shows focus on a group of teenagers and how they make tough decisions in dangerous scenarios that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The show features an interesting cast of characters, a terrifying group of zombies, and an environment that challenges the protagonists with challenge after challenge.

‘Happiness’ (2021 – )

people walk up the stairs

This cheerful Korean horror series is set in the near future and follows a group of people in a zombie-infested building during a government quarantine. It was the result of a failed drug treatment that led to a pandemic known as the Rita virus, or “mad person’s disease” as it is more often called.

The show is well balanced and feels fresh with frequent surprises and interesting plot twists. Also, instead of scary moments, the series focuses on developing social relationships with a perfect combination of drama and comedy.

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