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10 Disney Movies That Need A Prequel, According To Reddit

Disney is known for building expansive worlds that house its stories. Many of the studio’s most iconic films have already received sequels, and some have even gotten prequels. Disney has produced stories for their most iconic villains, princesses, and heroes over the past decade.

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But Disney fans have taken to Reddit to voice their thoughts on which movies have been overlooked when it comes to the prequels. Some Reddit users even provided full blueprints for studios to use when developing the film.

The Incredibles (2004)

Redditor elfmonsterofthe wants a prequel to Disney’s superhero family movie franchise to “see the supers before they maybe hide from their origins.” Another user, bio_hazzard_flirt, teased the potential plot of a more romantic prequel focusing on how Mr. and Mrs. Incredible fell in love. They explain, “the two end up taking on an incredible enemy together and she softens and he learns to put aside his ego for her. Ugh, I need this story in my Pixar life!!!”


And it’s true, a prequel would provide insight into their relationship and more about the supers, like why Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack have different powers than their parents?

Hercules (1997)

The truth of the gospel in Hercules tells the story of Zeus and his battles against the Titans who threaten the world. TaylorDangerTorres on Reddit wants a prequel that expands on the Muses narrative that “would follow Zeus as he defeats the Titans in their first appearance!” The Disney Channel Series Hercules: From Zero to Hero served as the film’s midquel, but it did not explore the origins of Zeus as the primary god of Olympius.

Disney fans have been asking for more Hercules movies since Disney started its live-action remake streak, and while it’s not exactly what they’re asking for, it would expand the Hercules world. The original film briefly mentions that Zeus sent Hades to lead the underworld, but never elaborates on why. This would be the perfect opportunity to not only give Zeus the origin story of a hero, but also Hades a villain.

Mary Poppins (1964)

In 2018, Mary Poppins received a sequel but a few questions about the main character were answered. MutantLlama floated the idea of ​​a prequel that would establish everything there is to know about Mary Poppins. They wonder: “How do Bert and Mary know each other? Where did the talking parrot on Mary’s umbrella come from and why was it silent until the last minute? More importantly, how does Mary all the magic that we see?”

Bert, Mary’s friend (Dick Van Dyke), helps Mary and the children through their adventures in the original film, but no one knows where he comes from. A backstory could follow a dual timeline that leads to the pair meeting and the adventures they have along the way. To succeed, a prequel would have to answer the most important question of all. How did Mary Poppins acquire her magic?

Peter Pan (1953)

Although Disney has produced six animated films Tinker Bell movies, fans are always asking the world for more Peter Pan. Reddit user trxshhhh asked, “If all Disney Tinker Bell the movies are prequels to Peter Pan So how did Tink meet Peter? And what happened to Pixie Hollow? Did she leave her house or what?” None of the films answered these questions, and other installments in the Tinker Bell franchise were scrapped by Disney.

Tinker Bell devotes herself completely to Peter, but it is never explained why. As commenters in the original thread suggested, the prequel would explore Tinker Bell leaving Pixie Hollow and what would become of her other fairy friends. The film would also include the start of Peter Pan and Captain Hook’s feud, as it is mentioned in the original Peter Pan film but never developed.

Toy Story (1995)

toy story gets a spin-off prequel movie starring Light year which will give Buzz Lightyear some backstory. But Reddit users are already coming up with ideas for more toy story origin stories. Gamerguy287 pitched the idea for another spin-off but following Woody: “Why not do a Toy Story 5, where you follow Woody as he wakes up and realizes he’s a toy ?”

toy story 2 has already given audiences a taste of how Woody became a toy. But Disney has yet to explore the concept of how toys found out they were toys. With so many characters united in one franchise, there’s plenty of room to expand the toy story Universe.

Tangled (2010)

Disney has been churning out villain origin stories for the past decade, but one villain that lacks a backstory is Mother Gothel. A Redditor suggested a prequel that follows Mother Gothel after the flowers she uses to stay young are destroyed, but before she kidnaps Rapunzel: “Mother Gothel grows increasingly desperate after the royal family destroys the flower which she used to stay alive. The film follows her plans to survive, eventually kidnapping Rapunzel and raising her as her own.”

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With the success of Cruel and Maleficent, another villain origin story may work, especially since so little is known about Mother Gother outside of her relationship with Rapunzel.

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Schmittyfangirl has expressed her displeasure with Disney’s exploration of the Princess universe. Their solution is a prequel that follows Princess Aurora in the days of Briar Rose. The Redditor suggests, “either have a prequel from when Aurora was Briar Rose or a direct sequel so it fits in with royalty.” Maleficent briefly explored the idea of ​​Briar Rose meeting Maleficent multiple times in the woods, but nothing about Briar Rose alone.

Disney never did a backstory for any of their princesses, mostly because they’re already in the movies. As the Redditor mentions in their post, sophie the first and Wreck-It Ralph: Ralph Breaks the Internet tackled an MCU-style universe where all the princesses interact and give their lives a story. Establishing backstories could revive the popularity they once had.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is known as one of Disney’s darkest films. The Paris portrayed in the film is dark and full of corrupt people in power. Franklymydear thinks a sequel is in order for the film. “For me, that would definitely be The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It’s my favorite Disney movie, and instead of the terrible sequel we got, I think a good sequel where we get to see more of the seedy underworld of Paris…”

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Fans of the original film are grown up now, so a darker version of a Disney script would be an interesting route for a Hunchback prequel. In the movie, there isn’t much explanation to the audience about Frollo and why he’s so mean. A prequel could explore if he really improved Paris the way he thinks or did he create an underworld where people struggle to survive?

The Princess and the Frog (2009)

The princess and the Frog explains everything there is to know about Tiana and her dreams, but one character that remains largely a mystery is Dr. Facilier. A now-deleted Redditor commented in a thread that he would like to see, “Dr. Facilier on the streets of New Orleans learning voodoo as a young man.”

A prequel would show how he goes from a curious young man to a desperate shadow man in New Orleans, highlighting all the bad deals he’s done in the past.

The Little Mermaid (1989)

The little Mermaid already has a prequel. But Ariel’s story left a major question unanswered: why do King Tritan and Ursual hate each other so much? Acceptable-Fun8215 wants a prequel that explores this idea, saying, “They were friends…But then Ursula turned to the dark side and when she tried to overthrow Triton.”

Little is known about Ursula. The only movie that gives better insight into his character is The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. But even then, there is no explanation as to why King Triton hates Ursula so much, or why she was exiled. A prequel exploring these ideas could serve as a villain origin story for Ursula and give fans a better understanding of the sea witch.

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