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10 Famous Voice Actors Who Should Play Live-Action Versions Of Their Characters

Voice acting is a talent and an art form in itself, and many voice actors feel they should be given more recognition during awards season. While some voice actors like to stay off camera, others venture into live action or even start there before moving on to voice work. For some projects, a voice actor bears a striking resemblance to the character they play.

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Sometimes voice actors become the inspiration for their character’s physical appearance. Other voice actors fully embody the character with their performance, even if they only provide the voice. If they ever had the chance to portray their iconic characters in a live-action project, some famous voice actors would excel at the task.

ten Jake Johnson is the perfect Peter B. Parker

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse brought brilliant vocal performances from an amazing cast and paired it with a brilliant story. Directed by Shameik Moore and Hailee Steinfeld, audiences witnessed the origin story of a lesser-known Spider-Man, Miles Morales.

Actor Jake Johnson, known for his role as Nick Miller in the comedy new girl, portrays Peter B. Parker, an older, temperamental version of the known and beloved Peter audience. Bearing a strong physical resemblance to the character and successfully portraying similar personalities in the past, Johnson would excel at bringing Peter B. Parker to the screen if a live-action version appeared.

9 Kaley Cuoco Might Bring Harley Quinn to a Live-Action Project

Known for her roles in the long-running comedy The Big Bang Theory and the recent drama The stewardess, Kaley Cuoco also voices beloved DC villain Harley Quinn in the HBO animated series. Cuoco delivers an incredibly layered and memorable vocal performance for the multi-faceted character and conveys Harley’s personality to a tee.

While Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley in the DCEU remains one of the most beloved parts of the movies, the likes of Jokersequel and a continuation of Reeve’s The Batman make way for Cuoco to represent Harley in other projects.

8 Vi needs a powerful actress like Hailee Steinfeld

by Netflix Esoteric became one of the most popular anime series of 2021 among fans of League of Legends and newcomers to the universe. Esoteric focused on the turbulent relationship between sisters Jinx and Vi, the latter being voiced by Oscar-nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld. Vi established herself as a powerful and fearless vigilante who excelled in hand-to-hand combat and the use of technology.

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Steinfeld has proven herself to be a strong actress who isn’t afraid to throw herself into action sequences. She plays powerful women such as Kate Bishop in Hawk EyeCharlie Watson in Bumblebeeand Mattie Ross in The real courage. All Steinfeld needs is the pink wig and some tattoos and she’ll make a brilliant live-action Vi.

seven Adam Sandler’s Drac runs Hotel Transylvania

When the Hotel Transylvania The franchise released the fourth film in 2022, fans of the series that Adam Sandler did not return as Drac, the vampire reluctant to open up to the human world. Sandler’s performance in the previous three films proved compelling, surprisingly heartwarming, and gave viewers the brilliant Transylvanian accent they associated with the character.

While Brian Hull gave a good vocal performance, it would be great to see Adam Sandler back in character. With physical similarities between them and Sandler’s vocal abilities synonymous with the role, Adam Sandler’s presence is a must for live action. Hotel Transylvania.

6 Samuel L. Jackson set to face Frozone from The Incredibles

by Disney Pixar The Incredibles follows a family with superpowers who find themselves pulled back into the world of crime-fighting. Many characters have become iconic, including designer Edna Mode and Frozone, Parr’s family friend, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.

Although he’s a little older than his character looks, Jackson has proven himself with recent roles in films such as The Hitman’s Bodyguard and various MCU projects that he can still get into action roles. Frozone offers plenty of comedic moments in The Incredibles and its sequel. Known for his humor, Jackson’s comedic timing is brilliant.

5 Auli’i Cravalho could bring Moana back to the big screen

Dwayne Johnson gave a memorable performance in Disney’s Moana, and could easily portray Maui in a live-action project, but no one could overlook the voice behind the main character. In his first film role, Auli’i Cravalho voiced the young hero at just fourteen years old and did an amazing job.

As a talented actress and singer, Cravalho has since been part of many other projects, including NBC’s To go up and the romantic comedy of 2022 To crush. Having more experience, coupled with her vocal talents, Auli’i would excel at bringing Moana back to viewers’ screens for a live-action project.

4 Steve Carell’s Gru is iconic

First expression of the role in the 2010s Despicable Me, Actor Steve Carell has portrayed Gru for over a decade, appearing in five different projects. The character is a sinister villain who finds a softer side, becoming a father figure to three young girls.

To be a multi-faceted actor, appearing in the comedy series Officeand dramas like Foxcatcher, Carell could bring a full performance to a live-action movie starring Gru. One of the most recognizable parts of the character was his voice, with his European accent. If he was making his live-action debut, Gru’s accent would have to be perfect, and who better to do that than Steve Carell.

3 Donna Murphy made mother Gothel memorable

Disney films have given audiences many memorable villains. However, Mother Gothel, the main antagonist of Tangled stands. Gothel is particularly sinister. She poses as Rapunzel’s mother, making it seem like keeping Rapunzel hidden is for her own good.

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Donna Murphy, who lends her voice to the role, gives an amazing vocal performance, especially in her catchy villain number. A mother knows best. Murphy is a two-time Tony winner, being both a talented actress and singer. Producing such a memorable performance, purely by her voice, no one else can portray Mother Gothel if she ever appears in a live-action film.

2 Elizabeth Gillies would excel as Catwoman

Catwoman has appeared in several live-action projects, portrayed by various actors. However, Elizabeth Gillies’ portrayal of the character in the 2022 animated film Catwoman: Hunted slipped through the cracks, especially following the role of Zoe Kravitz in The Batman.

Evidenced by his role as Fallon Carrington in Dynasty and Jade West in the teen comedy Victorious, Gillies excels at portraying confident, sarcastic, and flirtatious characters. She behaves with extreme strength and resilience, which makes her appear formidable on screen. Gillies would bring it all to live-action Catwoman.

1 Amy Poehler’s Joy Matches Joy

Like many of her other characters, Amy Poehler’s Joy from the Pixar film Upside down is a tireless optimist. Being the emotion of happiness in young Riley’s head, Joy tries to keep it alive and cheerful. Along the way, Joy realizes that it’s natural to feel many other emotions.

Amy Poehler excels at playing upbeat, hopeful characters similar to Joy, including her starring role as Leslie Knope in Parks and recreation. Poehler brings a liveliness to the role that perfectly complements a live portrayal of Joy.

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