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10 Memes That Perfectly Summarize Batman As A Character

Christian Bale recently said he would only play Batman again if Christopher Nolan directs the film and after the extraordinary work of the two in batman begins, The black Knightand The dark knight rises fans can only hope these cinematic geniuses team up again for another unforgettable movie.

Many fans may agree that Christian Bale was one of the best actors to play Batman, but over the years Bruce Wayne has been portrayed in many parts. His comic books, live-action movies, TV shows, video games, and animated films and series have given fans everything there is to know about Batman, but here are some memes to sum it up as character.


He has particular enemies


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Batman has many enemies and most of them seem to have identity crises that lead them to try to be someone or something else. It’s a mystery why Gotham City pushes its superheroes and villains to identify themselves as animals, plants, objects, or anything else that isn’t human, but their chosen aliases can be pretty funny.

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The villains of the Batman universe are as deadly as they are random, and their particular identities can be hilariously simplified. The characters of Penguin, The Joker, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Scarecrow really could be reduced to the silly images the meme shows.

He has a secret identity


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In nearly every movie, series, and comic, Bruce Wayne keeps his identity hidden and fights crime as Batman. Nobody in Gotham City knows that its most acclaimed superhero is actually America’s most famous billionaire, Bruce Wayne, though it’s often pretty obvious.

Bruce Wayne drops an incredible amount of clues and clues to his true identity, however, the citizens of Gotham City seem to be inattentive at all. Wayne Tower doesn’t have pointy bat ears, but even if it did, no one would guess its identity anyway. Although the few times anyone found out who he was, Batman was one of the superheroes who regretted revealing his secret identity.

There are several Batmans


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Marvel isn’t the only one with multiple realities. In DC, there’s a Multiverse, Megaverse, and Dark Multiverse, among others, where different Bruce Waynes and Batmans hang and fight crime. The films have also featured many different actors who have played Batman, so the franchise isn’t all that different from Spider-Man.

Peter Parker was played by Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. Even though people complain about the constant changing of Spider-Man actors, it doesn’t come close to the number of actors who have portrayed Batman. So fans can only hope for a No coming home type of film to solve this problem.

His sidekick is Robin


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Batman’s romantic life has been portrayed in various ways in his comics, movies, and series. He lived the life of a billionaire playboy; the love and tenderness of his relationship with Rachel Dawes; the warmth and excitement of being kissed by Catwoman; and the toxicity of loving and hating Talia Al Ghul.

But none of his romantic interests can come close to the close bond he has with Robin and he’s definitely Batman’s best sidekick. The iconic duo are inseparable, so it’s not a crazy idea to imagine Batman going on another mission with Robin, while one of his lovers wonders if he is seducing others. women.

He is an orphan


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Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered by Joe Chill in front of eight-year-old Bruce Wayne after leaving a movie theater late at night. As fans know, Joe assaulted the couple and shot them, and for some reason Bruce stayed alive.

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Witnessing the death of his parents brought him a life of heartbreak and grief that fueled his superhero persona. While it’s a sad moment for most fans, others find humor in it and poke fun at their deaths. Although, those types of fans are probably admirers of The Joker, not Bruce Wayne.

He has the Batmobile


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Bruce Wayne’s superpower is to be smart and rich, and so all of his super abilities are thanks to his inventions. He designed and improved his costume and his weapons, but more importantly, he created the batmobile. It’s bright, fast, nearly indestructible, and suitable for all kinds of dangerous missions.

There are several versions of the car, however, each of them, including the best Batmobiles of all time, were invented by Wayne. The car may not be as impressive as flying naturally or having superhuman speed, but it can keep up with other supernatural abilities of other heroes and villains, although it sometimes has to stop to do so. full.

He has an iconic phrase


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There aren’t many superheroes who have a quote as iconic and memorable as Batman’s “I am revenge! I am the night! I am Batman!” and most people, fans or not, can recognize him anywhere. He always says this line with a deep, dramatic, dark tone that makes it all the more unforgettable.

The way he says it with confidence and menacing seriousness can only be compared to Stanley’s quote in Office “Did I stutter? which he says when his boss, Michael, asks him to join a brainstorming session which he refuses to participate in. Dealing with someone powerful in this way is definitely Batman’s approach.

He’s a recruiter


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Batman has a habit of taking minors under his wing, training them, and making them vigilantes or sidekicks. This was true of all the Robins (Dick Rayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne) and Cassandra Cain (although she was once raised to be a deadly weapon).

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Batman’s past has earned him a soft spot for orphans or children who live in precarious conditions. He understands better than anyone what it’s like to have no parents and apparently he thinks the solution for any orphan is to become a superhero. If Batman was playing UNO by meme rules, he would definitely rather keep all his cards than win.

He is vengeful


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Bruce Wayne could never recover from the death of his parents. His painful upbringing brought on by the loss of his mother and father fueled his personal mission to fix Gotham City’s corruption. Whenever he goes out into the world to fight crime as Batman, he does so on behalf of his parents.

More than anything, he wants to avenge their deaths and therefore includes in his signature phrase how he refers to himself as revenge. The eyes are the window to know what stuff people are under, but in Batman’s case, they really are the window to his bitter, angry, and weary soul.

He has a wise butler


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Besides Robin, Bruce Wayne has another iconic faithful companion who never leaves him. Alfred Pennyworth, her butler, is famous for giving her the best advice, honest opinions and witty sarcastic comments. That’s why it wouldn’t be surprising if he made an observation like the one mentioned in the meme.

Alfred and Wayne’s friendship, love and protection make them unforgettable partners in crime. They are deeply dependent on each other and Alfred always knows what to say. His thoughts on life are especially beloved, not only by Batman but also by DC fans.

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