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10 Movies So Bad They Killed An Entire Genre, According To Reddit

The recent publication and subsequent reissue of Morbius badly damaged any residual influence in Sony Spider Man evil universe. While the film quickly became little more than a widespread meme, it completely turned many fans away from the franchise.

Sure, Morbius isn’t the only one destroying interest in other unrelated films. Yet while Morbius badly hurt Sony’s universe outlook, there have been movies that were so terrible they devastated entire genres and ultimately killed them altogether.


Titan AE

Traditional hand-drawn animation has waned in popularity in recent years, and not for the reason that many moviegoers would expect. Reddit user rccrisp says, “The first shock wave was definitely Titan AE which had a massive push from Fox…and was so expensive to make that after its opening weekend, Fox shut down its animation studio.”

A sci-fi bomb that really deserves a reboot, Titan AE may have had great animation, but its story was totally uninteresting to the audience. IMDb reports that the movie had a budget of $75,000,000, which certainly didn’t help, considering its gross of $36,754,634. It marked the end of an era.

cutthroat island

Although considered an excellent pirate film by Reddit, cutthroat island was one of the worst box office failures in Hollywood history. “It came out in 1995 and basically killed the pirate movies until Pirates of the Caribbean came out in 2003,” says Reddit user timelordoftheimpala.

The film itself was certainly interesting and the setting was amazing, but the effect it had on the industry is undeniable. Hollywood was incredibly hesitant to actively seek out another pirate movie after watching cutthroat island collapse. While still nice in the genre, it killed it for years.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

A 2007 film that did not return its budget, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story was a complete failure. While intended to serve as a satire of musical biopics, the comedy fell completely flat and failed to garner the attention needed to keep the genre alive and stable.

“Musician biopics had to reorganize after walk hard“says Redditor BaronAleksei. The genre failed to recover until Straight outta Compton in 2015, which might as well be decades later for Hollywood. Even then, it took until 2018 bohemian rhapsody to completely cure the genre.


A big-budget film that was to be as successful as The hunger Games, Divergent and its sequels were ultimately relegated to the shelves more often than the big screens. “As the genre progressed to this point, Divergent sent the YA dystopia genre to the grave,” says Reddit user BiMikethefirst.

With a confusing storyline that left fans scratching their heads to figure out where the story was headed, Divergent stripped the dystopian genre to its core, and the effects weren’t what the filmmakers were hoping for. Despite being one of the highest-grossing Young Adult franchises, fans were less interested in each additional project, and it showed.


There are few musicals as damaging as Xanadu was one of his kind. “Xanadu came out in 1980 and killed the big-screen musicals hard. What difficulty? Best I can find the next movie musical was red Mill. In 2001,” Reddit user Super-naught1 explains.

While the results weren’t as bleak as Reddit insists, given that there were still big-budget animated films, the presence of expensive live-action musicals certainly dwindled post-release. The genre has thankfully since recovered, but it had been dead for years.

batman and robin

A film that completely destroyed the campy superhero genre for years, batman and robin also “killed any chance of a specific subgenre of Batman stories, especially anything related to the Batfamily,” says Reddit user GoneRampant1. “In every Batman film adaptation since, he’s always been a loner.”

Despite the best casting for a bad movie, even that casting couldn’t save it. With terrible dialogue and an eerie tone that left fans wondering why Batman was so campy, the film convinced Hollywood that superheroes were serious business, and the Dark Knight in particular. That’s why each Batman movie has gotten grittier and grittier with each new iteration.

World War Z

While shows like The Walking Dead continue to be acclaimed, the film World War Z seriously damaging the zombie genre, after the huge spike in interest in the early 2010s. “Seems like the big zombie movies have all been streaming straight from World War Z“, says Reddit editor BlueFootedTpeack.

Although it is based on an extremely successful book, World War Z borrowed little or nothing from its source material, leaving many fans wondering why they bothered. Since then, most of the best zombie dramas have struggled to win popular acclaim.

Need of speed

While there are still a lot of movies that revolve around cars, “Need of speed did a great job killing the arcade runner for a while,” says Redditor derwood1992. With too much story for its short length, the film left a lot to be desired, and it left many convinced that the genre just can’t handle existence on the outside. video games or television.

The movie certainly had the budget to accomplish everything it needed, so Hollywood didn’t see the point in taking the risk with the others. If it had proven capable of being one of the best video game movies, it might have led to more movies like this. Instead, it killed the genre.

Mars needs moms

Although this is a film with heavy resources behind it, Mars needs moms had a weird plot and even weirder animation. “This thing killed motion capture movies (which, to be honest, tended to be extremely expensive to make and therefore had a high barrier of entry) before they even really started,” says user javer80 from Reddit.

As motion capture became increasingly popular in video games, the film failed to properly introduce it to a wider audience, as audiences quickly came to reject it. The movie had one of the worst box office results of all time, which certainly didn’t leave the animation style in the right place, and that’s why it was left behind and forgotten.

Dragon Ball: Evolution

Despite the potential of anime adaptations in Hollywood, it took a remarkably long time before the industry took advantage of them, and there’s a very good reason for that. “Doesn’t Dragon Ball Evolution killing pretty much any opportunity for there to be a live action western adaptation of an anime or manga until the live action GiTS movie?” asks Redditor EcchiPhantom.

A film so terrible it downright destroyed any hope of live-action adaptations for years, it completely failed in any attempt to replicate the energy of the series. Between terrible acting, worse dialogue, and an inconsistent story, the movie managed to keep Hollywood away from anime and manga for years.

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