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10 Surprising Disney Character Cameos In Other Disney Movies

Much like how Pixar often includes cameos of other well-known characters in their movies, Disney is known to follow in their clever footsteps and do the same in their movies. Spanning decades from the Disney Renaissance to current movies, Disney seems to have created a bit of its own multiverse.

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From characters existing in the same universe as others to memorable characters making comedic cameos, Disney movies are full of little guest appearances by famous animated faces and likenesses.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider In Frozen

At the end of tangled, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider live happily ever after with the princess free to roam the kingdom and leave her tower behind. And it seems Corona wasn’t the only realm she explored.

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The day of Elsa’s coronation in Frozen, When Anna soaks up the company’s presence at the castle, two of the guests she crosses paths with are none other than Rapunzel and Flynn, leading viewers to wonder if these two royals share more than the same studio. animation.


Sebastian in Aladdin

While Sebastian is the biggest defender of fish living under the sea in The little Mermaid, it may surprise some people when they spot the sea crab on land with another beloved Disney character.

Sebastian is one of a handful of memorable Disney characters to make an appearance in Aladdin and can be seen when Genie attempts to turn Aladdin into a prince and instead mentions the Alaskan King Crab recipe, at which point Sebastian appears and squeezes on Genie’s finger as “Under The Sea” plays.

Mrs. Potts and Chip In Tarzan

Mrs. Potts and her son Chip are best known in their teapot and teacup form in The beauty and the Beast, but the mother-son couple appears much less sensitive in another Disney film.

The two can be spotted in one of the most famous scenes from Tarzan when Terk leads the gorillas in a song and dance number performing “Trashin’ the Camp” and can be seen chiming in on a tea set of the same design as Beast’s castle, chipped teacup and all.

scar in Hercules

As one of disney’s most hated characters history, this villain of The Lion King got what happened to him when he made an appearance in Hercules.

When Hercules poses for a painter with a lion skin on his head and ends up throwing it at Phil, the skin turns out to be Scar’s skin, appearing to be enough karma to drop his own brother to his death.

flounder in Moana

In a film devoted entirely to the ocean, it is normal that Moana features other underwater Disney characters.

During “You’re Welcome”‘s memorable musical number performed by a pompous Maui, it’s during the song’s grand finale that a familiar yellow fish swims along with other sea animals. The yellow scales, the blue fins and the smiling face are those of the flounder. The little Mermaid.

beautiful in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

It’s typical for Belle to wander around her poor provincial town in France with a book in hand, so it’s perhaps no surprise to see the princess do the same in another memorable film set in France.

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In The Hunchback of Notre Dame as Quasimodo sings about what his life “over there” would be like, you can spot Belle in her blue dress with what can only be assumed to be the same book on bean stock and an ogre in her hand.

Mulan in lilo and stitch

While Stitch has become an Easter egg in its own right, in its feature film lilo and stitch, more than one scene pays homage to a beloved Disney Princess.

On Nani’s bedroom walls full of posters, photos and awards, a poster directly above her bed is the poster for the 1998 movie. Mulane. The character is referenced again in the film when Lilo and Stitch walk past a Chinese restaurant called Mulan Wok.

Pinocchio in Tangled

Tangled kept low-key with his Easter Eggs, and this character’s cameo can be hard to spot.

During the musical number “I Have A Dream” at the Snuggly Duckling, when Shorty, the drunken Cupid character, is hovering over everyone at the bar, Pinocchio can be seen sitting in the rafters. This was the puppet’s fourth cameo in a Disney film.

magic carpet in princess and the frog

Aladdin’s sentient magic carpet can fly, after all, so it’s not such a stretch to think he’s already taken a trip to New Orleans.

Due to the fact that the two films have the same directors, in the opening sequence of princess and the frog, Aladdin’s magic carpet can be seen with dust flying up as someone beats it on a balcony.

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy The little Mermaid

These members of the Fab Five often make cameos in Disney movies, but it’s rare to see the three notable characters appear together in a movie that isn’t theirs.

When King Triton makes his grand entrance at the beginning of The little Mermaid, Mickey, Donald and Goofy can be seen in the crowd cheering for the King’s arrival. Kermit The Frog by The Muppets.

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