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10 Things The Sonic OVA Does Better Than Live-Action Movies

from Paramount sonic the hedgehog the film series is praised for effectively adapting the Sonic franchise in the film medium, bringing many elements from the games. However, the film series is also criticized for its childish humor and uninteresting character development reminiscent of films like The Smurfs Where Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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There was a Sonic OVA series titled Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, released about two decades ago, which did a much better job adapting the Sonic games. The OVA was very faithful to the games while bringing its own intriguing and unique elements to its story. In truth, the Sonic OVA is more satisfying because both a Sonic adaptation and a film in general.

ten The Sonic OVA Had Better Humor

The primordial Sonic movies are guilty of using really juvenile and/or overlong humor, like the fart jokes and Dr. Eggman doing the flossing dance. Many people believe that weak humor determines how these Sonic the movies are “kids” movies like The Smurfs with jokes and not funny gags.

On the other hand, the Sonic OVA was much better with its humor, writing jokes that people of all ages could enjoy. The humor didn’t last long either, always adapting to the rhythm of the scene instead of interrupting the flow of the film.

9 The Sonic OVA had a cooler design for Sonic

The internet is well aware of Sonic’s hated initial design for the Paramount film series. The design took away the wonder and coolness of Sonic and created an eerie valley that scared many people. While the redesign is lauded, it still contains questionable design elements, such as separate eyeballs and blue arms reminiscent of the bootleg. Sonic toys.

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The OVA based the design on the animated segments of Sonic from sonic cd, using a much more faithful and cool design that captured the coolness and speed of Sonic. Audiences could instantly admire Sonic’s character design and personality, and they never felt like the artists were forcing Sonic’s design to fit into a world that was too different from the games.

8 The Sonic OVA had a lot more memorable music

Fans lament that the Sonic live-action movies use generic film music instead of creating an iconic soundtrack similar to video game OSTs. In contrast, the OVA introduced tracks that fans never stopped playing.

The OVA soundtrack featured a variety of memorable tracks such as “Look-a-like” and “South Island”; the OVA’s music was able to be incredibly funky, upbeat, scary, or sad when needed while still being unique and iconic. If the Sonic The OVAs have never been redone, it would be criminal not to reuse the soundtrack in some way.

seven The Sonic OVA Had Stronger Characters

The primordial Sonic the movies have really generic supporting characters that don’t make the movies any more exciting. Many fans don’t care about characters like Tom Wachowski or Wade Whipple, wishing the movies didn’t focus on the supporting cast at all.

The OVA introduced characters like Sara and Old Man Owl. Secondary characters felt more at home in a Sonic movie because they were well animated and expressive. They also had a lot funnier scenes and moments that helped them stand out, including their interactions with Dr. Eggman. Compared to live-action films, the OVA had more memorable supporting characters.

6 Sonic OVA plot was less generic

As soon as it was revealed, many people blasted the live action Sonic film for its standard plot: Sonic finds himself in the world of humans. A lot of people were already tired of the fish out of water story from other movies like The Smurfs.

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The Sonic The OVA plot revolved around Dr. Eggman tricking Sonic into indirectly helping Dr. Eggman complete the creation of Hyper Metal Sonic – Sonic’s new enemy and doppelganger. Dr. Eggman had the standard motivations of world domination villains, but the OVA effectively used humor and suspense to liven up the plot and make it stand out from other action series.

5 The Sonic OVA Hasn’t Been Set In The “Real” World

A common criticism of Paramount Sonic movies is that they take place in an ordinary human world. Much of the fan base prefers Sonic to live in an alternate world named Mobius or Sonic to live on an Earth more surreal than the real one.

The OVA took inspiration from the games while adding its own elements for its world and setting. The OVA world was called Planet Freedom and had two layers, the Land of Heaven and the Land of Darkness. The Sonic OVA did a great job of establishing the world, even poking fun at the obligatory, explanatory explanation of the planet for the audience. The OVA also left things open to audience interpretation, involving apocalyptic events throughout the city ruins and plane wreckage.

4 The Sonic OVA Didn’t Spend Too Much Time On Its Supporting Human Characters

Many fans complain that Paramount Sonic movies focus too much on human characters; like the movies are Sonic adaptations, fans would prefer to focus more on the animal characters and Dr. Eggman. The films, especially the second one, were guilty of using their human characters in energetic and uninteresting ways, which really slowed the pace.

In contrast, the OVA never focused too much on the human characters, knowing when to turn the focus back to the main animal characters and Dr. Eggman. Additionally, the humans helped set up the OVA’s unique setting and plot points, providing insight into how Planet Freedom works and establishing Dr. Eggman’s goal of marrying Sara.

3 The Sonic OVA was fully animated

For years, fans have been hoping for an anime Sonic movie, so they were quickly disappointed that the Paramount movie was live-action. Many fans still believe that a fully animated film Sonic The movie could have taken more advantage of the animation medium to artistically show off the character and world of Sonic.

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The OVA used animation effectively to express the various actions and feelings throughout its story. Although the animation was budgeted, fans felt the intensity of the fight scenes, as well as the varied emotions of characters like Sonic and Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic is one of Sonic’s most popular characters, but he hasn’t appeared in live-action movies. In fact, he may not appear at all as the third movie appears to be set to introduce Shadow the Hedgehog instead.

Fortunately, the OVA gave fans an iconic Metal Sonic story that resonated with many fans. Hyper Metal Sonic started out as an emotionless robot, but due to the implantation of Sonic’s memories and emotions, Metal Sonic developed his own consciousness and heart. Metal Sonic had a complex with the idea that there was only “a sonic“, a plot point that likely inspired future Metal Sonic stories in games and comics.

1 The Sonic OVA Showed Someone Dies

Since live-action movies are designed to be more “kid-friendly”, they don’t depict death even though characters like Sonic and Knuckles have supposedly lost their loved ones. In the case of Knuckles in particular, since the second film used the standard “my father was never seen again” line.

Although the OVA didn’t show any organic beings dying, it did show its main antagonist, Metal Sonic, meeting his demise. Additionally, it showed Metal Sonic choosing to die, tying him to his belief that “there can only be one sonic.” Metal Sonic’s death remains an iconic moment in Sonic media due to the excellent stage direction and emotional impact on Sonic.

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