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10 Unpopular Opinions About Netflix Original Movies, According To Reddit

Netflix has released several original movies that are basically loved on a universal level by Redditors, like The Irishman, The Chicago 7 Trialand I don’t feel at home in this world anymore. The old guard also has its fair share of fans.

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However, there are other examples where some Redditors may go against the grain. Whether it’s a film widely spurned by critics and the general public or a project that ended up becoming an Oscar darling, there are viewers out there who are ready to die on the hill. opposition.


Bright wasn’t so bad

Reddit user arkhamtimes333 started a thread to write, “I’ve watched most of what Netflix has to offer for original TV shows but never thought of watching the movies before to look at them. Bright. I thought it wasn’t so bad. I liked the world they created more than the movie itself, but it was still pretty good.”

Bright probably won’t be remembered as one of David Ayer’s or Will Smith’s best films, but it was a major hit for the streamer. It seems that she also has her fans, even if they are limited compared to the number of detractors.

Okja characters were boring

okja movie

A Redditor, ifunnydog2779, disagreed with the huge number of fans regarding Bong Joon-ho Okja: “I did not like Okja. What they did with the languages ​​was clever, but the characters and writing were boring and seemed uninspired. The ending was unexpected but disappointing. I know where they were coming from, but it just didn’t work for me.”

Okja is one of Redditors’ favorite Netflix original movies, and it’s one of the most objectively creative movies the streamer has released. So “dull” and “uninspired” are interesting terms to describe what many viewers consider to be a riveting film.

Gyllenhaal was too much at Okja

Globally, Okja was an offbeat, well-received action-adventure film with a terrific cast and unique tone. Matthewceratops addressed a specific actor’s performance in Joon-ho’s film, writing that Gyllenhaal’s “nearly unbearable performance left me disappointed”.

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Only one Redditor, ChappieBeGangsta, seemed to agree, going so far as to point out what many others were defending: “He was trying WAY too hard to be a ‘character’. He had to turn down at least 25%. He was like Bugs Bunny.” Gyllenhaal’s performance was over the top, but that just meant it matched the intended tone of the film. While it worked for many viewers, it didn’t mesh as well with others, as evidenced by these Redditors’ comments.

Death Note is not so bad

death note 2017 light mia

A now-deleted user wrote that “Death threat is pretty solid, even if it has no reason to exist. Believe me, if it wasn’t an anime adaptation, the movie would have garnered a fandom by now.”

Death threat may be one of Netflix’s lowest rated original horror films on rotten tomatoes, but apparently someone is ready to defend it. Even still, the movie’s ratings on Metacritic are informative. Its Metascore of 43 means mixed reviews, but its User Score is a little lower at 3.2, which replaces an unfavorable reception by the general public. It seems like most viewers would be inclined to reject the film, regardless of the source material.

Sandy Wexler is not so bad

Axxxoop was Sandler’s sole defender Sandy Wexlerwriting: “The one where Adam Sandler plays a Hollywood agent isn’t that bad. It has heart and there’s a scene towards the end with James and Sandler that took me by surprise and I laughed out loud like a stupid little boy.”

To each their own, and the Redditor don’t call Sandy Wexler a classic or whatever, but the majority of Netflix viewers would rate it on a lower level than Sandler The Meyerowitz stories (2017) or Uncut Gems (2019).

Klaus is a standard children’s movie

Nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 92nd Academy Awards, Klaus was critically acclaimed in spades. However, a Redditor found it overrated. Chinoiserie91 claimed that “It looks great, but it’s a pretty standard kids Christmas movie.” They were alone in this case, however, as shown by the 160 upvotes for wereinthedark’s post: “Klaus is an absolutely amazing animated film that everyone should watch.”

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Natto__ agreed with the positive take, “I can’t believe I had to scroll all this way to see Klaus get a mention. Great movie, highly recommend.” Most agree that Klaus deserves the attention it has received, and although it is only a few years old, it already has a loyal fanbase behind it.

The Do-Over reportedly got great reviews

Adam Sandler holding a gun with his arm around David Spade in The Do-Over.

A now-deleted user left behind a pretty interesting theory about Do it again, one of the many films that Adam Sandler has made for Netflix. Had it been released in theaters, they “strongly believe it would have received excellent reviews and done very well at the box office”.

According to Sandler rotten tomatoes page, his 2016 team-up with David Spade received low-end reviews from his six released Netflix comedies. The ridiculous 6 (2015) is zero percent, while Do it again has a score of nine percent. Sandy Wexler (2017) did better at 27%, and The week of comparatively hurt 26 percent. After these four films, Netflix picked up Sandler for four more: 2019 Murder Mystery at 45%, hubie halloween (2020) at 52%, with two more on the way. Although there was an upward trajectory, the Redditor’s pick was second to last, regardless of where and how it was posted.

The main performance in Apostle

Apostle 2018

Lowfat_cheese took issue with one particular aspect of the film, saying that “Apostle would have been nice if the main cardboard cutout the character wasn’t in it and it was just the three cult leaders vying for power.”

However, Lowfat_cheese later explained that it wasn’t so much about actor Dan Stevens’ performance as the aspects surrounding the acting: “Nothing against the actor, but he was given next to nothing to work with. All of the emotional weight and compelling character development went to any character but his own.” In any case, the film received generally positive reviews, with many praising the lead performance, which helped make it one of Dan Stevens’ best horror films.

Mank has a bad script

Marion and Mank standing in front of a film set, talking to each other

Anonymous_Goat had a fairly mixed response to David Fincher malea dramatized biopic about Herman J. Mankiewicz, the screenwriter of Citizen Kane. Specifically, the Redditor called it “a movie about screenwriting with a bad script. Hard for me to top that.” Then the Redditor goes on to posit another potentially unpopular opinion: “Oldman is a legend, but he was cast a bit poorly here too.” But then they give the movie some credit, writing, “It’s not a terrible movie or anything, but I think it will be largely forgotten in 5 years.”

The Redditor’s opinions aren’t particularly nasty, except that he has a “bad” storyline. Granted, the film received 10 Oscar nominations, and none of them were for the screenplay, but Jack Fincher’s screenplay could hardly be considered weak.

The wedding story was tasteless and dry

A photo from Marriage Story showing the Barber family

Redditor momsaidnoe started a thread asking others to describe Noah Baumbach’s attractiveness Marriage story, nominated for the Oscars for best picture with Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. While initially acknowledging the film’s importance, the Redditor later wrote, “I don’t understand why this is so amazing. someone please explain to me why this is so good? I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

The characters in Marriage story are not particularly flashy, but they are much more complex than they are “tasteless and dry”. Not all audience members tuned in to the film, but it certainly found praise among many.

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