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10 Video Game Characters Who Should Come Into Live-Action

When Episode IV: A New Hope first theatrical success, no one expected how star wars would come to dominate not only the film industry, but also television, toys, novels, comics, and video games.

According to the latter, more than a hundred different titles have been published. Some of these games are adaptations of the movies. Others are original stories that helped stretch the vast galaxy far and wide. All games are full of interesting and exciting characters that fans would love to see live-action – or at least animated series. Whether they’re still locked in the Expanded Universe or not, these particular characters would make great additions to any of the upcoming movies and TV shows.


Cal Kestis


Cal Kestis is the star of the hugely popular Jedi: Fallen Order and its recently revealed sequel, Jedi: Survivor, voiced and modeled on Cameron Monaghan. He is a former Jedi padawan who was able to survive Order 66. He spent years as a scrap metal dealer on the planet Bracca until the Inquisitors arrived and started hunting him. His journey brought him face to face with Darth Vader, which was one of his best fights in star wars video games.

Cal is a character a lot star wars fans would love to see live-action. While it’s headlined its own titles in video games, it could do the same on the TV front. Frankly, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn of a Disney+ series starring Cal, as long as he brings his trusty droid, BD-1 with him.


Darth Revan in the upcoming remake of Knights of the Old Republic.

When the Expanded Universe was created, many enthusiasts Knights of the Old Republic fans were appalled to learn that the popular game had been de-canonicalized, and Revan with it. He was a young Jedi wishing to end the bloody Mandalorian Wars. He went against the wishes of the Jedi Council and joined the Galactic Republic army, only to fall to the dark side to become the Sith Lord, Darth Revan.

He was actually going to appear in the Mortis arc of The Clone Wars, but his scene was deleted. Had he stayed, he’d be officially canon, albeit in the same boat as Darth Bane – a great character with a fantastic story that boils down to a small cameo. Revan is probably the character that fans would want to see live more than most, and if he ever appeared, he would surely be ranked as one of the most powerful dark side users.

Same Version

the death star episode 9 iden versio

Although the recent battle front games have been quite controversial, the story element in Battlefront II is his saving grace. In it, players become Iden Versio, leader of the Imperial special forces unit, Inferno Squad. While it might be shocking to play as one of the villains, she eventually transitions to rejecting the Empire and joining the Rebel Alliance. Iden then participated in the Battle of Jakku – the final decisive battle that ended the Empire.

Depending on when the film takes place, she would be welcome in Thieves Squadron, and Janina Gavankar could resume. Alternatively, it could come into play over the three decades between Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and Episode VII: The Force Awakens. This could find her crossover with The Mandalorian, Ahsoka, or in the recently announced Skeleton crew.

Kyle Katarn

Kyle Katarn carving a stormtrooper in Star Wars Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast

Another fantasy character lost in star wars Legends is Kyle Katarn, the protagonist of several popular games from the 90s. His story takes place following Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and found him transitioning from the Empire to the New Republic. Kyle also discovered his Force sensitivity and continued to train as a Jedi, achieving the rank of Master and eventually joining the new High Council alongside Luke.

Since its history has effectively been erased, that leaves a blank slate for creators to play with. It could have been one of the names written on the wall in Obi Wan Kenobi like other Legends characters, or he could also be incorporated into the timeline of The Mandalorianthough that would raise the question of his longevity in the galaxy if he’s also a Jedi.

Bastil Shan

Opposite Revan as one of the integral characters of Knights of the Old Republic is Bastila Shan. When he returned leading an army of Sith, she was quick to react and try to stop him. Bastila helped bring him back to light and they even started a family together.

If Revan were to appear in live-action, Bastila should too. At the very least, her story should be recognized and canonized. She has the unique ability known as Battle Meditation which creates an aura of high morale around her. It’s far from the most cinematic Force power, but there’s sure to be a way to make it work.

Cere Junda

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Cere Junda

There is no weak character in Jedi: Fallen Order, but Cere Junda is still one of the best. She is a former Jedi Knight who, as a result of Order 66, was tortured and severed her connection to the Force. Her padawan, Trilla, fell to the dark side and became one of the Inquisitors. However, after locating Cal Kestis, his hope for a new Jedi Order was restored.

She would also make a great addition to the live action. His origins and his time in hiding are ripe for exploration. Alternatively, these would be good additions to the animated side in something like The bad lot.

star killer

Starkiller from Star Wars The Force Unleashed.

Before the Inquisitors, Darth Vader once had a special apprentice by the name of Galen Marek AKA Starkiller. The Force Unleashed the series was an epic undertaking in star wars video games and their influence are still being felt years later. In fact, the moment of episode 5 of Obi Wan Kenobi when Darth Vader prevents a ship from leaving is taken directly from those games. In this case, however, Starkiller was able to bring down an entire Star Destroyer.

Fans would greatly appreciate being able to revisit the character and get more of Sam Witwer in the franchise, who has also epically voiced Maul, Dooku, and Emperor Palpatine over the years. Frankly, it could be inserted anywhere, even as far as The Acolyte changing aspects of its origins – or even in upcoming canon video games.


HK-47 blaster

There’s fierce competition when it comes to the best droids in the world. star wars franchise. Of course, there’s R2-D2, BB8, and C-3PO. However, HK-47, the assassin droid of Knights of the Old Republic, gives them their money’s worth. He was first created by Darth Revan to hunt down his enemies in secret, but eventually his memory was erased. Nevertheless, Master and Creation reunited and HK-47 helped Revan defeat Malak.

HK-47 stands out from other droids with his polarizing, emotionless personality. It could make a humorous companion like K-2SO, and it could definitely help in any battle.

Titan Squadron

Squadron Titan in Star Wars Squadrons

One of the most recent entries among star wars video games are Squadrons. It takes place after the destruction of Alderaan in Episode IV: A New Hope and actually allows players to play as part of both the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. According to the latter, the protagonist joins Titan Squadron, a group of TIE fighter pilots recommended by Terisa Kerill. Above all, they sometimes clashed with Hera Syndulla’s fleet.

Syndulla is already set to make its live-action premiere in Ahsoka – although she also has a good chance of being in Thieves Squadron in a certain way. The same goes for the Titan squadron. They would make interesting adversaries, especially if their perspective is shown rather than being the unnamed TIE fighter pilot.


Kreia is a very mysterious figure in star wars not canon. He was a Jedi master who sought to fully understand the Force, but in a way that was inconsistent with the Jedi Order. She fell to the dark side to become Darth Traya and study its mysteries, which later led her to meet Revan. She then created her own short-lived Sith Empire.

She’s such a unique character that the live-action franchise would benefit from her presence. It could be introduced in The Acolytewhich is supposed to delve into the dark side like no other project has done before.

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