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24% of fans said it was their least favorite Futurama character

Good news everyone! Planet Express CEO Hubert J. Farnsworth (Billy West) came second with 16.90% of the vote. Balancing scientific genius with pervasive senility, the 160-year-old Farnsworth usually enters the scene with his famous catchphrase, something that almost always precedes the reveal of his latest invention. These inventions range from advanced robotics to doomsday devices. Focused only on the big picture and heedless of the lives of others, Farnsworth goes through delivery teams with astonishing frequency.

Interestingly, the character with the most votes is Dr. John A. Zoidberg (Billy West) – which is sure to make Hermes smile. With a whopping 24.33% of the vote, the Planet Express staff doctor is the clear “winner” of the survey. Zoidberg, of course, would probably find a good-natured reason to receive so many votes – after all, he thinks Hermes is among his closest friends. Although he’s not the most competent doctor, his affable nature and his long friendship with Farnsworth are probably the only qualities that save him from termination throughout the series. Unfortunately, despite his friendly personality, Zoidberg’s personal hygiene makes even platonic relationships a challenge.