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7 Character Cameos Seen In The Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers Trailer

The new trailer for the next Rescue Rangers The film has an entire generation of Disney fans thrilled with the return of many of their favorite animated friends. In addition to the titular Rescue Rangers, viewers can expect a number of different cartoon icons to return after what feels like forever, and it looks like Disney is full. Roger Rabbit with the variety of characters in the trailer alone.

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As the most attentive viewers will note, Disney’s cartoon team aren’t the only animated stars joining in on the fun. Starting with just a few scenes, there are more than a few cameos from various other shows and movies that intertwine with the cast of the trailer.


Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat

Paula Abdul and Skat Kat seen in the Rescue Rangers trailer

Although they’re more of an ’80s product, the inclusion of Paula Abdul and her lively feline friend, MC Skat Kat, was a great way to solidify the eras the film will dive into. Since Who Framed Roger Rabbit was released at the same time as the music video for “Opposites Attract”, it makes sense that toons and humans have been interacting for quite some time already.

The music video itself is already a fun piece of ’80s comic book cheese and a slice of the era’s entertainment culture. It could also be interpreted as the mark of absurdity that the filmmakers sought. Not that a collaboration between Disney and The Lonely Island needs much help.

The three little pigs

Disney's three little pigs sing on the piano

The appearance of this trio of musical pigs shows that Disney isn’t afraid to go really old school with their animated characters. Although they were created during the Silly Symphonies era, the pigs have been featured in a number of different Disney projects from Who Framed Roger Rabbit at Paul Rudish mickey mouse series.

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The presence of the pigs could indicate how far in their catalog Disney is willing to expand. By that logic, fans might also expect appearances from other vintage toons. Disney historians could very well be in for some unexpected treats.

Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit dances with Tic and Tac in Rescue Rangers trailer

On the one hand, that might just be an excuse to use the “do the Roger Rabbit with Roger Rabbit” joke, but it might also give some insight into how this movie’s world works. Roger Rabbit’s iconic debut film was one of the first feature films in which humans and toons inhabited the same universe. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that this movie uses that same world.

Although there doesn’t appear to be a separate Toontown territory, the cartoon characters appear to have the same physical powers and dimensions as in the original film. With the scope of the medium, perhaps toons have finally found a way to properly exist among their human fans.


Scrooge is swimming in cash in the Rescue Rangers trailer

There is perhaps no more natural scene than the image of Scrooge McDuck diving into a vault of gold coins as he did in the original Duck Tales. Brief as it is, it’s sure to put a smile on many fans’ faces in an instant. Simply put, it’s a familiar animated scene brought to live action easier than expected.

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Considering the two duck tales and Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers were both part of Disney’s 90s cartoon lineup, it could mean Scrooge will interact with Chip and Dale a bit. Based on the sounds of his familiar laugh, David Tennant could also reprise his role for the occasion.


A possible Aladdin appearance in the Rescue Rangers trailer

While it might be a bit understandable, it’s clear that someone is wearing Prince Ali gear from Aladdin and flying on their magic carpet. That being said, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that Aladdin himself would make a proper appearance. Especially considering his film was one of the most popular Disney feature films of the 90s.

Given that his film was such a product of the times, thanks in large part to the musical contributions of Alan Menken and the pop culture riffs of Robin Williams, it makes sense to include Aladdin or one of his colleagues. Animated cast members would have a guest appearance among other stars. Either way, you’re showing someone a whole new world.

My little pony limbs

Tic and Tac ride ponies in their new trailer

That may or may not make a few viewers cringe, but the image of Tic and Tac on the back of the cast of My little Pony will undoubtedly attract attention. It’s certainly not a property that most viewers would expect Disney to dabble with, but there’s no denying that the show has a huge fanbase.

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For now, it’s unclear what the animated equines are for other than providing what looks like an escape for Chip and Dale at a comic book convention, but there’s still time to speculate ahead of the film’s premieres. on Disney+. Until then, anyone can guess.

Cats of cats

CGI re-edit of the movie Cats

When a studio pokes fun at its own beloved movies and franchises, it’s funny. But when they openly laugh at their biggest blunders, it’s hysterical. In a scene that clearly and deliberately calls out the weird nature of bad CGI animation in the Valley, Chip and Dale has a brief encounter with some familiar felines.

Sometimes there’s too much CGI, and there are few better examples than the hideous visuals of Cats. No amount of magic, even Disney, could make the movie’s human-like cats enjoyable, and even the House of Mouse knows it. As seen in the pair of CGI alley cats fighting in the streets, it seems the contempt for the film is being felt in animation studios.

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