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8 TV Shows With Surprisingly Big Action

Some audiences believe that action is the domain of movies, with the film’s larger budgets allowing for elaborate fight sequences, greater effects, and the potential for better stunt work and cinematography. With their small budgets and longer runtimes, many TV shows struggle to deliver movie-level action.

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There are TV shows, however, that more than live up to the occasion. With excellent actors, choreographers, and directors, these TV shows overcome the stigma to deliver action as good as anything seen on the big screen. In many cases, TV action scenes can be even better than the action on the big screen, surprising audiences with the quality.

8 Daredevil has the best action in the MCU

Matt Murdock fights criminals in a seedy hallway on the Daredevil show

MCU shows on Netflix are the black sheep of the franchise, and are only just beginning to get recognition from movies. In addition to their darker tone and sometimes weak storytelling, many MCU shows have also been criticized for the quality of their action.

Additionally, action scenes in MCU films are sometimes criticized for being too cut and reliant on effects rather than choreography. In its first two episodes, daredevil provides creative, realistic, and epic fight scenes that surpass every other MCU series, and even most of its movies.

seven The Witcher brings visceral sword fighting to the small screen

Geralt holds Renfri at sword point after defeating her The Witcher

A good deed can be difficult, especially when it involves melee weapons. With great suspicion the witcherone of the most pressing concerns was translating the brutal yet compelling action of the books and games to the small screen.

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With its very first episode, the witcher showed himself capable. The two seasons of the witcher have many excellent and enjoyable fight scenes. The most memorable fight scene dates back to the start of Season 1 when Geralt battles Renfri and his gang in a visceral, well-directed, and emotional scene.

6 Invincible has epic cartoon action

Omni-Man beats Invincible to a pulp in Invincible show

Despite the growing prevalence of cartoon storytelling more aimed at adults, there is still a pervasive idea that the medium is for children or for comedy. Given the caricatural style of Invinciblesome doubted the quality of his action.

Invincible quickly dispel these doubts. Although it is a cartoon, Invincible’s action holds nothing back, being violent and visceral but also deeply entertaining and funny. Pushing animation to its limits, Invincible takes cartoon action to another level, making the series incredibly popular.

5 Cobra Kai lives up to its legacy

Cobra Kai's infamous school fight scene how

In all martial arts media, the quality of fight scenes is extremely important. Even if every other aspect of the show is perfect, one bad action in a martial arts series would be a huge disappointment for viewers.

Given its premise as a distant sequel to Karate Kidand its origins as YouTube original content, there were doubts about VSObra Kai. Nevertheless, Cobra Kai manages to create visually arresting and pleasing action scenes, and to weave a story into each of them. The result is a show that lives up to its potential.

4 The Mandalorian Perfectly Blends Western and Sci-Fi Action

Cara Dune, Bo-Katan Kryze, Fennec Sand and Koska Reeves take over Gideon's ship in The Mandalorian

It is undeniable that The Mandalorian is one of the most popular parts of star wars media broadcast in recent years. The public loves The Mandalorian for its characters and storytelling, but also for its excellent acting.

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Combining the best parts of westerns with the best parts of sci-fi, the action in The Mandalorian ranges from quick duels and mass shootings to samurai-inspired sword fights and vehicular chase scenes. Expectations were high, but many fans were blown away by the diversity and creativity The Mandalorianthe action is.

3 The Boys get fully creative with their fight scenes

Billy Butcher arms a baby laser on the show Boys

In TV shows and movies with genuinely well-executed action, there can always be a tendency to tame fights. Regardless of the potential, these fights can sometimes turn into punching and kicking matches.

The boys eschews that, featuring some of the most creative superhero combat seen on TV or in movies. The boys has a mix of superpowered and non-superpowered characters using their abilities to their full potential. By finding ways to strike down enemies more powerful than themselves, The boys delivers creative and compelling action.

2 Game Of Thrones Is Incoherent But Has Standout Scenes

Oberyn Martell impales Gregor Clegane in their Game of Thrones duel

As the show that dominated mainstream television for the better part of a decade, the best seasons of game of thrones were perfectly crafted on almost every level, including its action scenes. After a season with relatively little violence, game of thrones proved fully capable of compelling action in later seasons.

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Even with disappointing outings like the Battle of Winterfell, game of thrones also showed several beloved battles. This includes standouts like the Dothraki raid on the Lannisters, the Mountain versus the Viper, and the Battle of the Bastards.

1 Star Wars: The Clone Wars pulls no punches

Ahsoka and Maul clash on Mandalore in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

One of the few widely accepted praises of the star wars prequels is the quality of their lightsaber duels, especially in The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith. These prequels had fast-paced, visceral, well-shot action, which some consider the most enjoyable part of the trilogy.

Many feared Star Wars: The Clone Wars would lack these aspects. As with all other aspects of The Clone Wars, however, things quickly escalated. By the time The Clone Wars completed, it boasted some of the most brutal and engaging action scenes in the entire star wars candor, delighting fans.

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