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9 Live-Action Remake Movies That Would Work Better As TV Shows

The Walt Disney Company continued to create its live-action remakes, with the likes of Pinocchio, The Little Mermaidand even the next Tic and Tac: Rescue Rangers on my way! These projects seem perfectly suited to a longer format and will benefit cinematically from a feature film. But some stories are just too big for a movie release.

There are these projects out there, either rumored or in development, that might work much better in a serialized format. While no one disputes that Snow White the narrative has to be dragged on, some stories have so many beloved secondary characters, or such a rich world to explore, that they just need that extra screen time!



Meg and Hercules look at each other with love

Live action Hercules production is currently in the works by the talented Russo Brothers. The original 1997 photo was released during a time of renewal for Disney. While not all the jokes land, from the character designs to the premise of the story itself, there are so many underrated elements of the film.

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The songs continue to be iconic and there seems to be a new appreciation for the production. The world of Olympus, the formation of the young hero, and even the final conflict with the Titans could all have dedicated episodes. There’s a lot to put into a movie and there’s a lot of Greek mythology to draw from to help a series thrive!

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Atlantis The Lost Empire Disney Movie

Atlantis is without doubt one of the best films about the lost city. The 2001 film is an exciting adventure-based play, with Milo taking his team deep into the Earth, uncovering secrets no outsider had ever seen before. It’s a magical experience and it would look exquisite in live-action.

Rumor has it that Tom Holland is currently wanted for the main protagonist, and Zendaya would be perfect as Princess Kida alongside him. The journey to Atlantis and the complex political situation these explorers find provides enough material for an ongoing series. Allowing the public to spend more time with the team will make that finishing touch even more difficult.

Lilo & Stitch

Lilo and Stitch and Nani

It’s been a long time, with live action Lilo & Stitch adaptation being teased for years. The film is a true cult classic and introduced audiences to a range of hilarious and beautifully crafted alien monsters. It’s a simple story, but with an authentic heart.

20 years on from that initial 2002 release and there’s still plenty of material to go back and develop further. Several sequels and even a TV show indicate that a live-action remake could possibly arrive in the form of a few seasons, to take advantage of the vast storytelling potential.

Aladdin 2

Aladdin, Genie, Magic Carpet and Abu

The first movie of 1992 Aladdin was so popular that it spawned a few animated sequels and TV shows. Fast forward to 2019 and a live-action iteration proves equally beloved. While a TV show was in the works, this one has now been cancelled. That didn’t stop a live-action sequel movie from being greenlit.

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The development process seems to be slow, but maybe that’s because the direction is unclear. With further suggestions that there could even be a spin-off based on Genie, perhaps all of these projects could be combined into one series, which allows for several smaller arcs based around beautiful Agrabah.

treasure planet

Jim Hawkins in Treasure Planet

2002 also saw the release of treasure planet, a sci-fi twist on a familiar storyline. At the time of its debut it was considered a flop, but an impressive cast, witty script, tense action, and stunning animation have made it a cult following among Disney enthusiasts.

Talk of a live-action remake is still hot, but it may be too big to tackle head-on. Jim Hawkins’ journeys through the stars, as part of a team and solo, could fill hours and hours of programming. The landscape is just too intriguing not to delve any deeper, with the galaxy becoming one huge playground for Disney. The treasure planet mystery deserves at least a miniseries.

Big Hero 6

The Big Hero Six Team

The idea of ​​a live-action Big Hero 6 the film had begun to take hold but has since been debunked. There’s no smoke without fire though and while Baymax may be getting its spinoff of the 2014 hit, a live-action series would be welcomed by fans.

It’s quite a different situation, considering the team was previously created by Marvel. Introducing them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a fun change of pace and maybe even a way for the Multiverse to grow further. Regardless of their universe, a single in-person appearance from these lovable superheroes would surely be welcomed. Only a series could contain their countless escapades.

The sword in the stone

Arthur drawing the sword from the stone

Based on the Arthurian legend, audiences will be well aware that there are so many stories that could be woven into the fabric of 1963 The sword in the stone inspired by this same mythology. There’s arguably even a place to combine Welsh legends from 1985 The black cauldron with this remake.

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With many directions to follow, The sword in the stone, which appears to have set its production schedule, would have room to develop into a TV series. The original film is very basic and two-dimensional, but the richness of the characters and the plot of the legends themselves could forge something akin to Merlin.


Tinkerbell has been the focus of television shows, movies, and other standalone mediums. It is not surprising that while Peter Pan gets a live-action remake, the supporting character from the 1953 animated picture will also get its spin-off production.

Early indicators suggest it will be a series, which is definitely the right move. Fans of the Tinkerbell franchise will be thrilled to finally see their hero in live-action, but his cast of fun supporting characters would be left out if it was just a movie in production. A movie should cut out way too much fairy-defining material.

Robin Hood

Disney's Robin Hood

The 1973 classic Robin Hood was a bit of a left-field choice for Disney, but the animalistic legend of the morally good thief has been considered a Disney lover’s favorite. The British myth that led to the film has plenty of room to grow further.

A live action Robin Hood the movie might come as a shock given that the animal aesthetic is retained and there’s no telling what it might look like. But for fans to get the full adventures of Robin and his merry men, a TV show playing on the tropes of the countless productions based on the character would be a fun and maybe even meta avenue to explore.

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