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9 Shows And Movies That Have Schools Of Magic Like Hogwarts, Ranked

Between Fantastic Beats: Dumbledore’s Secrets and Hogwarts Legacy, Harry Potter fans are slowly learning more about Hogwarts’ past. Knowing more about the staff and previous students helps understand how things went in the beloved films that fans know well.

It’s safe to say that Hogwarts has become a defining image of the franchise with the cast appearing in numerous marketing promotions. Although the school is the best known, it is not the only well-known school for people with special abilities. Throughout television and film, many training academies have sprung up, though some were far more powerful than others.


9 Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

SHIELD Academy

SHIELD Academy may not be home to magicians, wizards or anything like that, but it is home to some of the best and brightest minds and strongest fighters in SHIELD. Characters of Agents of SHIELD like Fitz, Simmons and Phil Coulson, all attended school learning in the various academies.

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Communications, Operations, and Science and Technology were the three different academies. Although no one there has superpowers, they were all trained to work for an organization that specializes in working with super people and out of this world anomalies. Being trained for top-secret special missions is no small feat, and only those who excel in school are granted permission to work on these missions.

8 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The Academy of Invisible Arts

Scene from Academy of Unseen Arts, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Hogwarts isn’t the only school for witches and wizards. The Academy of Invisible Arts, seen in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a place of education for many growing witches and wizards. Among the powerful staff and students, darkness lurks as those who believe breaking with the Church of Night was wrong, attempt to infiltrate the system.

The school was once a training ground for satanic witches but has since changed and is now dedicated to the triple goddess of Hecate. The school’s general curriculum layout seems to match Hogwarts, where students start with basic courses and progress to more difficult courses in their line of concentration as they continue. The students in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fit perfectly with the witchcore fashion aesthetic seen on TikTok, giving them a realistic witchy look.

seven the witcher


The Witcher season 2 Aretuza

by Netflix the witcher is one of the best fantasy shows on the streaming platform right now. One location in the series that appears regularly is Aretuza, a school for girls. These types of schools are popular in magical worlds. Even in Harry Potter, there is the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic which is for girls only.

The school trains some of the best witches in the whole country, including some of the girls from the best families in Redania. While the school has all the traits of a large exclusive magic school like a scary tower that no one can approach and limited visitors, there is something else odd about the school. The staff, and even some lessons, are excessively mean, and not everyone has to pay to attend the school if they have the gift of magic. These inconsistencies raise many questions for fans about this school in The witcher.

6 winx club

Alfea school for fairies

Alfea of ​​Winx

At the heart of Magic Dimension, there are many magical creatures. From witches and wizards to fairies, winx club had just about every magical creature you could think of. For each creature, there was one of three schools they could go to. There’s Alfea School for Fairies, Cloud Tower School for Witches, and Red Fountain School for Specialists.

Alfea is featured the most in the series because that’s where the main characters go. There are classes like history and self-defense, but the main goal is for each fairy to discover and master their source of power and be able to earn Enchantrix by the time they graduate. Enchantrix is ​​the final form every fairy takes, requiring a lot of power and skill to achieve.

5 The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy

umbrella school-academy

Some schools and institutions are physical places, while others are more of a group of people. The Umbrella Academy is a bit of both. Sir Reginald Hargreeves founded the Umbrella Academy as a place where he could raise and train the seven children he adopted.

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At first glance, the building looks like a normal building in the city, but behind the gates a lot of magical things are happening. Every child except one has an umbrella tattoo on their wrist, and each has three names – their birth name, a nickname, and their umbrella number. Behind the gates, Hargreeves helped train the children, who eventually became known as Umbrella Academy, to harness their supernatural abilities to battle evil in the world.

4 sky high

sky high

Flying school bus at Sky High School at Sky High

Like some characters in Harry Potter, students who go to Sky High are usually prepared for it. Their parents went there and that’s how they know the school that floats in the sky. School is for kids with powers, no matter how big or small they are.

There are no different houses like Hogwarts, but the students of sky high are divided into “hero” and “sidekick” sections which determine many of the courses they take, as well as their social status at school. While most students seem to acquire their powers at birth, others develop their powers or gain them later in life. There are many great characters in high sky, who, once fully trained, could give other popular superheroes a hard time.

3 x-men

Xavier’s School for the Gifted

People with powers are not always accepted in the world, and Charles Xavier tries to give these people a safe space with his school Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters. Students at this school are usually found and recruited by Xavier, senior members, or other faculty and staff at the school.

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Many great students attended the school like Wolverine, Cyclops and Jean Gray (all can be seen in the x-men movies). Mutants have a wide variety of powers, all of which they learn to control and harness at school. Some of the most powerful superheroes hail from the school of Xavier, making them a great option for those familiar with him.

2 strange doctor


An image of wizards performing at the Kamar Taj in Doctor Strange

Like most magical schools, Kamar-Taj is not an easy place to find. Many think it’s just a legend, but a few, including Doctor Strange, have managed to search hard enough to find it. Kamar-Taj is where wizards and witches learn to control their powers, and once their training is complete, they are offered the option of joining the Masters of Mystical Arts or returning to their previous lives.

In Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, fans learn that anyone can really join the school and learn to become a wizard. Students at the school join for a variety of reasons, from healing from a serious injury to learning how to harness mystical powers. The school isn’t necessarily exclusive, it’s just incredibly hard to find, but for those lucky enough to find it, they have a chance to become like Doctor Strange who is the most powerful wizard, according to Ranker. .

1 The owl house

Hexside School of Magic and Demonics

Hexside School of Magic and Demonics from Owl House

The Boiling Isles are home to the Hexside School of Magic and Demonics where all kinds of people attend to learn magic. Four houses might seem like a lot in Hogwarts, but it’s nothing compared to the nine covens that Hexside students have to choose from – Illusions, Abominations, Plants, Oracles, Constructs, Healing, Potions, Beastkeeper, and Barding.

Before Luz the human attended Hexisde, most students only chose one coven, but she changed the way things were done at school and now students have the option of choosing multiple covens. Some of the most powerful beings in all of the Boiling Isles, like Eda and Lilith Clawthorne, Raine Whispers, and Principal Bump attend the school. Its structure is very similar and seems to be inspired by Harry Potter because there are many similar elements like covens and Grudgby.

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