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A Batman Beyond Character Is Reimagined In The Modern DCU

Infusing the original Spellbinder design with themes and motifs from the Batman Beyond version, an all-new Spellbinder appears in Batgirls #4.

Warning! Spoilers for Batgirls #4 to follow!

One of the most striking villains of batman beyond, spell binder, has been given new life and a makeover in DC Comics. While this Spellbinder isn’t the same Ira Billings who tangled with Terry McGinnis in the future’s Neo-Gotham, their costume and new character elements are clearly inspired by their animated incarnation. With a surprising new link to the Batgirlsthis new Spellbinder seems to be more dangerous than ever. Throughout the Run by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Jorge Corona, Sarah Stern and Becca Carey Batgirls, the presence of the Spellbinder was subtly felt through splatter panels and art gallery advertisements. As Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, and Barbara Gordon worked together as Gotham’s Batgirls to take down a mind-controlling street performer called the Tutor, this enigmatic villain displayed flashes of strange hypnotic power accompanied by the Dark Spiral. and orange from the Spellbinder. pattern. In Batgirls #4, it is revealed that while the Guardian is do not Spellbinder, he worked directly under him – and that the new Spellbinder is actually Charles Dante, an old flame of Barbara.Related: Even Nightwing Admits Batgirl/Cassie Cain Is Gotham’s Best FighterAs Charles departs from both the original Golden Age Spellbinder (an artist named Delbert Billings) and his animated counterpart, the influence of batman beyond clearly visible in this new figure. More than an artist, Charles is an art therapist, recalling his origins as a psychologist in batman beyond. Ira Billings used his position as Terry McGinnis’ high school counselor to influence teenagers in batman beyond season 1, episode 10, “Spellbound”. Charles takes this premise a step further – he mentions in Batgirls #3 that his practice has allowed him a residency at Arkham Asylum, giving him access to Gotham’s most dangerous minds.


The new Spellbinder in Batgirls #4.

The clearest tribute to the Spellbinder of batman beyond, however, is Charles Dante’s costume. While it’s not the same ghastly orange bodysuit, it shares the same clean lines and color scheme – only reversed. The skinny executive is now dressed in an all-black suit, highlighted with orange accents and buttons. Instead of a spiral mask, the new Spellbinder wears a horned, eyeless, demonic mask. However, it still retains the characteristic twisted spiral pattern, depicted both as a button attached to its lapel and as a background within its bubble. backstory and introducing Harley Quinn to the comic book universe. Now, it looks like Spellbinder is getting a similar treatment: rather than drawing from the original character, elements from the animated version have been mixed in to make a powerful comic book debut. Take the best of batman beyond and bring it directly to Batgirls, spell binder is finally back to business.More: Theory: Batman Beyond Origin Story Secretly Plays Out In DC Comics


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