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The video prompted people to share loving reactions.

“That’s so sweet” is probably what you’ll be inclined to say with a smile on your face when you watch this animated video. The clip for “the most beautiful person” has now won over people. It is possible that it will have the same effect on you too.

Originally, the video was shared in August on the creator’s Instagram page. It caught people’s attention, however, after it was shared by YouTube on Instagram almost 11 hours ago.

“Just some little research I did,” the caption of the original post read. As for YouTube, they shared the video with the caption that says, “Yhhhh I’ll send this one to myself.”

We won’t give away too much of what the video shows, so take a look for yourself:


Since its publication, the video has garnered over 10,000 likes and the number is growing. The sharing also prompted people to post varied comments. Many have shared heart or fire emoticons to express their reactions.

“Sweet,” wrote one Instagram user. “I’ll send it to myself too,” posted another.

What do you think of the video?

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