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A preview of the ambitious new action-RPG, Tower of Fantasy

Closed beta test registrations are LIVE this spring from March 15 to 28, 2022

In this all-new title, publisher Level Infinite aspires to create an immersive next-level experience for Open World RPG. The title focuses on character-rich storylines, deep customization options, and a robust color palette and vibrant graphics in its animation. Here are some takeaways from this open-world RPG beta.

A next-level interactive world

Whether swimming, gliding, sprinting, or cruising, Tower of Fantasy is a vast, open world that you can traverse by land, air, or water. With a robust post-apocalyptic sci-fi art style, free-form character development, a vast seamless environment sets a distinctive backdrop for an open-world RPG with a cunning combat system at its heart.

Intense battles and the ability to perform a long list of activities such as climbing, gliding, swimming, etc. real-world physics that can help or hurt you; a touch of mystery solving; and a frictionless multiplayer mode designed to encourage social interaction – punctuate this game’s ambition.

Plot: Energy Addiction 2.0

In 2316, humans discovered a habitable planet called Aida and started migrating towards it. Two centuries later, the “Aidians” discovered Mara, a comet with an energy source called Omnium. The study and application of Omnium fueled the rapid progress of civilization, but one day a catastrophe irradiated the entire planet and destroyed almost everything that had been gained.

Due to an endless appetite for energy, humanity never stopped exploring Omnium as Hykros, a consortium of elite scientists, led the survivors of Aida to restore civilization to the radioactive planet among ruins and mutated creatures. To maintain a constant supply of Omnium, Aidans built a colossal Prototower that bound Mara like a moon of Aida, while transforming the resources they obtained from Mara into rapid development.

Lurking in the shadows, a mysterious cabal called the Heirs of Aida has emerged. They considered themselves saviors, believing that Omnium had triggered the cataclysm. They believe that only by destroying the Prototower skyscraper and eradicating the source can their world truly be reborn.

Get Omniscient on Omnium

Omnium is the mysterious energy coming from comet Mara. His presence is the cornerstone of this game and has myriad effects on the title’s staging:

-It can modify the genetics of organic organisms and rapidly accelerate evolution not as random and neutral mutations, but with an applicable purpose.

-It is a very efficient source of energy, but its storage and transformation require special regulatory measures to contain radioactive emissions.

-It is transmitted like a virus, but humans still haven’t figured out exactly how.

-It exerts certain influences on space and matter, but scientists still can’t quite explain it.

-It is used in-game to craft superior alloys and new materials for industry, but surely there must be other uses…

-Omnium affects temporal stability and subsequently creates temporal regressions. Hykros

exploited this property to create a so-called Time Machine.

Main characters and motivations

From the emotional choices regarding Zeke’s misguided attempt to rescue Shirli on a personal level, to the value conflict between Hykros and Aida’s heirs on a planetary scale, the conflict of human nature, emotions and values ​​adds soul. to stories and characters.

Zeke: The powerful leader of Astra Shelter who is especially protective of his sister, Shirli.

Shirli: A girl who grew up at Astra Shelter, she is friendly, outgoing, and the most important person to Zeke.

Sage: Founder and leader of the Heirs of Aida, he is a clear thinker with machine-like precision who will do anything to achieve his goal. His goal is to restore the world to a time before the original Prototower was built and scuttle all research records to free humans from their addiction to Omnium.

Felicia: An Angel of Mercy and a ruthless enforcer who unconditionally follows Sage’s orders.

three factions; opposing goals

Three main factions inhabit the world of Tower of Fantasy. Everyone has a program and is balanced by their strengths and weaknesses.

Hykros: Hykros believes that acceptance and mastery of Omnium is the future, and they have a responsibility to lead humanity in that direction, which has attracted many like-minded elites into the scientific field. Hykros technologies – acting as suppressors – allow humans to cope with Omnium’s effects on Aida and have gained popular support.

Heirs of Aida: An underground resistance founded by Sage (B-009 Samuel) who opposes the ideology of Hykros and sees Omnium as the catalyst for the Cataclysm.

The Hyenas: The Hyenas are a band of cunning, ruthless, and unscrupulous raiders. Hated by traders, nomads, and shelter pioneers, the Hyenas’ robot is their most fearsome weapon.

You can arm yourself! Literally !

The game offers a wide variety of personalized customizations and also introduces a mock mode, which allows characters to transform into weapons.

Simulacrum technology is a branch of Omnium science developed specifically for military purposes, and data on the weapons and combat experience of elite soldiers are stored in a central digital archive.

Those who possess a simulacrum can access data from the archives to recall and reactivate the form and memory of elite warriors.

The simulacrum is a tantalizing technology

The success of sham technology has accelerated recruit training and spawned a thriving private security market. After the Cataclysm, Hykros retained and evolved the technology and applied it through its Execution Bureau. Each simulacrum has its own 2D portrait, 3D rendering, voiceover and background.

Playing as Meryl, for example, a player can switch between Meryl’s appearance and fighting style (think of it as another side of the original character), while unlocking Meryl-specific missions, following her story and her personality, and learn more about his connection to Wolan Snowfield, to get insight into his character and motivation.

Tower of Fantasy, the shared open-world RPG from developer Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite, is coming to PC and mobile platforms in 2022. We’ve confirmed that Level Infinite will release new sims on a regular basis to keep the game fresh and in constantly expanding!

With an open beta currently available and a full version to come, now is the time to log in and experience the vast and dynamic world of Tower of Fantasy. Want to dive deeper into the world of Aida? Discover the game Official site and follow their Twitter to learn more.