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A quote from each character that sums up their personality

the harley quinn The animated series took a number of DC’s most beloved characters and reimagined them as comedic, lovable characters. While some characters like Harley and Poison Ivy were already well-known and popular characters before the show, the anime series also spotlighted lesser-known characters and created new original characters especially for her.

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Due to the comedy, as well as some dark and emotional moments, the series contains a number of very memorable quotes that have already become fan-favorite lines. Some of these lines are also great for summing up the personality of the show’s main cast.


Commissioner Gordon

“You’re a fucking good… Nothing.”

Clayface's Arm and Commissioner Gordon in the Harley Quinn series

harley quinnCommissioner Gordon’s version is tragicomic. Cleansed and struggling with his marriage as well as his stressful job, all Commissioner Gordon wants (and needs) is love and support.

Throughout the series, Commissioner Gordon keeps trying to reassure himself “you’re a fucking good cop, Jim Gordon”, while Batman mentions how he was a “fucking good cop”. Season 2 sees Gordon reach an all-time low, from when he gives up hope and says to himself “You’re a fucking good…nothing”. The line is tragic and a spin on his normal self-reassurance, sadly but perfectly capturing Gordon’s character in one line.

Frank plants it

“See, I don’t just eat people. Hurtful words are another weapon in my arsenal. And you just got verbally overheard!”

Frank is a sentient plant bought back to life by Poison Ivy at some point before the show’s first episode. He is the only original main character created especially for the harley quinn Pin up but his rude manners and wise attitude have already made him a fan favorite.

As one of the main sources of comic relief, Frank has a number of amusing quotes, most of which deliberately make honest observations of other characters, even Ivy. The above line is great for summing up Frank, as it not only covers his biting jokes, but also his frequent use of foul language and the simple fact that he eats people.

Sy Borgman

“I’m ready for the heist, and it’s going to be delicious… Yes, yes, yes, yes!… Shit, I missed the heist, didn’t I?”

Introduced as the geriatric owner of Poison Ivy, Sy Borgman turns out to be more than meets the eye. Along with the many robotic tricks up his sleeve and his past experience as a spy, Sy soon proves to be not only a great addition to the crew, but an entertaining character as well.

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Sy Borgman may be a cyborg with highly advanced gadgets, but that doesn’t preclude certain weaknesses that can come with old age. The best example of this, and the quote that sums up his character perfectly, is when he shows up ready to do the heist right after Harley and the crew return from the heist.

kite man

“That’s why I stick with kites. So simple.”

The lesser-known D-list villain Kite Man was made into a supporting character in the animated series, eventually becoming Poison Ivy’s boyfriend and later fiancé. He quickly became a fan favorite and one of the best characters in the game. harley quinn series.

Kite Man is perhaps best described as a himbo. Although conventionally handsome, he isn’t the most intelligent character on the show, but that’s made up for by his passion and enthusiasm. He is proud of himself and his kite pattern which others find openly stupid. This line not only captures the simple pattern of Kite Man’s kites that he loves, but also his simplicity of spirit.


“You don’t understand the impact of all this! It’s funny, it’s my thing, and this A****** is trying to steal it on live TV!”

Harley Quinn Joker argues with the contractor

As Harley’s ex-boyfriend, the Joker is the main antagonist of season 1. The Clown Prince of Crime prides himself on being funny and hates when other villains try to steal him from him, intentionally or not.

In fact, Joker doesn’t like a villain taking what he thinks is his, whether it’s funny, in the spotlight, or his beloved Batman. The quote above is Joker’s tantrum when Riddler is named “Gotham’s Funniest Villain” by the press, and it perfectly sums up his obnoxious personality in an instant.

Dr Psycho

“I want to join your team. Not because I think working for a woman will help rehabilitate my ruined image, Blah Blah Blah…It’s for other reasons…I DON’T HATE WOMEN!”

Wonder Woman’s nemesis, Dr. Psycho, is exiled from the Legion of Doom for calling her and his wife Giganta the dreaded c-word. As a result, he reluctantly joins Harley’s crew, only to betray her in Season 2.

Dr. Psycho has a number of hilarious lines due to his sarcastic attitude, but he’s mostly remembered for his ridiculous misogynistic beliefs. This quote is his response to joining Harley’s crew, which he initially rejected but quickly accepted right after witnessing his exile from the Legion on live television. Dr. Psycho may be outdated in his attitude towards women, but it’s that ridiculousness and sarcasm that makes him one of the harley quinnthe funniest characters.

king shark

“I’m not that shark type. I’m more of a tech savvy type.”

Despite only being introduced in the fourth episode, the slightly nerdy King Shark quickly became a fan favorite for many who watch the show due to his jovial nature and overall wholesomeness.

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King Shark has the strength and jaws to easily dismember anyone who gets in his way, but unless he smells of blood, he’s gentle and docile. Moreover, he is a computer expert, which he is very passionate and proud of. King Shark would much rather play his role behind the scenes than use physical violence, despite his shark-like muscles and physiology, which is why this line sums up his personality perfectly.


“The name is Clayface. Thespian Extraordiannaire recently portraying the juicy role of a country boy bartender in the big city.”

Most versions of the Clayface villain are often tragic, dark, and gritty. by Harley Quinn Clayface, on the other hand, is very positive, enthusiastic and optimistic. Most importantly, this version of Clayface is an actor first and a criminal second.

When it comes to heists, Clayface spends a lot of time developing full stories and personas for disguises that should only be needed for a moment in a heist. Accordingly, his eloquent introduction to Harley in “So You Need A Crew?” immediately gave Harley not only an ideal summary of who he is, but also viewers.

poison ivy

“I’m not going to do that. Okay. But since I’m here…you don’t need to rinse your cans and bottles before putting them in the recycling bin, okay?”

Poison Ivy from the Harley Quinn series

As one of the smartest characters in harley quinn in addition to her powers, Poison Ivy is one of Gotham’s most powerful supervillains and Harley’s best friend. Ivy is much drier and sarcastic than most versions of her character, but she’s still a misanthrope who cares a lot more about plants than people.

In “Finding Mr. Right”, Ivy crashes a televised fight on the Tawny Show to save Harley. She declines to be interviewed about her relationship with Harley but quickly takes the opportunity to tell the others about recycling. This moment sums up his introverted nature, his dislike of people, and his passion for plant life and its safety.

harley quinn

“You don’t think I’m chaotic and crazy, doing a lot of damage?”

Harley from the Harley Quinn series

As the show’s eponymous anti-heroine, Harley’s life after Joker gave her a chance on screen to shine and grow as a character, as well as better understand her background and personality.

Harley is impulsive, brash, and passionate who thinks with her emotions rather than her head, whether it’s pursuing her supervillain ambitions or her feelings for Ivy. The quote above captures that well, but what makes it even better is that it’s said right before Ivy tells her that she’s trying to learn how to be a better person and that she loves it. ‘love.

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