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A Starbucks employee notices something concerning in a store

CONCERNED baristas sprang into action when a teenager in their cafe seemed uncomfortable during an interaction.

A mum has taken to Facebook to thank Starbucks baristas who watched over her 18-year-old daughter in an awkward situation that happened while she was studying at her local cafe.


Mom says Starbucks baristas gave her teenager this mug with a note on itCredit: Facebook
It happened while the teenager was in a Starbucks studying on her own


It happened while the teenager was in a Starbucks studying on her ownCredit: AFP

Brandy Roberson shared on Facebook that her daughter was alone at a Starbucks in Corpus Christi, Texas one night when a man she didn’t know approached her and started talking loudly to her.

“I guess he was very loud and lively, she wasn’t intimidated by it,” Roberson said.

It was then that Roberson said a Starbucks employee approached his daughter, with the stranger still nearby, and handed her an “extra hot chocolate that someone had forgotten to take”.

There was a message written in marker on the mug: “Are you okay? Do you want us to intervene? If so, remove the cover.

Roberson’s daughter said the kind act made her gasp and all the staff seemed ready to help her when she looked up after reading the note.

When the bossy man noticed the girl and the baristas communicating with each other, he went to sit down with his original group.

The teenager, who wished to remain anonymous, told her mother about the heartwarming act as soon as she got home.

“She was holding the mug and knew I would like someone to do this for her,” Roberson told TODAY Food.

Even though the daughter was not in danger, the mother was still happy to see people so willing to help someone in need.

“It made me so grateful that Starbucks employees are watching over her.

“As a mum, it’s my worst fear, that something will happen to my child and no one will be there to help him.”

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