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A trio of acclaimed new films ready to battle at the box office

With the pandemic still hampering the theater industry’s restoration to its former glories, studios have been wary of stacking the deck too high on any given weekend in a bid to ensure every new release has the potential to soar so high. as possible.

That being said, a trio of major new titles will all hit the big screen tomorrow, and they’ll each be to critical acclaim. Despite the widespread adulation directed at them, however, none are expected to emerge ahead of the pack as the dust settles.

The battle for box office supremacy is more than likely to come down to a direct shootout between blockbuster sequels Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets and sonic the hedgehog 2Unless of course The man from the north, The villainsor The unbearable weight of massive talent can pull off a major upset.

Robert Eggers’ Viking Epic holds an 89% score for Rotten Tomatoes, but is only expected to gross between $10 million and $15 million. DreamWorks’ animated family feature holds a 90% rating on the aggregation site and could fetch $20 million, while the highest-rated entry in Nicolas Cage’s entire filmography is set to debut in the range of 8 to 12 million dollars.

It’s no coincidence that none of the aforementioned efforts are franchise fare, proving once again that recognizable IP is a much safer bet for putting butts in seats than critical consensus, even if however, they are expected to live up to (and possibly exceed) expectations from a business perspective.