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Adobe: Create an animated avatar today with Adobe Character Animator

Create an animated avatar today with Adobe Character Animator

Getting started with Adobe Character Animator has never been easier. Animation in Character Animator starts with a character, and with Puppet Maker you can customize an animated character to use in your own creations, then animate with your webcam, microphone, and the power of Adobe Sensei. Puppet Maker lets everyone create their own custom characters with just a few clicks. Select a style, choose characteristics such as skin color and clothing, and generate a final puppet optimized for animation.

Puppet Maker comes with 12 styles and offers nine additional styles on the Puppet Maker site, which means there are over a billion unique puppet combinations. We regularly release new styles, and this month we are pleased to introduce you to Lacy and Doppel. Brimming with customization options, the Lacy and Doppel styles can help you start creating your own anime character or an entire team of unique characters.

Back to the classics with Lacy

The clay-style Lacy model was created by Dovid Taub: writer, illustrator, puppeteer and video editor, as well as founder and creative director of Shmideo. Taub explains that in 2016 he was working on the video narration of a children’s ballet recital of The Nutcracker Suite and the client wanted it to be in the style of classic clay party specials, “J’ I said, “Of course! I can do 10 minutes of very low budget animation in a week!’ And then I had to figure out how.”

Taub explains, “I had an idea that Character Animator would be my secret weapon, but I hadn’t seen many examples of that style in Character, so I had to experiment and see what worked. Since I started exploring this style, I wanted to create a whole world of stop-motion style puppets for Character Animator, but the process is very complex and I’m a bit lazy, so I put that idea aside.”

Fortunately, this paid off because, as Taub describes it, “Once Puppet Maker was released, it opened up so many possibilities for creating unique characters that would have taken much longer or even impossible before. One of my favorite things to do with Puppet Maker is sit around and hit the “randomize” button over and over. Besides the fun of seeing an endless array of unique characters, I love how it breaks the expectations of my brain as to what types of features, hairstyles or clothes are together’.”

Added another lookalike with Doppel

Scientists say that statistically everyone has about six look-alikes. That makes six more people with a face almost identical to yours, and with Character Animator’s new Doppel style, make it seven.

Doppel was created by Emily Watts. She is a self-taught animator and illustrator, and currently animating the live-action robot host, Nicky, on Nickelodeon’s cartoon game show, “Tooned In.” Prior to that, she served as assistant animation director for Your Daily Horoscope on Quibi and created a children’s series on emotional literacy for Sesame Studios. Emily got her start in animation developing her own animated web series, “The Weather Girls”, learning Adobe Character Animator by watching Dave Werner’s “Okay Samurai” videos.

Lacy and Doppel have a wide variety of customizable options. These include clothes, hair, headgear, eye shapes, nose shapes, many hand movements, etc. Besides Lacy and Doppel, you can also find seven other character styles on the Puppet Maker page. There are also anime and fantasy style puppets from Nikki Goldberg, Yuri Pineda, and DeMarco Crews.

Have you always wanted to animate? Add the flair of animation and take your content to a new level. Now is the time to start. Create your own avatar puppet using Lacy or Doppel styles, and create an animated explainer video or social media post.