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Adobe: New anime and fantasy Puppet Maker styles in Adobe Character Animator

New anime and fantasy Puppet Maker styles in Adobe Character Animator

puppet maker Adobe Character Animator allows everyone to create their own custom characters with just a few clicks. Customize an animated character and get a unique puppet to use in your own creations. Puppet Maker lets you select a style, choose features such as skin color and clothing, and generate a final puppet optimized for animation.

The Cecy style combines nature and fantasy. Sprite, fairy, pixie, pixie or elf, Cecy could be any number of puppets. Customizable options for wings, ears, hats, eye shapes, clothing, and more allow for a whole host of characters to be created. Download Cecy here.

Cecy was created by storyboard artist and animator, Youri Pineda. Growing up on a ranch, the outdoors inspired and sparked her passion for fantasy. Reflecting on the models, Pineda says, “My passion for nature was an inspiration to create this puppet. Working with the Character Animator team to design a fantasy-based puppet has been a pleasure. Through her art, she wants to have a positive impact on individuals and take audiences on journeys they never dreamed of. Recently, she was mentored through the Netflix Animation Foundations program. Previously, she worked as an animator and lead replay animator at ATTN:.

DeMarco Crews, a screenwriter and 2D animator, is the creator of the anime-inspired style Nagisa Puppet Maker, and shares a similar passion for animation. “It was a great experience to create a customizable Anime Puppet for the Adobe Character Animator Puppet Maker app – being able to create endless combinations and see all the possible features of the puppet has never been easier with the Puppet Maker program. J hope you enjoy the puppet I made and I can’t wait to see all the puppets everyone makes in the future,” he said.

Nagisa offers a wide variety of customizable options. These include clothes, hair, headgear, eye shapes, nose shapes, many hand movements, etc. Additionally, Nagisa comes with many different hats for different occasions, such as a jack-o’-lantern, Santa hat, party hat, or cosplay ears and tail. Download Nagisa.

In addition to Cecy and Nagisa, you can also find five other character styles on the Puppet Maker Page.

  • Kyōadditional anime style is by artist Nikki Goldberg.
  • the Cunning the style comes from David Taub.

  • To verify rampy and jumping kid created by Konee Rok. These unique styles use Cycle Layers to add movement to the styles.

  • Ok Samurai take us robot puppeta flamethrower robot.

Have you always wanted to animate? There’s never been a better time to start. Create an animated explainer video or social media post. Make your own puppet using the Cecy or Nagisa styles.