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Adobe Spark Video is a great free video maker for beginners

Works on desktops and mobile devices. You can start something on your phone and then finish it on your computer. This flexibility is useful if you have images in one place and others elsewhere. Or if you’re away from your laptop and want to fix your video.

Simple and clean templates. Some apps lack clean, professional-looking text styles. Or give you an overwhelming number of options. Spark Video has nine core themes, all of which are solid. You can easily resize the text or move it around.

Easy export. Share a link to your video when you’re done, post it on a social platform, or download it to your camera roll.

Tell to add your voice. A large narration button makes it easy to add your own voiceover after choosing images, videos or text for your slideshow.

Pricing: It’s free unless you need advanced features. For $10/month you get 100GB of storage space and the ability to add your own logo, colors, fonts, and branding. The free version works fine for me. For what it offers, the premium subscription seems overpriced.

  1. Add a text title for the start of your video, along with any other text cards you want.
  2. Choose images or video clips from your phone or computer.
  3. If you don’t have images that match your topic, search the app’s free image library.
  4. Adjust the music or replace it with your own.
  5. Record optional narration to give the video a personal perspective.
  6. Export and share.
  • Try the Noir, Tidal, and Statement themes, but skip the Sage theme, with its amateur cursive style.
  • Try alternating text cards with images or short video clips for a varied pace.
  • For work-related videos, use the icons offered as decorative elements sparingly, if at all, to avoid clip art resonances.
  • When you share a link to your video, it appears on an Adobe-branded page.
  • The app lacks special effects or advanced editing features.
  • It’s better for short videos. If you’re working on something longer than a few minutes, you’re better off using one of the alternatives below.
  • fast is another super-fast video maker app. It stitches video together with no manual editing required if you want to create something automatically from footage on your phone. It’s best if you have your own footage and prefer music video style cuts to Spark Video’s more traditional slideshow style. It’s free for iOS and Android.
  • Apple Clips is an underrated app that comes with the iPhone. It has an unusual editing interface but has some unique special features, like automatically adding caption text while you narrate, and letting you add backgrounds to your video without getting a green screen.
  • Videoshop is a great all-around video editor for iOS or Android that includes advanced features that Spark Video lacks, like color correction, filters, slow motion, gifs, stickers, and animated titles. Despite many features, it is easy to use. For intermediate and advanced video editors, it works well.

Adobe competitors like Figma and Sketch have grown in popularity in recent years, in part because of their emphasis on ease of use and collaboration. And they are less corporate. Adobe has responded by creating new products like Spark Video that are great for beginners.

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