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Angela Means fondly recalls ‘Friday’ character Felicia’s journey

Angela Means, who in 1995 brought to life the memorable (and later memorable) Friday Felicia, reflected on the character’s journey and the larger issues at play in her life story in a recent interview.

Talk with comedy hype, Means said she was “not surprised” when she first learned she had landed the role in the franchise-starter classic F. Gray Gray. This was largely due to the fact that she had managed to tick off a number of goals on a handwritten list she had compiled during the flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles earlier in her career. That list, Means said, included (as one of the “last things”) securing an “interesting character” in a production.

“I was like, this is her,” said Means, whose other goals (including securing a global and domestic commercial spot) had already been achieved by this point.

When asked if Felicia was seen by some viewers “as a crackhead” and how she worked as an actress to combat such stereotypes, Means pointed to her use of a famous acting technique developed by the late Sanford Meisner.

“I wrote a biography on Felicia and it was an amazing process,” she said. “It was one of the biggest processes I’ve ever been allowed to participate in. So I wrote a very intense biography on her. … All about her, I wrote.

After writing this detailed information about the character, Means said she placed this information inside her and then let the character take over. “I was really, really that person,” she said.

In an emotional memory of the character’s journey against the backdrop of the greater Friday story, as well as his continued impact to this day, Means wondered aloud why more people weren’t championing the oft-referenced character.

“Why was there so much hatred for such an obviously beautiful woman?” Means said comedy hype. “She was nice. You didn’t hear her use profanity. You haven’t heard any of this. Why would they be so mean to a family member? Why would people be so dismissive? Why wouldn’t anyone defend her? And I’ve been asking these questions for 30 years.

In general, Means explained, it showed that people are quick to “reject themselves” despite what may or may not be happening in their lives.

“People come up to me, even to this day, I’ll see people say, you know, ‘Goodbye, you dirty bitch,’ ‘You’re a fucking bitch,’ ‘You’re a stupid bitch,'” he said. -she says. “Not once did the mother even say, ‘Hey, uh, Felicia. I wonder what’s going on with her. Not a single person.

Later in the discussion, which can be seen via the video up top, Means talked about the importance of Friday script written by Ice Cube and DJ Pooh and noted the other underlying aspects of the story, including what caused Felicia’s boyfriend Deebo to become a bully. She also said, in the world of this story, “we kind of let Felicia fall through the cracks.”

In a separate video, seen below, Means talked about not returning to the franchise.

In the nearly three decades since its release, fans have continued to celebrate Fridaywhile going through stories about a possible revival of the franchise that also includes the sequels Next Friday and Friday after the nextnot to mention an animated series from 2007.

For several years now, fans have held out hope for the interim title Last Friday project. The current status of the potential film remains unclear. Chris Tucker, meanwhile, reflects on his performance as Smokey in the first Friday and revealed what it would take for him to consider returning to the franchise during an interview shared by IG last November. Review it here.