Antiques Road Trip: Who is Paul Martin? Meet the presenter and expert here


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Journey on the antiques route is the perfect daytime viewing and has had a loyal following for a number of years now. The BBC’s program has seen a number of experts over the years bring their level of knowledge of the antique trade to the show.

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One of the crew is Paul Martin, who viewers may recognize in other popular daytime shows. Get to know the presenter and the expert here …

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Paul Martin’s bio

Paul is a presenter and antique dealer who has worked in the industry since the early eighties, so it is clear that he has extensive industry knowledge to bring to the many shows he has appeared in. The 62-year-old is also a family man and married his wife Charlotte in 2007 after meeting on the BBC show Flog It !, where she worked as the show’s production coordinator. The couple share two children together, a son, Dylan, and a daughter, Meredith.

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Paul Martin’s career

Early in his career, Paul began working as an antique dealer and dealer while playing in the moonlight as a session musician drummer. He has worked with successful bands such as Average White Band and others. He then began to use his talent to teach others and began offering drum lessons.


Viewers may recognize Paul from Flog It!

His TV job began when he landed a gig in front of a popular show Flog It!, a show he appeared on until it was canceled in 2019. His work on the BBC show then led to other shows such as I never knew that about Britain and Countryfile spinoffs such as Spring dairies and Winter dairies.

Paul Martin’s work on Antiques Road Trip

Given his long career in television and antiques, it’s no wonder Paul was chosen to appear on Journey on the antiques route. The presenter is clearly enjoying his time on the show this week and has taken to social media to tell his followers he is appearing. Posting a photo of the new episodes on his Facebook page, Paul wrote, “Great to be a part of the #AntiquesRoadTrip team. It’s been a blast filming for the new series!

“Hope you enjoyed the first episode with me today! It’s great to be with Raj for that. There are a few more to come! #Backfilming #antiques #bbc #classiccar.”

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