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In a recent episode of the BBC Antiques Roadshow, two guests were shocked after hearing how much their great-grandfather’s silver set would be auctioned off. Guests explained that the money has been in their family for generations and passed to them.

Visiting Dyffryn Gardens near Cardiff Duncan began: “Well, unless you’re the youngest silver merchants I’ve ever seen I guess you must have received this wonderful collection of pretty interesting money, is that fair? “

The older girl said, “Yeah, well, it was our grandmother, but before that it was our great-great-grandfather. “

Pointing at a picture the girls had brought with them, Duncan asked, “And is it him?”

“He’s the one at the top, Walter,” the girls pictured with him explained, there were four generations, including their great-great-great-great-grandfather.

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Impressed with the history of silverware, Duncan said, “Well you’re very lucky because he had a good eye for silver.

“I think the best thing to do is to each choose one item you like best, which is your favorite?” He asked the eldest daughter first.

“My favorite is the bird, it’s really pretty, and it looks just nice,” with the second girl saying, “It’s the cow to me, it’s just nice, and I love it too. the way the back comes off. “

Agreeing with her, Duncan replied, “Yeah, it’s very cartoonish, he’s kinda cute, they’re both adorable.”

Duncan explained to the couple that the bird was actually a pot of pepper, with its head twisting to put the pepper inside.

He revealed that it was made 150 years ago and the little red eyes were made of glass, with both girls in awe of its age.

Turning to the cow, Duncan explained, “It’s called a cow’s creamer, the reason it’s a cow is because you open its back here, you fill it with cream, then you pour it. the cream out of his mouth.

“Its mouth has a little slit in it, it’s the most collectable small model, relatively modern it is only 150 years old, it was made in Holland.

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“[To] selling here to a market that we love very much for cow creams, they were awfully trendy, everyone loved them, ”he told the girls.

Duncan asked, “Would you like to know who chose the most valuable silver coin among these?” Who do you think it is, which do you think is the most valuable? “

The younger of the two first said, “I don’t know because I thought the bird’s eyes were rubies, but it turns out they’re glass.

“I think of the cow because it’s bigger,” the older girl replied, Duncan adding, “That’s a good answer, well actually, it turns out you’re right too.

“The cow because it’s bigger, your cow is worth between £ 800 and £ 1,000,” he revealed.

The older girl was shocked as her mouth opened and her sister laughed at her reaction: “It’s a lot of money.”

Duncan also estimated the bird to be worth between £ 300-400, as she repeated: “Still a lot of money.”

“And there are other things here that are also worth a lot of money, so you’ll take care of all of that, right,” he exclaimed.

Speaking to the camera about their grandfather’s silverware, the older daughter explained, “It’s going to be good to know that I have something so pretty.

“Even though it’s tons of money, it’s still something I love even if it wasn’t worth anything.”

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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