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‘Apex Legends’ features a trans woman as the game’s newest character

Grant’s enthusiasm is visibly matched by many developers and other Respawn staff, who told GamesRadar+ that their goal was to create an “inevitably trans” character. Contrary to some early reports, Catalyst isn’t the first gender-diverse character in Apex Legends; that distinction belongs to Bloodhound, who is non-binary and has been referred to by the pronouns them/them since the game launched. But because their gender is not a significant part of their history, Bloodhond’s identity has often been overlooked by players, head of Respawn and the character’s voice actor, Allegra Clark (who identifies herself as a fag cis) at ostensibly remind everyone last year that Bloodhound is still not cis.

“We’ve had enough ambiguity, queerbaiting, visual storytelling and the use of color palettes across all media, and not much to talk about,” Grant said. GamesRadar+. According to Grant, Catalyst is the kind of woman many trans gamers may know very well, with a “sardonic, steely sense of humor” she developed over a difficult life – but who also included lots of love and friendship, including the new relationships she builds with the rest of the Summit cast (many of whom are LGBTQ+ themselves).

“I hope she’s an incredibly compelling character that inspires people,” Grant continued, “that people want to create art and use in Machinima and think about choosing because she’s compelling and not just because that his kit is meta this season.” It’s a sentiment we can certainly co-sign, but Catalyst’s in-game abilities also seem like a lot of fun to experiment with; in addition to building defensive walls or ramps with its ferrofluid (eat your heart, Fortnite), Catalyst can also reinforce any existing structure just by standing nearby, and its ultimate ability would be a Ferrofluid Tower that can provide cover or an instant sniper nest.

It’s been a pretty decent year for trans representation in multiplayer video games. We are only months away from the big reveal that Guilty Equipment EffortBridget is finally canonically trans herself. Reactionary players can feel free to quit at any time; trans people will simply remain winners.

Catalyst will be available to play in Apex Legends‘ November 1 update; a full trailer for the new season is set to drop on October 20.

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