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Apple TV plus series and movies to watch with the family

Before we go into a Thanksgiving food coma, many of us will be spending our free time today consuming content from our favorite streaming services. Apple TV Plus is one of the best on the score – if, that’s to say, you’ll be primarily doing this streaming with your family and loved ones and want to find something everyone can watch together.

Apple TV Plus outputs for families

Apple’s service is certainly nowhere near the scale of much bigger rivals like Netflix and HBO Max. However, you will find plenty of family-friendly dishes, some of which will be highlighted below to get you started with some recommendations. In no particular order:

Who are you, Charlie Brown?

The animated Peanuts classics are always a favorite watch on holidays like Thanksgiving. The Apple streamer also has a heartwarming documentary Peanuts fans will enjoy about creator Charles M. Schulz. Narrated by Lupita Nyong’o, famous fans such as Drew Barrymore, Kevin Smith and Al Roker talk about the impact the comic has had on their lives.


Continuing with the theme of animation, Apple offers plenty of titles along those lines if you’re looking for something aimed specifically at kids.

From Apple Original Films and Skydance Animation, Chance is the story of Sam Greenfield, the the unluckiest nobody in the world. Suddenly, she finds herself in the never-before-seen land of luck, where she works with magical creatures to turn the tide.

Three other versions of Apple to discover


One of the highest rated Apple TV Plus versions available to stream at the moment is Acapulco, a delicious half-hour comedy that tells how Maximo Gallardo, the protagonist, landed the dream job of his life at the age of 20: working as a cabin boy in Las Colinas, the most popular seaside resort. in vogue of the Acapulco seaside getaway. And then from there, the impact it had on his life and everything that happened to him after that.

As season 2 is set in 1985, Máximo deals with upheaval in Las Colinas, unexpected troubles at home, as well as a new love interest that may rival the girl of his dreams.


Coda is the 2021 version of Apple TV Plus that won the streamer the Best Picture Oscar.

Its title refers to both the “coda” section of a piece of music as well as an acronym that stands for Child of Deaf Adults. Emilia Jones, the star, plays Ruby, 17, the only member of her family who is not deaf.

Instead of continuing to help her father work on his fishing boat, she dreams of going to a prestigious music school and honing her talent as a singer.

Ted Lasso

Finally, we come to what is arguably the biggest Apple TV Plus release yet. One that became a mainstream hit – and, in fact, introduced so many to what the iPhone maker was trying to do with its streaming service.

Ted Lasso is the titular protagonist of this fish-out-of-water comedy, a small-town football manager who’s been brought to England to run a professional football club. He brings his southern drawl, massive mustache and an abundance of feel-good banter, like: “For me, success is not just about winning and losing. It’s about helping these young guys be the best versions of themselves on and off the pitch.

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