Artist contributes mural to enhance the aesthetics of his alma mater, Sheehan High School


WALLINGFORD – For three days Ryan “ARCY” Christenson, famous graffiti artist and mural artist, was back at his alma mater Sheehan High School painting a mural that describes what it means to be a Titan.

Senior Clarisse Aminawung contacted ARCY last year and asked them to create a mural for the school as part of her synthesis class.

“My project was to renovate the aesthetic of Sheehan, to make it a more stimulating environment and thanks to that I contacted my art teacher for help and inspiration and she told me. talked about ARCY and told me I had to contact him. because she thought it would be a good idea to see if he could donate something to the school, ”Aminawung said. “So I did that and he came back to us and now we’re here.”

Aminawung said that ARCY’s idea for the mural was to include important figures that the students could admire. She met with the faculty to make a list of different numbers, then created polls to get student feedback.

“Each person represents a certain academic field,” Aminawung said.

The mural features Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, Elon Musk and Serena Williams

The mural was supposed to take place last year, but has been postponed due to COVID-19.

“Luckily (Clarisse) is still in school now, she is elderly, so we are able to make her dream come true before she finally leaves,” said Christenson, Sheehan graduate in 2005 and Sheehan Hall member. of Fame. . “I’m happy to be able to integrate this.”

He said the mural includes the five portraits in a pop-art style.

“It’s just really big, breaking the border, pretty big and bold and simple,” ARCY said. “It’s not too complicated … I want to deliver that wow factor from a distance, but I don’t want people scratching their heads or having to get close to really identify …”

About 30 students from Nicholas Brown’s homework and maintenance classes helped build platforms for the mural and outdoor easels on which pieces of the mural could be painted.

“I think it’s pretty cool that somebody of world renown comes back and really does something special for the school they once went to,” said Joseph Zellner, senior and one of Brown’s students. . “He couldn’t have done it without this home repair course. It’s cool to help someone who is nationally known and has done so many different things.

Aminawung said she hopes the mural “reaches the hearts of the students.”

“Because he really wanted a mural for the school that not only is dedicated to Sheehan, but also has these important numbers that students can admire and strive to work hard in their academics to become successful leaders like them, ”Aminawung said.

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