Bangladeshi animated film on climate change at the Cannes World Film Festival


The Bangladeshi animated film Tomorrow has achieved the dignity of being the best animated film of the month of August at the Cannes World Film Festival. Although the name of the show is very similar to the famous Cannes Film Festival of the Palme d’Or, it is a completely different show. But the main objective of both festivals is the same – Appreciate young filmmakers from the world of cinema based on innovation and quality. In addition to publicizing this festival, this dossier aims to talk behind the scenes of Tomorrow.

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Tomorrow: Bangladeshi animated film on climate change

Ratul, a young boy, lives with his father in a beautiful house near the beach in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Gambling-loving Ratul is surprised to see his father’s love for nature and biodiversity.

One night, Ratul met an old man of the wind in a dream, who showed him two different forms of the future. In the future, Ratul sees the catastrophic state of the earth due to the misuse of natural resources; while the other future shows the contours of a self-sufficient Bangladesh using renewable energies instead of fossil fuels.

The story of “Tomorrow” moves forward with such a fascinating storyline. Throughout the film, Ratul is portrayed as a representative of the younger generation. Through the character of the old man, the film raises concerns about the environment. The unfavorable climate represents the consequences of human activities against nature.

The animated short with a rating of 9.4 out of 10 by 221 IMDB users has already received a lot of appreciation from film critics.

The short promotes positivity by focusing wonderfully on building a beautiful world out of the horrors of climate change. That’s why American journalist and environmentalist Bill McKibben praised the film on Twitter.

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The team behind Tomorrow, the 3D short film

This exceptional 3D film is directed by Bangladeshi animator Mohammad Shihab Uddin. This young, multi-talented filmmaker has played versatile roles as a character designer, creative consultant, and visual developer.

The film, produced by Kazi Media Limited of Kazi Zahin Hasan and Kazi Zeeshan Hasan, was released on November 29, 2019 on Deepto TV. Cycore Studios oversaw the production and animation of the short scripted by Ahmed Khan Hirok and Nasimul Hasan.

The voice over artists animated computer generated characters with their voices. Deepak Kumar Goswami played the role of “Old Wind Man”, which is basically just a reflection of the ghost of Christmas Carol.

Eashan Abdullah gave the voice of the young Ratul while Mohammad Morshed Siddique played the role of the elder Ratul. Raju Ahmed gave a voice over to Ratul’s father. Tom Freeman voiced the role of the foreign journalist. And Mohammad Bari gave the global background voice. Sajib Roy, Albino George Pike, Rafiqul Islam and Shafiqul Islam gave voice to the characters of the villagers.

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Tomorrow at the Cannes World Film Festival

Carolina Bomba, visionary founder of the Cannes World Film Festival, launched the program during the second containment of the Corona epidemic in 2020 on the Côte d’Azur.

The competitive festival covers almost all branches of entertainment. First of all, they select a winner each month. The winners of each month will eventually participate in the annual competition. At the end of the year, the winning films in each category will receive trophies of honor. The film will also be screened in the cinema capital of the world in Cannes.

The film ‘Tomorrow’ passed the first selection. The animated film has already been included on all online sites of the Cannes World Film Festival. In this festival, the Tomorrow team will be presented with a digital certificate. And, this achievement will be incorporated into the IMDB.

The festival jury was formed with 6 judges from different branches of the entertainment world, including the film industry. Having no affiliation with the participating films, the judges will independently select the best films in different categories.

The annual Cannes World Film Festival awards ceremony will be unveiled in 2022 at the White House, a luxury villa in Cannes. Here, the name of a film in each category will be announced among the winning films for twelve months.

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Importance of Tomorrow in Global Entertainment

Climate change has always been a big problem. Small and large organizations were formed at different times to save the world from the greenhouse effect. Even then, the condition of the world is getting worse by the day. It is becoming impossible to stop the degradation of the biodiversity situation due to a lack of knowledge of populations from all walks of life.

With the development of technology, the means of communication are becoming more and more accessible to people. So, cinema can be a great way to educate people. In other words, awareness can be made more dynamic if it is presented in the form of entertainment.

The short film Tomorrow will show the new generation that to make the earth livable, we must be aware of the environment and act accordingly. Thus, the animated film will participate in the nature conservation course. Previously, popular animated films like Ice Age and Happy Feet did a similar job.

Stand of Tomorrow in the Bangladesh Film Industry

Bangladesh is still at the stage of making 3D animated films. In the field of television commercials and short videos, several good productions have won the hearts of the public. But the film industry in Bangladesh demands more creative 3D animation works to flourish. In this sense, the animated short Demain has set a milestone. Not to mention that making 3D animated films is a daunting task. Besides the need for adequate technical knowledge, the time constraint is another big challenge in preparing 3D animated films. The good news is that the animation genre has a big market in the film world and its audience acceptance is huge. Therefore, production houses should invest heavily in producing quality animated films featuring innovative ideas and creative storylines.

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In a word

Overall, the animated film Tomorrow is a blessing for Bangladesh in two ways. First of all, Bangladesh got a world class 3D animated film. Then, an adapted communication element was created to publicize climate change. The success of Tomorrow Film is expected to encourage the most talented Bangladeshi animators to make 3D films. At the same time, the new generation will grow up with an awareness of the environment, climate change and biodiversity.

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