Batman and Studio Ghibli animation cells up for auction


Totoro and My Neighbor Totoro's Catbus

Totoro and My Neighbor Totoro’s Catbus
Photo: Ollie Millington / WireImage (Getty Images)

People like to say that money doesn’t buy happiness, as if there is no direct line between “happiness” and “not having to worry about paying for food, shelter or care. health, but there is one thing you absolutely must can buy with cash: expensive prints and animation cells from iconic cartoons, animated or otherwise! Seriously, who needs happiness (or food, for that matter) when you can own a real animation unit little Totoros of the opening sequence of My neighbor Totoro? Or a series of images of the Joker laughing of Batman: the mask of fantasy? These things (and more!) Could be yours, provided you have a lot of money that you don’t need to spend on other things, thanks to a new auction from Heritage Auctions this week. called “The art of anime and all that is cool.”

This name is certainly appropriate, because sacred cow, this thing rules. There are some really nice animation cells made from stuff like Akira, like Kaneda on his bike, Tetsuo on his rampage through the hospital, and Akira’s collected organ pots or whatever. There is a collection of Studio Ghibli art bananas, most of which are from Totoro, but there is also a beautiful cell of Porco Rosso which could double as regular art, a hard blow from San de Princess mononoke ready to tear up assholes, and a cell of Kiki’s delivery service this goes for over $ 15,000.

As we continue to tease, a lot of this stuff goes for some serious money (which would make most of this stuff out of reach for the average anime fan), but it’s also so cool. What would you say Motoko reloading his weapon in Ghost in the shell for over $ 1,200? Or Sailor Scouts posing for $ 1,800? The most expensive parts are mostly in the Akira and Studio Ghibli sections, but there are relatively reasonable deals for Dragon ball z and Batman: The Animated Series animation cells. This Frieza goes for only $ 350! Kids love Frieza, right? This all means that, if you have enough money, you could make a really short cartoon where the Joker makes fun of Sailor Moon. with Porco Rosso’s plane flying motionless in the background and Kaneda’s bicycle motionless in the foreground. Cartoons are very cool!

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