BBC Antiques Roadshow Expert outraged by grim use of grandfather’s pot


A BBC Antiques Roadshow guest stunned viewers with the true cost of a rare item.

Jon Baddeley interviewed the show’s guest, discussing a rare pot.

“I am a third generation pharmacist, both my grandfather, my father and me,” explained the guest.

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“And these were from the father’s father’s shop, he had a shop at the time.”

Jon commented in response, “These would have stayed on the shelf, and the customers would come and what, order half a dozen leeches?” How it works?”

“I think they used them in the store as far as I understood it,” the guest said.

“I don’t think they sold them, they used them to reduce the swelling from a boil or much more recently they used them in skin grafts and things to remove the swelling, while the blood supply repairs itself if desired. “

He then explained that you have to feed the leeches on your arm – otherwise they will devour each other.

Jon said: “I am very fond of these jars because they are extraordinarily rare.

“Leeches went out of fashion at the turn of the 20th century, they just weren’t needed anymore and the chemists just threw them away.

“So it’s very rare to find them at all and very rare to find them in this kind of condition.”

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“This one probably dates from around 1830 and is made in Staffordshire.

“This one slightly later 1840/1850 and it has a mark on the base – just flip it carefully and you can just see the mark for lcock there.

“And I don’t know if you can see there, this charming little beehive with bees buzzing around it – a wonderfully strong design on the building and the top cover that has the top pierced to let the poor little leeches breathe.”

“This one, however, is in better condition, wonderful blue glaze, has the building on it and the label, a very strong design – £ 2,500 to £ 3,000.”

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