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Best Animated Movies To Watch If You Like Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli has produced some of the best animated films to date. If you love some Ghibli, here are the best movies to add to your watchlist.

A significant number of people were introduced to anime through Studio Ghibli. Famous movies like Taken away as if by magic and My neighbor Tororo have enjoyed international recognition for years, with Taken away as if by magic winning an Oscar in 2001. Studio Ghibli films have set the bar so high that viewers can’t help but compare.

However, there are plenty of films that capture Studio Ghibli’s aesthetic and heartwarming story structure. Here is a list of some of the best animated movies for fans of the legendary animation studio.

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your name

Kimi no Na waor Your name, is a modern anime masterpiece that deserves a place next to Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castle and Taken away as if by magic. Viewers are introduced to an incredibly beautiful story, captivating audiences with its touching romance and devastating portrayal of desire. your name is Makoto Shinkai’s finest work and garnered record numbers at domestic and international box offices.

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The garden of words

Another Makoto Shinkai masterpiece with themes of love and loss, The garden of words follows 27-year-old Yukari Yukino and 15-year-old shoemaker Takao Akizuki, who begin to meet regularly at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Shinkai tries to express that regardless of adulthood, our struggles are not that different from those of younger generations. The two central characters find relativity through their awkward growing pains. Again, the film is a beautiful take on the complex emotions and turbulence of life.

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A letter to Momo

From the start, A letter to Momo looks like a classic Studio Ghibli production due to its expressive visual style. This movie manages to talk about complex issues like bereavement through its charming animation. The story follows Momo Miyaura, who moves to her mother’s quiet neighborhood after her father’s death. Naturally, Momo faces the challenge of adjusting to the countryside with her grieving mother. The only thing that keeps her going are her weird supernatural friends. It is a deep and stimulating watch.

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Wolf children

From the critically acclaimed director of summer wars Mamoru Hosoda comes another brilliant piece of animation with a deep plot. Wolf children beautifully depicts the relationship between a young mother named Hana and two little children who are part werewolves. The story follows Hana’s struggles as a single mother raising the mischievous wolf children who constantly alternate between their wolf form and their human form. The film brilliantly depicts the bittersweet feelings of being a parent and seeing children become what they are meant to be. This is definitely a movie to watch with a box of tissues.

The princess and the pilot

Also known as To Aru Hikoushi e no Tsuioku, The princess and the pilot is an intense aerial adventure that rivals even The wind picks up. The story follows a young pilot who becomes involved with a princess whom he is tasked with escorting overseas through enemy territory so that she can reunite with her future husband. As predictable as it sounds, the film will keep audiences on the edge of their seats in anticipation, which is offset by the undeniable chemistry between the protagonists.

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