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Best Free Slide Presentation Maker Software for Windows PC

When it comes to creating slide presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint is the software that first comes to mind. Undoubtedly, Microsoft PowerPoint is an excellent software for creating slide presentations. It is loaded with awesome features. If you want to use it, you need to purchase a full Microsoft Office suite. If you are looking free slide presentation maker software, This article is for you. In this article, we will list some free software to create slide presentations. Some of them are dedicated slide presentation software, while others are complete office suites that allow you to create documents, spreadsheets and slide presentations.

Best Free Slide Presentation Maker Software

We have the following Slide Presentation Maker software for Windows 11/10 PC on our list:

  1. Focusky
  2. Express Point Presentation Software
  3. FreeOffice software maker
  4. IBM Lotus Symphony
  5. OpenOffice Impress

Let’s see their features in detail.


Focusky is a free slideshow maker for Windows 11/10. Its free version comes with a number of templates, using which you can create beautiful presentations. You can either create a blank project or select a template from the available list. All templates are available in the left pane under the Online models section. Some of these templates include science and nature, business and finance, technology, education, festival, infographic, etc. Simply click on the particular category to view the available templates.

You need to download the template you want to use. This requires an active internet connection. You can also add your favorite templates to the Template Collection by clicking on the Star icon available at the bottom right of each template. But for this, you need to create a free account on the official Focusky website.

Focusky also allows you to import a project from the PPTx file. After exporting the project, you will also have options to select a custom layout and a custom template.

Some limitations of the free version of Focusky are:

  • You cannot remove the Focusky watermark from your presentations.
  • You can publish your project only in PDF. The other options, Publish to Cloud, Windows Application (.exe), Video and HTML File are only available on the paid plan.
  • You cannot use Pro templates in the free version of Focusky.

You can download Focusky from its official website,

2]Express Points Presentation Software

Express Point Presentation Software

Express Points presentation software is a comprehensive presentation creation software for Windows. It is developed by NCH Software and you can download it from its official website, Its interface is somewhat similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. The left side of the interface displays all the slides in your project, the right side displays the properties, and the middle section of the interface includes the slide editing panel.

Different slide layouts are available in the software. You can add multiple slides to your project and select a different layout for each slide. You can also add different shapes, images, clipart, audio, and videos to your slides while creating a presentation. Like Microsoft PowerPoint, Express Points presentation software also allows you to select another transition effect for different slides.

After creating the project, you can export it to video or PDF. The software’s export to video option lets you save your project as a video in multiple formats, including 3GP, AVI, FLV, MKV, MP4, OGG, and more. Apart from this, the Print option is also available.

3]FreeOffice software maker

Softmaker FreeOffice presentation creation software

Softmaker FreeOffice is a complete office suite that includes word processing, spreadsheet and presentation creation tools. It comes with five different themes. When you first launch the software, it shows you all the themes to choose from. To change the theme, go to “File > Options > Appearance” then click on the User interface button.

Softmaker FreeOffice also lets you select a different layout for each slide in your project. Besides that, 5 different types of slide designs are available in the software. It also lets you import a slide background or slide design from an existing presentation file, as long as the file is in the supported format. Its support for multiple presentation files allows you to open a presentation file created in different software. Some of these supported file formats include prdx, prsx, ppt, pptx, pot, etc.

In the Transition , you will find different options to set a transition effect for each slide in your presentation. After selecting a transition for a particular slide, you can change its settings, like duration, soft start, soft end, sound, etc. Animation The tab allows you to add different animations to different elements of a particular slide.

Once the project is complete, you can save it in its own supported file formats or in the Microsoft Office file format. Apart from that, it also allows you to export the project to PDF or images. To do this, go to “File > Export As.” Before saving your project, you can edit its properties like add subject, author name, keywords, project description, make presentation write-protected, read-protected and password-protected . These options will appear when you click on the Properties button on the Save as dialog box.

4]IBM Lotus Symphony

IBM Lotus Symphony

IBM Lotus Symphony is another free office suite that allows users to create documents, spreadsheets, and slide presentations. In IBM Lotus Symphony, you can work on multiple projects at once because it opens each project in a separate tab. To create a new presentation, select the Homepage tab then click Presentation or go to “New > Lotus Symphony presentation.”

There is a vertical sidebar on the right side of its interface which contains the following elements:

  • Properties: By clicking on this element, you can modify the properties of the selected object in your project. For example, if you have the slide selected, the Properties section will show you different slide layouts.
  • Slide templates: By clicking on this section or element, you can change the background of your slides.
  • Animation effects: You can select different animation effects for different elements of a slide.
  • Slide transitions: As the name suggests, this section allows you to select different transitions for your slides. Besides that, you can also change the speed of the transition and add sound to it.
  • Clip Art: Here you will get clip art in different categories, such as Computers & Networking, Education, Environment, Finance, etc.
  • Navigator: The Navigator pane allows you to easily switch between the different slides of your project.

It also has spell checker and eyedropper tools that allow you to check spelling mistakes and select color of presentation slides respectively. After completing your project, you can save it in various formats, including OpenDocument Presentation (odp), OpenOffice Presentation (sxi), Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt), etc.

IBM Lotus Symphony also has an option to password protect presentations. To do this, go to “File > Save as with password.” You can export your presentation to HTML, PDF and various image formats, such as JPG, JPEG, etc.

IBM Lotus Symphony is available at To download.

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5]OpenOffice Impress

OpenOffice Impress

OpenOffice Impress is a free presentation creation software for Windows from Apache OpenOffice. Like the other free presentation maker software on this list, this one also comes with different slide layouts and a variety of slide backgrounds. Its gallery contains many Clip Art images that you can insert into your slides. Besides that, you can also create a New theme in the Gallery by clicking on the corresponding button. In the newly created theme, you can add your favorite images from disk so that you can quickly insert them into the slides. All of these options are accessible from the vertical sidebar available on the right side.

He also has a Spell check characteristic. If you enable this feature, all spelling mistakes will be underlined in red. You can add different transition effects to different slides and custom animations to each element of a particular slide. It supports a large number of file formats including ODF Presentation (odp), ODF Presentation Template (otp), Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt, pptx, pptm), etc.

After finishing your project, you can save it in different file formats, such as odp, top, sxi, ppt, pot, etc. Apart from that, you can also export your project in different formats. Some of these file formats include HTML, PDF, image files (png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, etc.), etc.

What is the best software for making presentations?

There are many programs available that allow you to create beautiful presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular and powerful presentation creation software with a number of features. On the other hand, Google Slides is another powerful online tool for creating presentations. Different software comes with different features. Therefore, it depends on the users which software suits them best for making presentations.

What is the best free alternative to PowerPoint?

Speaking of the best free PowerPoint alternative, there are plenty of free software and online tools available. Some of them are dedicated slide presentation creation software, like Focusky and Express Points Presentation Maker; while some of these software are complete office suites that allow you to create documents and spreadsheets in addition to presentations. Some Office suites that can be used as PowerPoint alternatives are LibreOffice, WPS Office, Apache OpenOffice, etc.

That’s it.

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