Blues Artists A through C . . .
Listed alphabetically by last name.

fender telecaster Frank Ace Blues Band They're from Kansas City.
Geoff Achison & the Souldiggers He's from Australia.
Alberta Adams She's Detroit's Queen of the Blues.
Justin Adams A young blues guitar prodigy.
Advocate Spreading the good news with the blues.
After Hours Blues Band They're out of Lancashire, England.
Mark Agnesi & Deep Blue Sea From Nashville.
Andy Aledort He's a blues-rocker out of New York.
Gregg Allen He's a diverse guitarist over in England. Hear him in .mp3.
Slam Allen He's a "powerhouse" guitarist up in New York.
The Alligators Jumpin' harp blues out of Detroit, Michigan.
The Alligators Blues Band They play the blues up there in Pennsylvania.
Mose Allison He's got interviews, concert dates, booking info, and more.
The AM5 An R&B; band from the Thames Delta. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Ambassadors of American Culture Booking and touring blues acts since 1969.
American Music Legends They're another booking agency.
The Lyndon Anderson Band He's a blues harpist over in England.
The Víctor Aneiros Band He´s a blues guitarist from Galicia, Spain.
Annie & The Cold Shot Thay're over in Spain. Hear 'em in .mp3.
The James Anthony Band They're a Canadian band led by a guitar wizard.
The Antones They're a blues band from the Netherlands. Hear 'em in .mp3
The Cheryl Arena Band A Boston-based blues band. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
James Armstrong The northern California bluesman is most definitely back.
Timo Arthur He's an electric blues guitarist and vocalist from the Boston area.
Steve Arvey A guitarist, singer, songwriter from Chicago.
Gwyn Ashton He's a blues rocker in Australia. Hear him in RealAudio.
John Aspromonte He's a blues and R&B; guitarist and singer out of New York.
Auntie Kate and the Uncles of Funk They're from up there in Canada.
Renee Austin She's a soulful vocalist and songwriter out of Minnesota.
Ayanna & The Soulmates Ayanna Hobson sings R&B;, blues and soul.
The Azure Daddies Blues Band An upbeat blues band in northeast Ohio.
B.B. & The Blues Shacks From Germany, a swing and jump blues band.
Bad Blues They're a blues band based in Antwerp, Belgium.
The Bad Influence Band From over there in Washington D.C.
Bad Karma They're a hard rockin' blues band from northwest Arkansas.
The Bad Luck & Trouble Blues Band A Chicago blues band in Germany.
Boogie Bob Baldori Chuck Berry's main man -- a harpist with credentials.
Don Baker He's a blues harp maestro out of Dublin, Ireland.
Pam Baker They call her Portland, Maine's queen of the blues.
Marcia Ball "Austin's boogie-woogie queen." Her her in RealAudio.
Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan A blues duo you didn't know you knew.
Daniel "Slick" Ballinger He's a down-home Mississippi Delta bluesman.
Bands Austin It's "Your Online Source For Texas Bands."
Michael Barclay Blues Band In northern California. Midnight Rendezvous in .au.
Greg Barker & Highway 61 A new band in northern California. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Barney-Adams Blues Attitude Up in Ontario, Canada. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Barrelhouse Bonni She plays 21st century tunes on a classic 1930's piano.
Richie Barron & Hwy 2000 A California band featured on House of Blues Radio.
Johnny Bartee He's from Austin and Spokane. Hear him in .mp3.
The Basin Street Sheiks They're New Orleans' premier jug band.
Chuck Beattie Playing Chicago style blues in western North Carolina.
BC & The Blues Crew Led by Bev Conklin, they're out of Pennsylvania.
The Beer Brothers Blues Band Blues-rockers from western Pennsylvania.
Eric "Baron" Behrenfeld He's a blues drummer based out of Chicago.
The Benders A blues-rockin' outfit from Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Tab Benoit The Cajun rock 'n' blues artist now with Vanguard Records.
Better Off Dead Some really depressed guys up in Jersey City, New Jersey.
Frank Bey A blues singer who's Steppin' Out again after a long hiatus.
Big Al & The Heavyweights Nawlins, Dallas, and Chicago blues. Hear 'em in .wav.
Big Boss Blues Band They do blues with a funky edge. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Big Boy Guitar He plays Chicago-style, funky, rockin' blues in the northeast.
Big City Blues Band Playing the blues and R&B; in Miami. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Big Cookie & the Crumbs They play blues and classic rock down in Dallas, Texas.
Big Daddy & Red Hot Java Playing progressive blues from Tallahassee, Florida.
Big Daddy G He's a guitarist from Toronto. Hear him in .wav and RealAudio.
Big Daddy Shad Some guys up in Nova Scotia. Hear 'em in .mp3 and RealAudio.
Big Fish Blues Band A hard-driving blues band out of Astoria, Oregon.
Big Harmonica Bob He plays the blues out in Long Beach, California.
Big James and the Chicago Playboys A blues, R&B; and soul band in Chicago.
Big Mike & The Booty Papas Playing real blues out of Macon, Georgia.
Big Mo & The Full Moon Band They're rockin' the blues in northern California.
Big Rick & The Bombers They play blues with a bite in North Carolina.
Big Taylor & Lee Roy Original acoustic blues out of eastern Tennessee.
Ragtime Mark Birnbaum He plays classical, jazz and ragtime piano in New York.
Black Bourbon Blues Band They're a young blues band over in Switzerland.
Black Cadillac Blues Band They play the blues way down in Brazil.
Neal Black & the Healers High-voltage, hard-driving Texas blues rockers.
Black Jack Blues Band They're a blues band from the Netherlands.
Black River Bluesman He plays "primitive blues" over in Finland.
Jake Blair Band They're a teen-blues band out of Portland, Oregon.
The Blud Bros They're a "faith-based" blues band out of Chicago.
Blududerino They play electric power blues over in Switzerland.
Blue Angel They're a hard-working blues-rock band based in the UK.
Blue Dice A blues and soul band in Tampa Bay, Florida. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Blue Flame They're a Texas-style blues band over there in Germany.
The Blue Flame They're a Belgian blues and boogie band. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Blue Fox and the Rockin' Daddys Traditional and rockin' blues from Vermont.
The Blue Junction They're a Danish blues band that people say is pretty good.
The Blue Lightning Band With Steve Ditzell, who played with Buddy and Junior.
The Blue Line They're a blues band out of Belgium. Hear 'em in .mp3.
The Blue Medicine They're a swinging blues band over in Sweden.
Blue Messengers They're a blues-rock band in Italy. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Blue Mother Tupelo Swampy blues out of Tennessee. Hear 'em in Realaudio.
The Blue Pearls A rockin' blues band in Sweden. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Blue Sky Artists Worldwide Representing Jonny Lang, Susan Tedeschi, more.
Blue Stew A blues band in southern California. Hear 'em in .wav.
Blue4two They're a blues duo from the west of Denmark.
Bluebirds They're an R&B; band over in Sweden. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Bluedaddies They're a blues and R&B; band from central Missouri.
Bluefrog & Company Rock'n blues harp and guitar out of Seoul, Korea.
The Bluehawks They're a hard-working blues band up in New Jersey.
The Bluehemians They're a rockin' blues band from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Bluesberries An acoustic blues band in Finland. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Bluesbird They're a blues-rock band based in Oulu, Finland.
The Bluescaster He's an original fingerstyle blues guitarist from Memphis.
The BluesExciters They are "yet another" Sacramento-area blues band.
Bluesman LKPG They're a blues band in Sweden. Hear 'em in .mp3.
The Bluesome Twosome They're an acoustic blues duo in Sheffield, England.
Bluesoul Blues from Germany featuring Michael van Merwyk. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Bluessential A Chicago-style blues band based in northeast England.
BLUESTAR Productions An international blues booking agency.
Blues You Can Use They're the hottest blues band in Rolla, Missouri.
Blues 'N' Trouble They're an established blues band over in Europe.
Blues Alley A blues and swing band in San Francisco. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
The Blues Authority They're a blues band from over in the Netherlands.
The Blues Band In the U.K. since 1979, led by Paul Jones and Tom McGuinness.
The Blues Broers A big blues band in Cape Town, South Africa. Hear 'em in .au.
Blues Child They're a four-piece blues band out of Colorado.
The Blues Collar Band This band is based on eastern Long Island, New York.
Blues Company One of Germany´s biggest blues bands, serving it up since 1976.
Blues Control They're a contemporary blues band out of northern California.
The Blues Crawlers A powerhouse blues and soul band from Austin, Texas.
The Blues Cruisers They're a traditional blues band from "Kentuckiana."
Blues de Picolat They're from Catalonia (southern France/northern Spain).
The Blues Devils They're from Mallorca, Spain, featuring Jay Kaye on vocals.
The Blues Devils These guys are a Glasgow, Scotland-based blues band.
Blues District They're a blues band from Munich, Germany. Hear 'em in .mp3.
The Blues Fools They're a West Coast jump blues band, from Hungary.
The Blues Foundry A collaboration of several indie blues artists.
The Blues Jumpers Featuring Haywood Gregory. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Blues Machine They play Chicago blues from over in the Netherlands.
The Blues Notions "Kansas City's Gentlemen of Jump" for a decade or so.
Blues Noir Original blues and roots out of Saratoga Springs, New York.
Blues On First They're a fine blues band up in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The Blues Pirates They "make you feel good about feeling bad."
Bluesy Train They're a French folk and blues band. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Blududerino They play electric power blues over in Switzerland.
Eddie Bo The piano giant from New Orleans. Hear him in RealAudio.
Bobby G. Band The "bad boys of the blues" in southwest Florida.
Reynhard Boegl He's an Austrian harmonica performer in blues, rock and pop.
Bob Bogdal He's a Hill Country-style harmonica player and guitarist.
The Kaye Bohler Blues Band Singing the blues in the San Francisco Bay area.
The Boilerhouse Blues Band Out of central Wisconsin. See 'em at Shoof's!
Debbie Bond & The Kokomo Blues Band From Alabama. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Bondi Cigars They're a veteran blues band in Australia.
Roy Book Binder He's the acclaimed acoustic bluesman and storyteller.
George Boone Blues Band They play raw blues out of upstate New York.
Bootleg Blues They're an acoustic blues band from Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
BopCat Blues Agency They represent Junior Watson, Rusty Zinn and more.
Borbotones Blues Band They're a blues band from Chile. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Kevin Borich Express A blues performer/songwriter/guitarist in Australia.
The Bottoms Up Blues Gang They're St. Louis' youngest acoustic blues trio.
Claude Bourbon He's "the frog with the blues" in Portsmouth, England.
Jude Bowerman He plays the blues up in the Pacific northwest.
Delaney Bramlett Songwriter, singer, musician, mentor. Hear him in RealAudio.
Mary-Ann Brandon She's a Grammy nominated blues-roots singer-songwriter.
Breakin' The Bondage Blues Band They're a Christian blues band.
Craig Brenner A blues and boogie pianist in Indiana. Hear him in .wav.
Brickyard Blues and boogie in the north of Sweden. Hear 'em in .mp3.
The British Yankees They're well-regarded around Boston, Massachusetts.
Danny Britt He's a blues-rock drummer and educator up in New Jersey.
Broad Street Boogie Band A hard drivin' dance blues band around Philadelphia.
Herman Brock Jr. & The Eurocasters A Texas blues trio from the Netherlands.
Del Bromham He's a veteran blues-rock guitarist over in England.
Lonnie Brooks It's the official site of the Chicago blues legend.
Ronnie Baker Brooks The official site of the Chicago blues legend's son.
Wayne Baker Brooks The official site of the Chicago blues legend's other son.
Brother Dave He plays the blues out of New Mexico. Hear him in RealAudio.
Brother Yusef An acoustic blues artist aka "The Fatt-Back Bluesman."
Duke Brown Blues Band Out of Daytona Beach, Florida. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Keith Brown A young country bluesman from Memphis. Hear him in RealAudio.
Bob Brozman He's the slide, jazz, Hawaiian, and Caribbean guitar authority.
Joe Brunetti He's a Texas- and Chicago-style blues guitarist in Cleveland.
Bubba and the Big Bad Blues Texas blues with some New Orleans R&B.;
Guy Budd Blues tone poems and original blues on California's central coast.
Norton Buffalo The hearalded harmonicist from the San Francisco Bay area.
Bullamore Personal Management Holly Bullamore's blues artist agency.
Bullfrog Blues Machine They're blues cowboys from the Netherlands.
Michael Burks He's a rising blues star out of Arkansas.
Carl Burnett He's a blues guitarist based in New York City.
Skyla Burrell Blues Band A Chicago-style blues band in York, Pennsylvania.
Buttnaked Blues Band They're a blues band from Belgium.
Adrian Byron Burns He's a veteran blues artist over in England.
R.L. Burnside A very nice fan site about this great Mississippi bluesman.
Larry Burton A soulful blues guitarist and singer; formerly with Albert Collins.
Butler Twins Blues Band They're Alabama Music Hall of Fame inductees.
The Robert Byrd Blues Band Led by a veteran bluesman in Virginia.
Caça-Níqueis They're a Brazilian, blues-rockin' "motorcycle blues band."
Cadillac Dave & His Chicago Redhots Chicago-style blues with a funk.
The Cadillac Kings A blues/swing band in the UK featuring harpist Little Gary.
The Cahonies They're a blues and R&B; trio over in northwest England.
Chris Cain He's a bluesman from the San Francisco Bay area. Hear him in .mp3.
Steve Calvert He's a blues rocker with his first CD -- Blunder Road.
Camille's Blues Box A young "funkstress" in the UK. Hear her in .mp3.
Ron Campbell A bluesman for hire in British Columbia. Hear him in RealAudio.
Canvist They're a female-led band in Glasgow, Scotland. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Mighty Jeff Carey He's a blues singer/songwriter from northwest Arkansas.
Shelia Carlisle She's a veteran blues sanger from Charlotte, North Carolina.
Kathy Carllile Out of Atlanta, she offers up Mussel Shoals-style blues and funk.
John Carroll This Australian guitarist does original blues, rock and instrumentals.
Rick Carroll & Wicked Blue From up in New England. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Dr. Joe Castellano Blues Band They're based over in Italy.
Albert Castiglia Formerly with Junior Wells, he plays out of south Florida.
The Tommy Castro Band A big, bad band out of San Francisco. Hear 'em in .wav.
The Cat Tones Dan Electro plays his blues-roots boogie in Barcelona, Spain.
Catfish Hodge A bluesman from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.
Catfish Keith A hearalded acoustic bluesman with releases on Fish Tail Records.
The Catman He plays blues to raise money for his big cat sanctuary in Arkansas.
Lester Chambers A harmonica player and singer, from The Chambers Brothers.
Sean Chambers A new young guitarist from Florida. Hear him in .wav.
Grady Champion A blues singer and harpist in south Florida. Hear him in .wav.
Mickey Champion She's a veteran singer from Lake Charles, Louisiana.
The Channel Cats Blues Band They're out of western Maryland.
Carter Chaplin He's a blues guitarist up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Hear him in .mp3.
The Chardonnay Sippers They play blues, jazz and latin music in Australia.
Ray Charles The official site for "The Genius." Hear him in RealAudio.
Tara Charles Band A diverse mix of original rock, blues, alternative, and ballads.
Chase'n the Blues They're a blues band out of southern Oregon.
Jeff Chaz He's "The Bourbon Street Bluesman" in New Orleans.
Chicago Bob & The SofaKings An experienced blues guitarist in South Carolina.
Chicago Dave Blues Band A blues band in Switzerland. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
The Chicago Kingsnakes An electric blues band from the south side of Chicago.
Chicken Slacks They're a classic soul and R&B; band from the Boston area.
ChillyJoint They play blues-rock over in Kodz, Poland. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Chum Slick Nick and the Sharks They're up in Long Island, New York.
The Mike Clark Band He's a blues saxman up in Calgary, Alberta.
W.C. Clark "The Godfather of Austin Blues." Hear him in RealAudio.
Mick Clarke He's a veteran blues guitarist over in London, England.
Classically Blue Classical blues, jazz, and funk in Australia. Hear 'em in .wav.
Cleveland Fats He plays traditional Delta blues and hard-driving Chicago blues.
Cliff & The Soul Shakers They play the blues, R&B;, and groove in Albuquerque.
Climax Blues Band An established blues band in the UK. Hear 'em in .mp3.
The Cobalt Rhythm Kings They play some hot stuff up in New Haven, Connecticut.
Chas Cochran He's a blues harpist, singer and songwriter in Pennsylvania.
Stevie Cochran He's a blues-rock artist out of Long Island, New York.
Sam Cockrell and the Groove A Chicago blues band. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Davis Coen He's a new, young bluesman up in Connecticut. Hear him in .mp3.
Steve Cohen Musical activities of this Milwaukee musician and booking agent.
Cold Sweat They're an R&B; band over in Cologne, Germany.
Wallace Coleman Band A traditional harp player and singer from Cleveland.
Concerted Efforts Their artists' biographies and itineraries. Sounds in .wav.
Tracy Conover She's "the queen of blues guitar" in Sugar Land, Texas.
Jack Cook He's a well-traveled blues guitarist out of Seattle, Washington.
Mark Cook This Atlanta-based bluesman plays "blues with a flair."
Greg Cooper He's a blues and jazz guitarist out of San Francisco.
Henry Cooper A blues guitarist in the Pacific Northwest. Hear him in RealAudio.
Steve Copeland & Raging Sun A blues band out of southern California.
Corliss She's bluesy, jazzy, and funky out in southern California.
Bob Corritore He's a Chicago-bred, Phoenix-based blues harmonica player.
Murali Coryell A young, blue-eyed soul man with jazz roots. Hear him in .au.
Tommy Cougar A blues rocker out of Stockholm, Sweden. Hear him in RealAudio.
The Danny Cowan Group Texas blues out of San Antonio. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Cozmo He's a blues guitarist specializing in blues, funk and classic rock.
Lamont Cranston Blues Band A veteran blues band out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The Crawlin' Kingsnakes They're "short tour" American guys in South Korea.
The Crawlin' Kingsnakes They're a rockin' blues band from up there in Canada.
Rockin' Jimmy Crimmins He's a blues veteran out of Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Crosscut They're a blues band from Huntsville, Alabama. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Crossing Oceans From the delta of Gothenburg, Sweden. Hear 'em in .mp3.
The Crossroads Band They're out of New York. Hear 'em in .wma.
Eddie Crowe He plays the blues out of Baltimore, Maryland.
Crude Blues A blues-rock/Latin band in Zurich, Switzerland. Hear 'em in .mp3.
The Crudup Brothers They're the sons of Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup.
Cuban Heels They're an electrified blues band over in the Netherlands.
Eric Culberson He's one helluva blues guitarist out of Savannah, Georgia.
Paul Cummins & the Lion Dogs They're blues-rockers out of Los Angeles.

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