Blues Artists D through K . . .
Listed alphabetically by last name.

gibson acoustic Chris D'Amato He plays blues guitar around New England.
dadaBLUES JOE He's been playing since 1962.
The Daily Blues A Chicago-style band in Israel.
Mike Darak He's a guitarist up there in Chicago.
Joel DaSilva He's a south Florida blues guitarist and singer.
Guy Davis He's a "renaissance bluesman."
Little Sammy Davis The singer and harp player in Chicago.
The Richard Day-Reynolds Band Out in Portland, Oregon.
Jack de Keyzer Band A Canadian. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Roosevelt Dean He's belting it out in Syracuse, New York.
Jesse Deane-Freeman He's a blues guitarist and pianist from Adelaide, Australia.
The Deja-Blue Band Out of south Florida, they're led by Francene Medeiros.
Deja Blues Memorable electric blues emanating from northern Nevada.
Paul deLay The brilliant blues harmonica player.
The Delta Dave Blues Band Blues from the Mississippi to Chicago, in Florida.
Delta Moon They're the 2003 International Blues Challenge winners.
Delta Ramblers: Juke Joint Blues Traditional blues in L.A.
Delta Wires Blues and R&B; out of Oakland, California.
The Deltamatics They play classic Delta- and Chicago-style electric blues.
Danny Denaro & His Jumpin' Jukes Harp blues in San Jose, California.
Carlos del Junco Band From Toronto, featuring the harmonica master.
Delicious Blues Stew A Nashville-based, Baton Rouge blues and zydeco band.
Rick Derringer The All American Boy has gotten Back To The Blues.
Will Derryberry Band They're a blues/pop band out in California.
Bo Diddley's Turnup Root It's Bo's official site and online store.
Bo Diddley A jam packed fan site in celebration of the Bo.
Dirty River A Cincinnati, Ohio-based band that plays the whole gamut of blues.
Dirty Work They're a jump blues band out of Melbourne, Australia.
Dr. BenDix They're an electric blues trio over in Norway. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Dr. Feelgood Prescribing rhythm and the blues in the U.K. since 1982.
Dr. Ika's Blues He's a blues fusion artist in the UK. Hear him in .mp3.
Dr. Porkchop These guys are out of "greasy Nawlins."
Doc Quinn He's a blues guitarist playing out of Paris, Texas.
Dr. Slide He's an acoustic blues slide guitarist out of south Florida.
Doctor Tom He's a blues artist with a unique approach to music and lyrics.
Dr. Valter & The Lawbreakers An acoustic blues band from Hungary.
Dr. Wessel They're a blues band over there in Kirkenes, Norway.
Doghouse Riley A blues trio that has taken a few steps beyond the blues.
Mike Dollins He's a veteran blues guitarist in San Diego, California.
Dennis Donnelly A songwriting bluesman from Philadelphia. Hear him in .mp3.
Nat Dove They call him the Texas Boogie King. Now over in Tokyo.
Downchild Blues Band Canada's premier blues band. Hear 'em in .au.
Drippin' Honey They're an alternative blues band over in the Netherlands.
Driving Wheel They're an uptempo Chicago blues band in the Netherlands.
Kent DuChaine The well-traveled Delta blues traditionalist. Hear him in .wav.
Bob Dylan His complete album, lyrics, song, news, and tour resource.
Theodis Ealey "The Bluesman Lover" performs high-energy blues.
Jaron Eames A swinging jazz and blues vocalist in New York. Hear him in .wav.
Eddie M and Blueshound They're out of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Rev. Charlie F. Edmonds "The Preaching Bluesman" in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.
Ari Eisinger An acoustic bluesman in Pennsylvania. Join the message board!
El Fish They're a rockin' blues band in Belgium. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Electric Mud They're a blues-rock trio from central Ohio. Hear 'em in mp3.
Elliott and the Untouchables A jump-swing band in Columbia, South Carolina.
The Empty Can Band They're an "environmentally safe" blues band in Illinois.
Calle Engström & East Side Soul They play Chicago blues over in Sweden.
Nicolas Estor He's a blues drummer in France. It's written in French.
Mary Everhart She's based in Atlanta, Georgia. Hear her in RealAudio.
Ex Animo They're a teen blues band from Portland, Oregon. Hear 'em in mp3.
41 South Band From the backroads of middle Tennessee. Hear 'em in .mp3.
The Fabricators An R&B; band in Vancouver, BC. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
The Fabulous Fleetwoods Texas Party Killers in south Florida. Hear 'em in .wav.
The Jack Falk Project He's a blues-rock guitarist. Hear him in .mp3.
Denis Farley A harpist, singer, songwriter from New York. Hear him in RealAudio.
Richard Ray Farrell He's a well-traveled bluesman now out of Philadelphia.
The Fat Butcher's Dog They're a blues-rock band out of Sweden. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Fatt Cat Freddie They're in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Felonius Blues Revue Acoustic blues, roots, Americana, and folk in California.
Joey Fender He's a fine blues and rockabilly artist up in Anchorage, Alaska.
The Fender Benders Rockin' blues in Fort Worth, Texas. Hear 'em in .wav.
P.W. Fenton & The Second Ward Tampa Bay's best. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Paul Fenton He's a veteran slide guitar player out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Pete "Big Dog" Fetters He's a blues vocalist and slide guitarist From Detroit.
Chris Field He's a blues-roots artist up in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
First Gin of the Day They're a "drinkin' blues band" out of Yokohama, Japan.
Five Points Band A blues band in New York City. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Little Boy Flowers A young piano and organ player in Key West, Florida.
Billy Flynn He's a Chicago-style blues and slide guitarist in Wisconsin.
Folk In A They're an acoustic folk-blues duo out of San Francisco.
The Force They're a hot blues band down in Jacksonville, Florida.
Robben Ford & The Blue Line, now presenting The Authorized Bootleg.
Frank Fotusky He's an acoustic bluesman in the East Coast tradition.
The Fourcasters They're playing the blues out of Denver, Colorado.
Nicole Fournier A blues-rocker in Washington state. Hear her in RealAudio.
Francine She's an R&B; artist up in Ottawa, Canada. Hear her in .mp3.
Kerry Freeman He's a Fort Worth, Texas-based blues artist.
The Fremonts Featuring Mighty Joe Milsap, they're based in San Diego.
French Cookin’ Blues Band They play a variety of blues up in New York.
Ole Frimer He's a Danish blues artist. That's about all I know.
Georgette Fry She's a fantastic Canadian blues singer and songwriter.
Claurice Fuller She's a new blues vocalist out of East Orange, New Jersey.
Mark Furman Band Playing the blues in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Thomas "Guitar" Gable The veteran from North Carolina. Hear him in .mp3.
Rod Garfield He's a bluesman from Australia via the UK. Hear him in .mp3.
Randy Garibay A "Chicano Blues Man" in south Texas. Hear him in RealAudio.
Terry Garland He plays Delta blues on National resonators. Hear him in .mp3.
Garry and The Moodswingers Soulful blues out of New England. Hear 'em in .wav.
Tim Gearan He's a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter from the Boston area.
Peter Gelling He's an Australian blues artist. Hear him in .mp3.
The Gemtones They're a southern California blues-rock trio. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Geneva Red & The Roadsters She's a harpist. They're from the Chicago area.
The Genuine Houserockers They're a hard-working blues band from Norway.
Paul Geremia The acoustic country blues artist. Hear him in RealAudio.
Jan Gerfast He's a veteran blues guitarist and singer out of Sweden.
Billy Gibson He's a blues harmonica virtuoso out of Memphis, Tennessee.
Ronnie "Razorback" Gibson & The King Bees A quartet from northwest England.
Lea Gilmore She's one helluva gospel and blues singer up in Baltimore, Maryland.
Dana Gillespie In the UK, she's singing the blues all over Europe. Hear her in .wav.
Roger Girke & the Funky Twisters A 6-piece outfit in Wilmington, Delaware.
Glamour Puss Talented guys from New Brunswick. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Glebestreet They're a power trio over in Tayside, Scotland.
Goin Postal Band A Texas blues-rock trio. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Pat Goldsmith He's a veteran blues harpist out of New York City.
Goldtmann Quintett They're over in Germany. Hear 'em in .mp3 and RealAudio.
Anthony Gomes He's a blues-rocker from Chicago. Hear him in Flash.
Dave Gonzalez He's a singer and harp player out of Philadelphia via Chicago.
Memo Gonzalez & the Bluescasters A jumpin' blues band over in Germany.
Jefferson Gonçalves He's a blues harpist down in Brazil. Hear him in .mp3.
Davey Lee Goode And The Bad Cats Blues rockers in Alberta, Canada.
Roman Gordy & His Bluesmobile A blues-rock band from south Germany.
Corliss Graham She's a blues and jazz diva out in southern California.
Otis Grand He's the best blues guitarist in the UK, and He Knows The Blues.
Henry Gray and the Cats The veteran bluesman from Louisiana.
The Great Elmo´s They're a Swedish blues band. Hear 'em in .mp3.
The Billy Joe Green Band They're a fine blues band out of Winnepeg, Manitoba.
Greyhound Blues Band A Chicago blues band from the Netherlands.
Grooveland Entertainment They're an agency in Atlanta, Georgia.
Dennis Gruenling He's a blues and swing harmonica player from New Jersey.
Guitar 66 They play raw blues out of Ljusne, Hälsingland, Sweden.
Guitar Nick & Blue Al An acoustic and harmonica blues duo from Bulgaria.
Guitar Shorty He's a blues veteran out of Houston, Texas.
Guitar Slim Jr. Presenting his release Nothing Nice with the Memphis Horns.
Guitarboy He's a talented blues-rocker out of southern California.
Mike Guldin and Rollin' & Tumblin' They're out of Pennsylvania.
Tom Lambert He's aka Guitar Tom in Texas. Hear him in .mp3.
Steve Guyger A great harp player out of Philadelphia. Hear him in RealAudio.
Peer Gynt In Norway, they call him the King of Mountain Blues.
Travis "Moonchild" Haddix From Cleveland, Ohio. Hear him in RealAudio.
Dean Hall He's a mighty blues-rocker out of Nashville, Tennessee.
Pat Hall And The Fat Guys Band They're out of Chicago. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Dov Hammer He's a Chicago-born harpist and singer now active in Israel.
Mark Haney & The Buzzards They play modern blues from the heart.
MC Hansen Band They play the blues in Denmark. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Hard Bargain A blues and R&B; band out of New York City. Hear 'em in .mp3.
James Harman He's a blues harpist over in southern California.
Zac Harmon He's a veteran Mississippi bluesman out of California.
harpattack They're Fritz Glatzl and Reynhard Boegl out of Austria.
Rich Harper Blues Band From Los Angeles, playing heavy blues and slide.
Bennett Harris An acoustic blues guitarist and singer from New York City.
Ruby Harris A blues violinist up in Chicago. Hear him in RealAudio and .mp3.
Hat City Blues Band They're a high-energy blues band from Danbury, Connecticut.
Ernie Hawkins A traditional acoustic bluesman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Ruby Hayes She's a blues singer famous for her one-woman show of Bessie Smith.
Vincent Hayes He's a blues guitarist and photographer up in Michigan.
Alan Haynes A fan site for the blues guitarist extraordinaire from Austin, Texas.
Heart of Blue They're from the Washington, D.C. area. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Billy Hector A blues-rock legend in New Jersey. Hear him in RealAudio.
The Hell Hounds A duo in New York performing traditionals and originals.
Hook Herrera He rocks the blues out in San Jose, California.
Dave Herrero He's a young gun in Austin, Texas. Hear him in RealAudio.
Roy Herrington He's a blues guitarist over in Europe. Hear him in .mp3.
Hesse James Blues Band Texas blues and rock 'n' roll, somewhere in Germany.
Highway 41 Band A blues band from the treasure coast of Florida.
Al Hill He's a roots blues artist out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Steve Hill A promising young blues guitarist out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
The Hipshooters They're a blues trio from down in Australia.
Stan Hirsch An acoustic blues performer, singer, songwriter from New Mexico.
Hoboken Slim They're a jump blues and soul band over in Belgium.
Ruben Hoeke Bluesband They're a Dutch blues band led by guitarist Ruben Hoeke.
Johnny Holiday He calls himself the "real deal" in Memphis, Tennessee.
Tom Holland & the Shuffle Kings They're a blues band out of Chicago.
Michael Holloway A blues guitarist/singer/songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee.
Byron Holmes He's a New Orleans blues guitarist now in Paris, France.
The Rick Holmstrom Band An established blues guitarist. Hear him in .mp3.
Adam Holt & The Blues Congregation A young bluesman in Alabama.
homebrew Rocky Mountain blues out of Colorado. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Archie Lee Hooker Jr. This nephew of John Lee Hooker sings the blues.
Donna Hopkins She belts the blues down in Atlanta, Georgia.
Larry Horne & Small Change A rock'n blues band from southern California.
HotToddy They're a blues and jazz trio in Fredericton, Canada.
Bill House He plays "beach blues" in southern California. Hear him in .mp3.
Howard & The White Boys A solid blues band out of Chicago. Hear 'em in .wav.
Howlin East He's a blues singer/songwriter. Hear him in .mp3.
Tom Hubbard He's an unusual and busy slide guitarist out of Georgia.
The Hucklebucks They're a swingin' California band led by Doug James.
Ed Huey He's an acoustic country bluesman out of Tennessee.
Gene Hummel and Gator Stu They're a blues-rock trio out of New York.
The Hurd Brothers Band They play out of Harrisburg, Illinois.
Kelley Hunt A powerhouse vocalist and pianist from Kansas City.
Iko-Iko They're Protected By Voodoo way down in Miami, Florida.
The Imperial Crowns From Los Angeles, they're led by guitarist J.J. Holiday.
In Ya Face They're a high-energy R&B; band playing the northwest of England.
John Ingrassia and The Johnny I. Band He's a blues-rocker from Connecticut.
The Instigators A faithful blues trio based over there in Göteborg, Sweden.
Internet Underground Music Archive Many blues artists. Many with .mp3s.
J Place Band A harmonica-driven blues, R&B; and swing band out of Boston.
J.C. and the Road Kings They play rockin' soul up in Chicagoland.
J.J. Bluesband They're over in the Netherlands. It's in Dutch.
Big George Jackson Blues Band They play original blues out of Minnesota.
Fruteland Jackson The acoustic bluesman in Chicago. Hear him in RealAudio.
The Russell Jackson Band Formerly with B.B. King, now he's out on his own.
Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin' Daddys They swing in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Vasti Jackson He's a genuine Mississippi bluesman, from Hattiesburg.
Wayne Jackson He makes up 1/2 of the world-famous Memphis Horns.
The Jailtones Prisoners of the blues in Virginia. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Ben James & Caravan Out of Santa Cruz, California. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Cee Cee James Band They play roadhouse blues out of San Diego, California.
Doug "Mr. Low" James He's a former Roomful of Blues saxophonist.
The Fat James Band Big and bold blues rock out of Seattle, Washington.
Fred James He's a noted blues producer, songwriter, and artist.
Jan James She's a blues singer out of Chicago. Hear her in .mp3 and RealAudio.
Kirk James He's a solo acoustic performer from Durango, Colorado.
James O'Hara's Detonators A blues melting pot in the UK. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Chris Janssen He's an experienced blues bassist over in the Netherlands.
Doug Jay & The Blue Jays They're based in Europe. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Cathy Jean She's out of Baltimore, Maryland. Hear her in RealAudio.
Bo Jenkins He's a left-handed guitarist from Helena, Arkansas, now in Australia.
Lew Jetton and 61 South Blues from Paducah, Kentucky. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Jimmy & The Soulcats They're a blues trio based in New England.
Joep He's a "Gaasperdeltablues" artist in the Netherlands. Hear him in .mp3.
Bruce John He leads London blues jammers in original blues 'n' boogie.
The Colin John Band They play funky blues out of northeast Ohio.
Johnnie and the Lowdowns They play classic Chicago and contempoary blues.
Johnny I. Band They're a hard-working blues band out of Connecticut.
Johnny V "One of Canada's unsung blues heroes" in Calgary. Hear him in .au.
Alvon Johnson A contemporary blues singer and guitarist in California.
Wheatbread Johnson He's Chicago blues singer and guitarist over in Europe.
Jolly Jumper and Big Moe They're a Norwegian acoustic blues duo.
Billy Jones Bluez Underground blues from a new generation of blues artists.
Carvin Jones He's a Hendrix/SRV/Clapton devotee. Hear him in RealAudio.
Fernando Jones He's a bluesman and playwright born and raised in Chicago.
JW-Jones Blues Band They play out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
L.A. Jones & The Blues Messengers From Los Angeles. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Billie Joyce She presents blues roots-rock out of Nashville that makes you feel.
Jukehouse Four They're from Florida's space coast. Hear .em in .mp3.
Jusvon He's a blues singer and performer out in Los Angeles, California.
JW Blues and JW Entertainment A booking and management agency in Atlanta.
Ka'enobi Acoustic music in the UK flavored with blues, folk and jazz.
Glenn Kaiser He's one of Chicago's premier gospel bluesmen.
Danny Kane He's a Louisiana slide guitarist performing Delta and country blues.
Willi Lohmann Kapelle An R&B; band over in Bielefeld, Germany.
Sergei Kashin He and the band play over in Moscow, Russia. Hear 'em in .mp3.
The Bruce Katz Band A veteran keyboardist leads a veteran Northeastern band.
Kay Kay and the Rays She leads them down in Odessa, Texas. Hear 'em in .mp3.
The Ellis Kell Band Rock Island, Illinois. Hear "The Internet Blues" in RealAudio!
Amy Kelly and the Bluesouls Chicago blues and soul. Hear 'em in .wav.
George Kelly He plays funky, soulful, original blues up in Detroit, Michigan.
The J.D. Kelly Revue They're a blues and R&B; band out of Colorado.
Sonny Kenn Band He's a veteran blues guitarist out of Asbury Park, New Jersey.
The Keno Kings A polished R&B; band in the UK. Hear 'em in .wav.
E.G. Kight A soulful blues lady out of Georgia. Hear her in .wav.
Andy Kimbel He's an Americana/country blues artist in Pennsylvania.
Kind Of Both They're a blues band over there in Belgium.
B.B. King This one is the man's official site. Hear him in RealAudio.
B.B. King An unofficial site for the King of the Blues. Outstanding!
B.B. King: The Thrill Is Not Gone It's a nice fan site in Brazil.
Billy King He's an electric and acoustic bluesman in Indiana.
Cathy Ponton King She sings blues, ballads and R&B; around Washington, D.C.
Chris Thomas King Innovative and acclaimed out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Joe King & The Fictionaires Led by a Texas slide blues player. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Nelson King He's a UK-based blues guitarist/singer/songwriter. Hear him in .mp3.
Robbie King He's a modern bluesman, with soul. Hear him in RealAudio.
The King Bees Led by "Queen Bee" Zamagni and "Hound Dog" Baskerville.
King Tut Blues Band Blues from Elmore James to B.B. King, with a bit of rock.
Kinzel & Hyde Blues and roots on harmonica, dobro, and button accordion.
Eddie Kirkland He's the Detroit blues veteran, now playing out of Maine.
Volker Klenner He plays blues guitar over in Germany. Hear him in .mp3.
Lonnie Knight and Big Shoes An experienced blues-rock trio out of Minneapolis.
Knock-Out Greg & Blue Weather They're over there in Gnesta, Sweden.
Spider John Koerner He's the Koerner in Koerner, Ray & Glover.
Jan Korinek & Groove A shuffle, swing, rumba, ballad, funky band in Prague.
Ron Kraemer and The Hurricanes A blues band out of central New Jersey.

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