Blues Radio in Maryland . . .

WRNR-FM 103.1
The Blues Show
Damian Einstein
Wed 9 pm-midnight

WEAA-FM 88.9
The Other Side
Big Jim
Tue 9 pm-midnight

WEAA-FM 88.9
Turning Back The Hands Of Time
Big Jim and Dr. Doo Wop
Sat 5:30-11 am

WEAA-FM 88.9
Gospel Grace
Cliff, Ira, Alvin, Chanel,
Tyra, and Ernestine
Sun 5:30 am-6 pm

WKHS-FM 90.5
The Blues Show
Johnny Meister
Sat 8 pm-1 am

Bel Air
WHFC-FM 91.1
The Big Beat!
Ed Rothstein
Thu 9 pm-midnight

College Park
WMUC-FM 88.1
Good Time Blues & Jazz Show
David Barnes
Mon 9 pm-midnight

WFWM-FM 91.9
Tuesday Night Blues
Jason Crawford and Chuck Dicken
Tue 8 pm-midnight

WFWM-FM 91.9
Saturday Juke Joint
Chuck Dicken
Sat noon-2 pm

WFWM-FM 96.3
Tuesday Night Blues
Kevin Boyle
Tue 8 pm-midnight

Princess Anne
WESM-FM 91.3
Stairway To Heaven
Tue and Thu 8-10 pm

WESM-FM 91.3
BeBop, Jazz & Blues
Mel Jernigan
Sat 10 am-noon

WESM-FM 91.3
Blues In The Afternoon
Bob Brown
Sat noon-1 pm

WESM-FM 91.3
Blues From The Red Rooster
Sat 1-2 pm

WESM-FM 91.3
Beale Street Caravan
Various hosts
Sat 2-3 pm

WESM-FM 91.3
Blues Unlimited
Yancy Carrigan
Sat 3-4 pm

WESM-FM 91.3
Ebony Caravan
Robert Watkins and Joy Bikot
Sat 4-10 pm

WESM-FM 91.3
Inspirations Across America
Various hosts
Sun 6-8 am

WESM-FM 91.3
Gospel Train
Greg Handy
Sun 8 am-noon

WTMD-FM 89.7
Uptown Blues Party
Fri 7-10 pm

WTMD-FM 89.7
The Blues Connection
Nearly Slim
Sun 3-5 pm

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