From the 1997 Southern Comfort . . .

. . . Blues & BBQ Festival tour in St Petersburg, Florida, on Friday, June 20, comes these four backstage photos courtesy of Tampa's own P.W. Fenton. They provide a few rare glimpses of B.B. King and several of his band members as they prepare to take the stage. P.W. received VIP treatment at the festival thanks to the generosity of Jim Kerekes of and Bob Seidenberg of B.B. King's management. You can click the smaller images below to see the full-color jpegs. The jpegs range from 24k to 41k in size.

B.B. King just before being introduced on stage.

Left: B.B. King's long-time bassist Michael Doster enroute to the stage.
Center: B.B. King's drummer Caleb Emphry pauses for a pose backstage.
Right: B.B. King's saxman Melvin Jackson waiting to take the stage.

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Images copyright © 1997 by P.W. Fenton

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