Blues Radio in Vermont . . .

WKVT-FM 92.7
The Blue Cadillac
Wed 6-10 pm

WIZN-FM 106.7
Blues For Breakfast
"Mr. Charlie" Frazier
Sun 9-11 am

WRUV-FM 90.1
Kickin' Brass
Ms. Kitty and Catsy
Mon 8-10 pm

WRUV-FM 90.1
Your Funeral and My Trial
Greg Izor and Ben Keeler
Thu 6-8 pm

WJSC-FM 90.7
Fancy Eatin' Table
Joe Farara
Wed 5-7 pm

WWLR-FM 91.5
Blues For Brunch
Jim Meyers
Sun noon-3 pm

WRMC-FM 91.1
Blues Cafe
Various hosts
Mon-Fri noon-1:30 pm

WGDR-FM 91.1
Let the Bon Temps Roule
George Thomas
Mon 9-11 pm

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