Get bluesed with Get Bluesed !
Volumes I and II
. . .

. . . split audio channel bass and drum blues jam CDs.

NEW! Redesigned and lower priced!

The CD

The split audio channels enhance the perception of separate bass and drum players
and also enables the adjustment of bass to drums volume or the elimination of either.

Get Bluesed ! Volumes I and II are 14-track blues jam CDs that are perfect
for playing along with any instrument. These specially engineered CDs feature
split audio channels for bass and drums, so you can adjust the
balance and volume levels
any way you wish.

Get Bluesed ! now includes track info and basic chord progressions on the CD
insert. Also included with the package are Beginner Help Sheets with
introductions to blues structure, moveable chords, scales and soloing
techniques, and a Tip Sheet with special instructions
and tips for improvising over each track.

Get Bluesed ! starts you off right with a perfect "A" tone for tuning up. Then
you get 14 tracks of blues bass and drums totaling a little over 57 minutes
and covering styles similar to B.B. King, SRV, Buddy Guy, and more.

Listen to Track 2, a slow blues in C from Volume I
-- a 177 k, 16 sec (mono) .wav!

Listen to Track 9, a shuffle blues in A from Volume I
-- a 176 k, 16 sec (mono) .wav!

Listen to Track 3, a shuffle blues in C from Volume II
-- a 139 k, 13 sec (mono) .wav!

Listen to Track 15, a slow blues in Db from Volume II
-- a 167 k, 16 sec (mono) .wav!

NOTE: These .wav files are much lower
quality than the actual CD tracks.

Get Bluesed ! Volume I or II on CD
is yours for just $15.95.

Please add $1.50 for shipping and handling.
Add $1 for each additional item.

Send a check or money order to:

Bluesed Inc., Dept. N
798 Roby Road
Huntington, WV 25705

And tell them The Blue Highway sent you!

For more info, e-mail Mike Morris at

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