Blush Trailer Brings Sweet Animated Short To Apple TV +


Apple TV Plus brings another contender to the animation world in the form of To blush. The short is Joe Mateo’s directorial debut. The trailer can be viewed below.

To blush follows the story of a horticultural astronaut who crashes on a barren dwarf planet. As he begins to lose hope, another explorer crashes nearby. The other explorer is able to bring the astronaut’s dying plants to life, and thanks to this, she brings hope. In an interview with Variety, Mateo says this.

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“We started with this planet which looks barren and boring. When the astronaut lands there is nothing there and he has a very limited supply of oxygen. When this visitor shows up, the music kicks off and we see this planet transform into color and vibrancy. “

The trailer for this animated short gives a very quick glimpse into the two’s budding relationship and how it ultimately blossomed into something much more. This is no coincidence, as the trailer displays the words “inspired by a true epic love story”. Director Joe Mateo said in an interview with Variety that the short was inspired by his own experiences after losing his wife to breast cancer. In a scene where the other visitor disappears, Mateo explains in an interview with Animation World Network that he struggled with the making of this scene.

“It’s hard to talk about this in a very neutral way. It’s hard not to be moved because, you know, it’s so personal. There was a definite moment when I had to re-watch that scene from her. disappeared and barely managed to make it in the Zoom reunion. But then I realized I was in a safe space; all this support I received from people through Zoom was overwhelming. from there I felt so comfortable, surrounded and feeling the love of my crew, it was very special.

Joe Mateo is no stranger when it comes to animation, as he has many Disney title credits under his belt. For disney Lock, Tangled, Zootopia and Raya and the last dragon he is credited as a history artist. The film is the first animated short to release from Santa Monica, California-based Skydance Media. The studio has a history of feature films such as Annihilation, True courage, and Gemini Man with Will Smith.

The studio formed a multi-year partnership in 2017 with Ilion Animation Studios, based in Madrid. The studio’s first animated feature film, Luck, is currently slated for release on February 18, 2022. In January 2019, the studio hired former Pixar and Walt Disney Animation CCO, John Lasseter, to spark excitement. and controversy. In December 2020, Apple TV Plus began talks for the distribution rights of the upcoming Luck and Bewitched from the studio and then signed a global agreement to include more films and animated shows.

For a first step into animation, Skydance certainly puts its best foot forward with a story as personal and sweet as To blush. The short premiered on Apple TV Plus on October 1 and certainly seems worth a look.

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