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Boba Fett Star Thinks His Character Talks Too Much on the Star Wars Show

Temuera Morrison reveals he thinks his iconic bounty hunter is too talkative in The Book of Boba Fett, preferring his character to be mysterious.

Temuera Morrison reveals he thinks his iconic bounty hunter is too talkative in Boba Fett’s Book, preferring his character to be mysterious. Morrison plays the iconic character after returning to live action in The Mandalorian. Morrison is joined by Ming-Na Wen as Fennec Shand, as the pair attempt to rule the Tatooine underworld.

A character who captured the eyes and hearts of the public despite having limited screen time in the original star wars trilogy, Boba Fett had been considered a man of few words. A simple man trying to make his way through the universe by accepting lethal bounties, Fett’s distinctive armor and gruff voices have earned him much interest which has seen him become just as prolific as Darth Vader (James Earl Jones), leading to further exploration in the prequel. trilogy, anime series and extended media. After previous attempts at a Boba Fett project failed, the bounty hunter made his return to the screen in The Mandalorian season 2 premiere, “Chapter 9: The Marshal“, played by Morrison. With subsequent episodes featuring Fett and the subsequent announcement of The Boba Fet Bookt, fans would soon see the character explored with new depth onscreen, though his star had his own gripes with the focus on the character.


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In an interview with NME (Going through Comic), Morrison and Wen sat down to discuss the currently airing episodes of the Disney+ series so far. During the interview, Morrison admitted that he hoped Fett would speak less in order to remain mysterious, asking if Wen could perhaps deliver some of the lines. Morrison then recalled calling writer Noah Kloor to cut his dialogue, with Jon Favreau telling him the lines could be cut later as the show sought to explore the man behind the armor. Check out Morrison and Wen’s full response below.

Morisson: I was not very successful, I was hoping not to say as much as I already did in the first two episodes. I talk way too much. In fact, at the beginning, I was trying to pass my lines to Ming-Na [Wen]. I said, ‘Excuse me director, I really think Ming-Na should say those lines, because I want to keep it mysterious. I want to keep quiet.’.

Magnifying glass: He wasn’t just trying to be a very generous actor – which he is – he was just trying to get some of the work out of me (laughs).

Morisson: Sometimes I would say [to Favreau], ‘I think it’s too much, I think it’s too much. I said, ‘Noah, this scene tomorrow. I talk too much ! This Boba Fett doesn’t talk that much. Listen, I have all these paragraphs. I think we should get rid of it and Jon is going to Atlanta so don’t tell him!’. Then, that morning on set, I get a call from Atlanta: “Jon wants you to say all that dialogue. We’ll cut it later. (laughs) So he was even watching us from all sides.” … I had to start talking, I guess. We had to fill in the gaps and give some information… But yeah, I think I was talking a bit too much.

With Wen promising a story like The Godfather, Boba Fett’s Book took his time to see Fett adjust to a new place in Tatooine’s power structure after spending most of his career as an enforcer of the old ways. The first episode saw Fett and Shand do business with wealthy families, businesses, and political figures in Mos Espa, as well as devoting themselves to returning power and land to the indigenous Tusken population of Tatooine. Boba is also placed in a leadership role, as the looming threat of the Pyke Syndicate has seen him muster his own forces, such as his two Gamorean bodyguards and the cyborg punk gang of Drash (Sophie Thatcher), as well as his own rancor provided by Danny Trejo’s The Rancor Keeper.

While Morrison feels that Fett is too talkative in Boba Fett’s Book compared to previous appearances, the character change makes sense. As Morrison stated, Fett being more focused requires more dialogue, but as a character the bounty hunter is reborn after escaping digestion death in the Sarlacc. Fett was exposed to the galaxy from a perspective that he didn’t have much insight into, and must now take on a new life and new responsibilities rather than being a wandering gunslinger. With more responsibility on his shoulders, Fett must work as a team in the conflicts ahead, as he seeks to bring order to one of the Outer Rim’s most anarchic worlds.

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Source: NME (via Comicbook)

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