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Brad Pitt’s 10 Best Movies | Movies

Brad Pitt eats a lot in Ocean’s Eleven. There he is, munching on scene after scene, pumping calories and carbs into his movie-star good face. But the key scene for Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven is not only a scene in which he does not eat anything, but he does not even speak. This is the moment he, as detail man/thief extraordinaire Rusty Ryan, and George Clooney, as big picture guy, Danny Ocean, sit in a bar, having reunited their heist team. -neck. Well, Clooney is sitting down. Pitt breaks down, turns away from his friend/boss, the epitome of boredom. “That should do it, don’t you think?” said Clooney. He encounters silence. “Do you think we need one more?” he asks Rusty. Rusty doesn’t answer. Just keep watching. “You think we need one more.” More silence. Talking volumes. “Okay,” Danny concedes, defeated by Rusty’s masterclass in pass-agg persuasion. “We’ll have one more.” It takes some serious chops to not only match but surpass Clooney in the cool stakes. Here, just two years after Tyler Durden, Pitt achieves it effortlessly. Maybe he’s the only actor on the planet at that time who could have. Their laid-back chemistry lit up Soderbergh Oceanof the trilogy, the last of which — incredibly — goes back fifteen years. Do you think we need one more?