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Branson’s Mansion Theater Announces Film, TV, Animation and Music Expansion Plans

BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) – The Mansion Theater recently unveiled plans for major expansion into the world of television, film, music and animation.

Mansion Entertainment Group CEO Larry Wilhite said there are many projects underway by the Mansion Entertainment Group. One of the largest is the building for “Mansion Studios”, a film and television studio complex that will be located on several hundred acres in southwestern Missouri.

“We are in the process of developing a 48,000 square foot lot [expansion] up to 18,000 square feet [expansion] of soundstages,” Wilhite said. “Stages for symphonic soundtrack production, visual effects and post-production that will rival anything in Los Angeles.”

Wilhite says that includes “Mansion Animation” and “Mansion Sound.”

“Currently in production with a CGI animated short that will hit global festivals later this year,” Wilhite said.

The animation team is also working on a big animated musical. The band says “Mansion Sound” will open in late spring. He says the equipment used for Mansion Sound is not available anywhere else in the world, making the facility a unique destination for the industry.

With these additions, the Branson area can attract more people and provide more production jobs.

“When these companies come in, they bring a lot of work. They’re hiring locals, they’re going to impact our restaurants, our hotels, the home building industry and some might even move here and bring their families,” Wilhite said.

He says the Mansion Theater’s lineup of shows for 2022 is growing and evolving. The mansion entertainment group says these additions will also bring a new demographic to Branson.

“We have Disney who will be on stage. We’ll bring a little more of Broadway, and we’re creating an attraction to allow guests to step into a fun and immersive journey into the background of film and development,” Wilhite said.

The exact location and opening of Mansion Studios will be announced at a later date.

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