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Build Your Own Zelda Like Dungeon With New SUPER DUNGEON MAKER — GeekTyrant

Awesome Dungeon Maker by FIRECHICK is an adorable 2D pixel art dungeon building game. You build Zelda like dungeons in a format reminiscent of Creator of Super Mario.

Although Super Dungeon Maker does not feature a “traditional” single-player campaign, its story goes as follows: Long ago, when the bird goddess created the earth, she left behind mysterious eggs containing magical artifacts that her disciples would use to enrich their lives for generations. To honor and protect these artifacts, ancient birds built great temples and dungeons. Over time, knowledge of the artifacts was lost; however, newer generations have carried on the tradition of building new dungeons and exploring old ones. In the game, you will take on the role of Fink, a brave little chicken whose bravery instills in them the honorable task of clearing dungeons and creating new ones, should the occasion call for it.

I think it’s fun that they did a loose story to go along with how many dungeons the community will be building. As Mario Creator you will be able to build dungeons not only for yourself, but also for others to play. Looks really fun, for me I would rather build levels like this as it seems like there isn’t much space to work on. You can play the prologue on To smoke now with the full game releasing February 15 on Steam Early Access. A launch for the Nintendo Switch will take place later this year.