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“Next year will be The Nutcracker and we’ll have the whole store decorated in that theme,” Swanson said.

At the start of 2021, the couple refocused the store, moving from such a diversity of products to a focus on the local. The process began last summer with attending all farmers’ markets to find and contract with local vendors to bring in products made in Montana. The Old West Candy & Antiques store carries products from 35 different local vendors.

“It’s not a shipment,” Swanson said. “We just buy them and display them to show off their business, so hopefully they get more people to buy from them and buy from us. We have tried to put the emphasis back on Montana. “

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She said the “farm-to-table” deli meats were an idea to be more aware of food sources.

“Last year we had all the travelers who came in wanting some kind of fast but good food service,” Swanson said. “There is good food in Darby, but not fast.”

After several conversations with the health department, they received approval for a sandwich shop in the candy store.

“I didn’t want just a regular sandwich shop,” Swanson said. “I wanted to bring local food.”

Fresh is the key and the bagels from Bagels on Broadway come in every day. There’s also meats from Hamilton Pack, Lifeline Products, and the Heritage Market in Stevensville, for Amish cheese and turkey.

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